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Haines City Lodge No. 219 F. & A. M. 47 N. 6th St. Haines City, FL, 33844

Stated Communications 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:30PM Dinner at 6:30PM prior to 4th Monday GRAND MASTER OF FLORIDA MW Jorge L. Aladro DEPUTY DISTRICT GRAND MASTER

May 2013

Greetings from the East, Tonight W Bob Howland and I had the pleasure of going to the Haines City High School auditorium to present a special award to their top JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corp) Cadet. On behalf of the Brethren of our Lodge I presented Battalion Commander Harlee Bradford an American flag which had been flown over our nation's capital. The only people that knew what the award was and who was getting it was the school's Principal and the JROTC LtCol, Bob and I. From the reaction of the Cadets, they were impressed. It was an enjoyable event. See picture on page 5. Speaking of Officers Training, I want to remind our current officers, and any Brother(s) that would like to attend, we WILL be having our Masonic Leadership Training (MLT) starting next Monday, May 6-8, at 7PM. Classes will be conducted by RW Bill Klinke and will be a combination of lecture, discussions, and PowerPoint presentations. All those that participate will be awarded a Certificate of completion and a plaque will be presented to our Lodge provided the top three officers (WM, SW and JW) attend all three days of training. At our last Stated Communication, we voted in two new candidates (Mr. Brian Smith and Mr. Justin Lumadue) to receive the 3 Symbolic Degrees of Freemasonry. Unfortunately, Mr. Smith will be out of town until June, but Mr. Lumadue will be taken over to Kathleen Lodge No. 338 this Saturday, May 4th, to be initiated an Entered Apprentice. I would like to thank our JW, Bro. Summerlin and our SS, Bro. Godwin for taking the initiative to get this new candidate going on his first steps in Freemasonry. Just a reminder, we will NOT have a dinner or Stated Communication on the 4th Monday (May 27) of this month. Our Lodge will be DARK due to the Grand Lodge Communication will be going on in Orlando at the Rosen Hotel on International Drive from May 27-29. If you want to attend Grand Lodge, please contact W Bob Howland (Secretary) so he can submit your name to Grand Lodge for preregistration. I only have 2 tickets left for the Polk County Breakfast, which will be at the Rosen Hotel on the morning of May 29th at 7AM. Each ticket is $20. Please get with me at MLT training or at our next Stated Communication on May 13th for your ticket(s). I want to give a tremendous "Thank You!" and "Job Well Done!" to all the Brothers that went to and participated in the Fellow Craft Degree, held at Tuscan Lodge No. 6 on April 25. I finally see why they say that Tuscan's lodge was made for the Fellow Craft Degree. If you ever get the chance to visit any of the other lodges within our District, please do so. Fraternally, Dennis L. White, WM

RW John W. Westerman III


RH Tim Ellis

-------------------------- LODGE OFFICERS Worshipful Master W Dennis L. White 407-797-9046 Senior Warden Bro. Russell R. Aldridge 321-402-4214 Junior Warden Bro. Brynn Summerlin 863-557-2708 Treasurer RW James Rachel 863-660-1510 Secretary W Robert A. Howland 863-439-2156 Senior Deacon Bro. Derren E. Oakes 863-605-3008 Junior Deacon Bro. Keith A. Pence 863-439-9008 Senior Steward (PT) Bro. Donnie D. Godwin 863-422-4659 Junior Steward (vacant) Tyler Bro. Maston L. Harry 863-298-6776 Marshal (Pro Tem) Bro. Jerry McCally 863-256-7065 Chaplain Bro. James Blight (deceased) Chaplain (Pro Tem) RW Richard Mengeling 863-294-5783 -------------------------- COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Finance Bro. Randy R. Aldridge 321-402-4214 Petitions (as needed) Board of Relief W Dennis L. White 407-797-9046 Lodge Property W Bob Clanin 863-660-1510 Masonic Education RW James Rachel 863-660-1510 Vigilance Bro. Brynn Summerlin 863-557-2708 Investigations (as needed) Charity W Dennis L. White 407-797-9046 Catechism Coach Bro. Derren E. Oakes 863-605-3008 Bro. Keith A. Pence 863-439-9008 Mentor's vacant, if interested, contact WM Youth Bro. David A. Powers 863-422-2697

