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A Mysterious ,,Formula" Emerges on the Water Market


Of course we already know a lot about water and its manifold and beneficial effects on nature and life. These effects also apply to our personal lives, and thus water is clearly our primary food. And H2O is the formula for natural and healthy life, for it brings the human organism into balance. Water is the carrier substance for blood and lymph and is the metabolic basis inside every organ. Only H2O makes basic regulation of the body possible. Water carries every communication within the body: the whole metabolism and every single bodily function is informed and controlled by water. Whenever nature influences and regulates the body, it's done via the informational flow within the bodily water. By balancing the substances and the life-giving powers, water keeps the human being functioning as a whole. Water is the life-giving power in nature, and it is what keeps our bodies alive. This knowledge was the starting point for the development of the water product "H2O3" with its surprising effects.


Why we call our product "H2O" is clear: it is based on the compound H2O, water. Why we have added "to the third power" is explained in one sentence: it is a highly ionized, highly alkaline and highly effective concentrate that is produced by a special technical process. Its pH value of > 13 remains stable and is therefore unrivalled. Its effects are manifold, surprising, and partly unexplicable by contemporary science. In plain language, this means: Using ,,Swiss dilution" we are able to produce an H2O3 the effects of which cannot be thoroughly explained by contemporary science. This means: So even when the effect is obvious and directly perceivable, we are not allowed to associate it with our H2O3. What we are at liberty to do, however, is: We can quote those that have gained experience with our product. This is protected by the freedom of expression. It would be best if you try it out and experience the water yourself. In any event, this is far more convincing than a thousand clever words and explanations.


Therefore, we shall choose another way to point out our product's advantages. Let us talk about four famous alkaline wells that are situated in the following towns and countries: Nordenau, Germany Tlacote, Mexico Monaro, Australia Nadana, India About 10 years ago, for example, the media reported as follows: "20,000 people per day pilgrimage to an alkaline well." The Mexican fount received even more publicity when 600 army hospital patients became healthy at almost the same time. Diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, glaucoma as well as diverse viral diseases could be healed there. When irrigated with water from that alkaline well, plants and trees had quicker crop rotation. "Basketball star Magic Johnson healed from AIDS by alkaline well." "Life expectancy of sheep and cows is prolonged by half by drinking from alkaline well." This was confirmed by an official analysis by the Australian government.


Nordenau's alkaline well recorded the following successes: Healing diabetes mellitus Healing psoriasis Healing neurodermititis Healing angina pectoris Healing asthma Healing arterial occlusions Healing high blood pressure Healing pains in the back Healing diverse pain syndromes The alkaline well in Monaro, Australia, has a history of its own as well: the farmers have known about its potential since two generations. There were healings of chronic polyarthritis scoliosis lupus erythematodes, etc. The Australian government analyzed the well-documented "anti-aging effect" of the Monaro well and put the famous "Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research" in charge of the project. These examples should suffice to show what governments, official institutions and the media know about alkaline water, its diverse effects, and its healing power. We couldn't have said it better, let alone more impressive. However, by the so-called "Swiss dilution" with its technically realized stable pH value of > 13 plus the additional ionizing our product has a much higher efficiency than alkaline well water.


Paradigm shift in medicine: instead of acidity modern medicine calls it "latent acidosis", meaning an "acid-base imbalance." Latent acidosis will always be present in an acid-excessive lifestyle where people become "sour" due to their circumstances (stress, environment, wrong diet, aggression, etc). Latent acidosis is the starting point for many if not most diseases. Slagging the body leads to a lessened buffer capacity of the blood, which can result in tissue acidity and less permeability of the cell membranes. The capillary system gets tighter, oxygen cannot reach the muscles anymore, resulting in fibromyalgia. Sinews and ligaments lose elasticity. Thus the body heads for the proverbial abyss. Metabolism, regeneration and growth processes are influenced in a negative way, and their natural dynamics are narrowed down. There's a dramatic loss in the ability to bond water. Glucosis cannot be thoroughly utilized anymore, the body develops an insulin resistance, and that's the start of diabetes mellitus. Advancement of inflammatory reactions, release of bone calcium. Confirmed by the Framingham osteoporosis study.


Enough of the pathologic findings. We need to learn how to counteract latent acidosis. You already know how: by drinking alkaline water regularly. Here you have three main effects: 1. regulated acid-base balance

(which "deacidifies" the connective tissue)

2. positive change in the fundamental regulation

(which supplies the organs better)

3. the pronounced antioxidant effect

(with an additional anti-aging effect)

A few additional words about the anti-aging effect: apparently the state of the fundamental regulation in the connective tissue decides upon the aging of the cells, for cells are supplied by the connective tissue. The better the fundamental regulation, the better the situation for the cells. Anti-aging researchers are convinced that a healthy fundamental regulation slows aging down considerably. Example: an explanted organ is placed in a culture medium which is exchanged daily. The usual aging process does not set in, and the organ lives forever. Alkaline water works directly and as strong as the body's own radical killer superoxide-dismutasis - thus there are no DNA fractures or damage in mitochondriae or cell membranes.


All quoted advantages describe normal alkaline water. However, our H2O3 is more than just that: it's a specially ionized, informed, technically produced, highly concentrated pH regulate with surprising effects and results that cannot be explained by the usual knowledge of science and medicine. Let us refer to newer theories which could be applied here and give us some answers: Science suspects receptor cells in mouth and gullet that are incited when drinking and could lead to a positive signal cascade and to unimagined enzyme reactions. Thus there could be an informative influence on the vegetative system and the cell functions, and digestion, immune defense, and regeneration could be informed in a new way. This would have an increasingly positive effect on the often quoted fundamental regulation in the connective tissue.


In the end, let us refer to some surprising but very pleasant side effects of alkaline water:

1. Cooking:

A Korean study confirms that alkaline water improves the taste: Vitamins are kept alive, the same goes for the chlorophyll in spinach. Rice, Chinese cabbage and beans etc. taste better when cooked with alkaline water. More acid is neutralised in orange juice, and it tastes stronger and more fruity. Strawberry milk becomes more creamy, and the fruit tastes a lot better. Coffee, wine etc. lose their acid or bitter constituents, an aspect that is appreciated by people with pyrosis. Tea tastes especially intense with a sip of alkaline water.

2. Thinking:

"Insiders" profit by a special "study of intelligence": obviously our IQ is directly correlated to the pH level in the brain. The more alkaline the brain water, the more intelligent the human being. For the ability to learn and to concentrate is strengthened as well, this could be of paramount interest for pupils and their parents.


Of course this is merely a brief insight into the diversity of our product:

...more tests, applications and studies will open up many previously unimagined uses.

Our recommendation: ...drink, drink, drink.

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