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Biography Alexander Hacke, the bass player of the legendary German band Einstürzende Neubauten, music producer of Fatih Akins award winning movie "Head On" and main figure in Akins most recent movie "Crossing the Bridge" is currently on tour with his Solo record "Sanctuary". The mix of romantic slide guitar mixed with rock beats and riffs, strange sounds and eclectic lyrics is typical for Alexander who has been a music "innovator" since the age of 13 ­ the steps of his career are so multiple they could fill a large encyclopedia ­ his 25 years of work with Einstürzende Neubauten were always accompanied by collaborations with the like of Crime and the City Solution; his first solo country band Jever Mountain Boys, the Turkish Dub Band "BabaZula & The Mad Professor", the English Trio "Tiger Lillies" and the Italian Pop Star Gianna Nannini to name only a few. His cooperation with Nick Cave, Adrian Sherwood, Pigface, Jackie Liebezeit (Can), Anita Lane, Mick Harvey and Peaches have established him as an icon of avant-garde music since the 80ies up to today. The making of "Sanctuary" Nowadays you don't necessarily have to go into a studio or on stage to record an album. - In the new millennium one just packs the equipment into a small knapsack and roams about as in the dark ages: A hunter and collector. This is what Alexander Hacke has done for the last three years to create his new solo record "Sanctuary". Traveling the world he visited his friends ­ all of them musicians and recorded songs with them. But do not think this is a typical compilation ­ on the contrary: Hacke did it in following manner: when he had arrived he asked the musicians whether he could record something with them adding material to tracks he had already recorded elsewhere or to start a new track he would finish with another musician in another country or even continent ­in this way nobody knew what the outcome would be. Back in Berlin he then edited the clippings of his travel-itinerary, rearranging and refining all of the tracks into the finished songs that Sanctuary features. Participating musicians: N.Y.C. J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus), Larry 7 (The Analog Society), Vinnie Signorelli (Unsane), Larry Mullins (Toby Dammit), Michael Evans (KBZ 200), Algis Kizys (Swans). L.A. Sugarpie Jones (Celebrity Skin), Don Bolles (Germs), David Yow (The Jesus Lizard) Chicago Trailer Hitch. Berlin Bob Rutman (Steel Cello Ensemble), Chrislo Haas (Liaisons Dangereuses) Buddy Sacher (Ars Vitalis), Caspar Brötzmann (Massaker), Zeitblom, Gordon W. (Fuzzy Love), Andrew Chudy (Einstürzende Neubauten), The Boy From Brazil Gothenburg Nils Wohlrabe (The Leather Nun) . Milano Gianna Nannini

The Tour of "Sanctuary" Sanctuary was released worldwide on the 15th of June 2005 by Koolarrow; a label based in San Francisco, USA, whose owner is Billy Gould the former bass player of Faith No More. A record release took place in The Taboo Tiki Lounge in Berlin, Germany - then Sanctuary toured Europe in the fall of 2005 (Vienna, Rome, Milano, Athens, Berlin, Bologna and Dresden amongst others). The European band members were Alexander Hacke (vocals, guitar) Gordon W. (percussion, theramin) Ash Wednesday (electronics, keyboards) Sugarpie Jones (Bass), Danielle de Picciotto (Video & Background Vocals). 2006 Alexander Hacke is touring the world in a smaller more flexible version solo together with Danielle de Picciotto on electronics and visuals. Photo by Markus Reinhardt Biography Danielle de Picciotto The artwork of Danielle de Picciotto can only be described as exceptionally intense and poignant. The viewer is boldly guided into a bizarre world of pulsating nightlife, eccentric Japanese dancers, burlesque backstage scenery, misfits and lost cowboys. Her playful approach of dealing with diverse media illustrates her conviction that only by combining different elements something truly new can originate, both in art as in society. By the means of this vocation the New York artist Danielle de Picciotto has become one of the most influential and symbolic members of Berlins thriving art and club scene since her arrival in Germany. Besides her own solo and group exhibitions she has organized countless art, music and charity events always consigned to breaking norms and making new forms visible and possible. Together with Dr. Motte she founded the Love Parade, sang with the hip hop crossover band "Space Cowboys" , and iniktiated the "Ocean Club" together with Gudrun Gut. Besides her own exhibitions in Galleries (Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin; Staatsgalerie Stuttgart) she has created room installations and art for every important club in Berlin, understanding the role these melting points of music, art, fashion and communication have in todays society. Realizing the importance of being able to touch people directly through art in environments in which they feel emotionally open she became one of the founders of the new underground Berlin club art culture. To introduce this and other young art forms to the market she founded the Gallery "Institut" and presented over 150 artists, writers and musicians while doing own exhibitions on the side. Her belief that as an artist one not only holds responsibility towards oneself but also must think in larger terms has encouraged her to start working more and more outside of Berlin initiating Berlin group exhibitions in Naples, Hong Kong, Rome, Milano and major cities in Germany-many in collaboration with the Goethe Institiut. Her collaborations with Dr Motte, Gudrun Gut, The Bad Seeds, Einstürzende Neubauten, Blixa Bargeld and Alexander Hacke solo projects, Foetus, Stefan Hoenerloh, Dead Chickens, Babazula,fatih Akin, West Bam, Marusha, Johnny Klimek, Terranova, Jim Avignon, Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot), David Harrow (Dub Syndicate), Lillevän, Rechenzentrum, Anita Lane, Throbbing Gristle, Mark Stewart and the Mafia and many other artists and musicians have helped to communicate the colourful creative scene Berlins subculture can offer.


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