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Throughout the year the children created posters, projects and handcrafts, which were used to decorate their English classrooms. Here are some samples of what the children have artfully prepared during this school year.


ENL 5 ­ Mrs. Galanis

After reading "TIGGER" in set anthology, Running Free, the students were requested to imagine being one of the characters ­ Ellie or Tigger ­ from the futuristic story. They were then asked to write diary entries from the chosen character's point of view. These diary entries were to describe the encounter with the cunning monster and to explain how Ellie's precious collection was saved.

Thereafter various leaves were collected by the students which supposedly represented Ellie's leaf collection. These were then pasted on orange display board paper and given `pseudo botanical' names with the help of Mrs. Tzanoudakis. Finally, Mrs. Vlassopoulos kindly decorated the display board with the diaries, the scanned pictures and the leaf display.


English Classroom Decorations

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