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Education: B.S. Business Administration, Linfield College, Oregon, 1965, Magna Cum Laude Certificate, IBM Advanced Financial Management, Harvard Business Faculty, La Hulpe, Belgium, 1976 Relevant Experience: 1966-1982: International Business Machines. · Two years of direct sales of consumable products and microfilm systems, responsible for major San Francisco Financial Services and Banking markets. · Eleven years of line management, staff and executive leadership in Los Angeles, Miami, Fla., and San Francisco, culminating in an assignment to combine IBM's office and computer supplies businesses in the Western part of the United States. This position carried responsibility for $40 million and 100 people. · Three years of special assignments on District and Division staffs, including two years as Assistant to the Division President. Significant accomplishments: · Designed and implemented IBM's first "alternate channel" marketing program in Florida and Puerto Rico. Opened the first IBM "store" in San Juan in 1972. This activity was the model for the company's expansion into tele-marketing and catalog sales. · Coordinate the development and presentation of operating and strategic plans for the division at a time when performance dictated survival. · Designed and delivered the division sales training program which continued as the standard for six additional years.

1982-1985: Public Service, A Private Initiative. · With a partner, developed and personally promoted a political initiative to improve the world's political atmosphere. This effort involved gaining the support of individual business, political and academic leaders as well as emissaries to heads of state in the United States, the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union. All activity was coordinated with the National Security Advisor, and was concluded as a full-time endeavor after the Reykjavik Summit in 1985 1985-1987: Business Consulting, British Petroleum. · Engaged to work with a consortium of companies in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the United States to form a committed management team and common vision. This work involved working one-on-one with the leaders of the various companies to develop a strategic plan and to articulate a common set of values. 1988-1995 "Partners," a U.S./Soviet Company. · Co-founded a firm to encourage and engage in U.S./Soviet trade. With the encouragement of the United States Secretary of Commerce, Partners became the first American firm to join with a Soviet "firm" to market consumer goods. The joint enterprise began with commemorative T-shirt sales in 1988.

· Founded the Center for Business Innovation in Moscow. The purpose of the Center is to train Soviet youth in the value of integrity and the necessity of self-expression in a market economy. 1989-Present: "Leadership Communication," Coaching and Consulting Services. This company is a sole proprietorship through which Mr. Pearce: · Delivers programs on leadership and speaking. Audiences include those at company conventions, non-profit conferences and University-affiliated educational programs. He is featured in the 2002 catalog of The Executive Briefings of Stanford University. · Coaches executives and political leaders on the role of communication in leading. Clients include Fortune 500 CEOs. · Does executive training in affiliation with Blessing/White Inc. · Participates in leadership development projects such as "Leaders of the New Century," a CD collection of interviews with leaders from around the world. 1989-Present: Adjunct Professor, University of California, Haas School of Business. · Developed and delivers "Leading Out Loud" and "Personal Leadership Development" (course last taught in 1996) in the graduate school. Delivers condensed version of "Leading Out Loud" to students in the Berkeley Executive Program and the Center for Executive Development. Hosts programs such as "The Orpheus Process" through The Pearce Initiative for Leadership Development. Taught the speaking module in the core communications course for first-year M.B.A. candidates for three years. 1996-Present: Blessing White Inc. · Developed, in conjunction with BlessingWhite, an executive course based on the principles of Leading Out Loud©, and an executive course based on Clicks and Mortar©. The courses are marketed and taught by Blessing White salespersons and trainers worldwide. Clients include Fortune 500 company executive teams, and executive teams of similar companies in Europe and Asia 1995-2004: Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. · Senior Vice-President, Executive Communication. Responsible for content, consistency and delivery of corporate messages from the Co-CEO and executive management team. Spearheaded clarification of company vision and values, 1995, 1998, and 2002. 2000-Present: · Visiting Faculty, London Business School.


· Finalist, Cheit Award for Teaching Excellence, University of California, 1994. · "Golden Quill Award," International Association of Business Communicators, 1996. · "Compass" award, American Association of Public Relations, 1997. · "Pearce Initiative for Leadership Development," established at Haas School of Business, 2000.

Community Service:

· Former Executive Committee of the California Health Research Foundation. · Former Director, Healthy Cities Project, Institute for the Study of Social Change, University of California at Berkeley. · Former Director of The Partnership for A Drug-Free California. · Founding Board Member of the National Mentor Foundation. · Founding Board Member of the Pottruck Family Foundation. · Board Member, A Network for Grateful Living. · Board Member, National Endowment for Financial Education.


· Co-Author with William Miller: Synergizing Total Quality and Innovation, National Productivity Review, Winter 1987-88. · Author: Leading Out Loud, Jossey-Bass Inc., 1995, revised 2003. · Editorial Credit: The Creative Edge, William Miller, Addison-Wesley, 1986. · Author: The Human Voice in the Age of Technology, The Technology Management Handbook, 1998. · Co-Author, Clicks and Mortar, Passion-Driven Growth in an Internet-Driven World with David Pottruck, Co-CEO, Charles Schwab & Co. Jossey-Bass, 2000. Bestseller, NY Times, Business Week, Wall Street Journal. · Author: Leadership Coaching...A Contact Sport, San Francisco Chronicle, March, 2000. · Author: Leadership ­ Communication from the Inside Out, Executive Excellence, December, 2001. · Author: Gratitude, the Path to Loyalty, BlessingWhite Newsletter, December, 2001. · Project Consultant and Interviewer: Leaders of the New Century, a CD series sponsored by KornFerry.


Norman Terry Pearce

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