Haines City Lodge 219 Charity of the Month: HC High School ROTC Program

Haines City Lodge No. 219 - Calendar

May 1

May Anniversaries as Master Masons

Kermit C. Sims ........................................................ 56th Carl E. Avery Jr. ...................................................... 50th Robert L. Wiley ....................................................... 45th Charles E. Glass ....................................................... 39th Eugene P. Roth Jr..................................................... 39th Jerry R. Reynolds ..................................................... 33rd Joe E. Yates.............................................................. 25th John W. Strange Jr. .................................................. 15th Thomas S. Blasko .................................................... 10th Robert F. Mettinger .................................................. 10th Lonnie L. Yates........................................................ 10th Daniel P. Gates ........................................................ 8th Dave L. Holt ............................................................ 8th


7PM HC High School ROTC Ceremony (WM Present Flag to ROTC Cadet @ HC High School Auditorium) 7PM Haines City Rainbow Girls 7PM Masonic Leadership Training 7PM Masonic Leadership Training 7PM Masonic Leadership Training 7:30PM Stated Communication 6:00PM Q2 2013 District 24 Masonic Education Meeting @ Corinthian 191 7:30PM Masters & Wardens @ Corinthian 191 7PM Haines City Rainbow Girls 7:30PM District 24 School of Instruction @ Southland No. 256 6:30PM Dinner DARK 7:30PM Stated Comm. DARK Grand Lodge Communication, Rosen Hotel on I-Drive, Orlando (all day) Grand Lodge Communication, Rosen Hotel on I-Drive, Orlando (all day) Grand Lodge Communication, Rosen Hotel on I-Drive, Orlando (all day) 7AM Polk County Breakfast at Grand Lodge @ Jack's Place (see WM for tickets, tickets are $20. each)

May 6 May 6 May 7 May 8 May 13 May 15

Congratulations Brothers!

Birthdays for May

Bill W. Thiele .......................................... 05/05/41 George H. Cook ....................................... 05/07/35 Addison K. Burton ................................... 05/10/31 Paul L. Hamlin ......................................... 05/10/66 Mario J. Valente ....................................... 05/15/41 Leonard J Allen Smith ............................. 05/16/52 Charles C. Witcher ................................... 05/21/39 Daniel P. Bates ......................................... 05/24/43 Keith A. Pence ......................................... 05/26/62 Richard L. Dunaway ................................ 05/29/57 To all of you congratulations and enjoy your day!

May 20 May 22 May 27 May 27 May 28 May 29 May 29



Jun 3 Jun 10 Jun 12 Jun 17 Jun 19 Jun 24 Jun 26 7PM Haines City Rainbow Girls 7:30PM Stated Communication 7PM Lodge Offices Meeting 7PM Haines City Rainbow Girls 7:30PM Masters & Wardens @ Kathleen No. 338 6:30PM Dinner 7:30PM Stated Communication 7:30PM District 24 School of Instruction @ Haines City No. 219


Roger Baker 2/14 Patrick Barret 1/14 A.K. Burton 12/13 Leroy Carpenter 11/13 Hank Croteau 5/15 Bob Edie 9/13 Bill Getty 1/14 William Holt 5/13 David Keen 1/14 Bob Latimer 7/13 Tom Leach 5/14 Jerry McCalley 1/14 Jim Pargeter 4/14 Buddy Sasser 6/13 Dennis White 12/13 Charles C. Witcher 12/13 James C. Witcher 12/13 Your name will be listed for 12 months for a donation of $10.00, which helps to defray the cost of printing and mailing the Trestleboard. The number after your name is the month and year that your 12 months expire. If your name is bolded then your 12 months are about to expire, please consider renewing.


Note from the Editor: Help the Lodge save money by receiving the Trestleboard via email instead of through the U.S. mail. Help us cut down on printing and postage costs - Go Electronic! If you convert from paper to electronic you'll also receive the District calendar too. Email me your email address at: [email protected]

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"Did you know these men or ever see them before?" "No," replied the doctor, "I never saw them before." "But," I persisted, "You gave them a lot of money, all you had about you. Do you ever expect to get it back?" "Well," said the doctor, "If they are able to pay me back, they will. But it makes no difference to me; they are Brother Masons in trouble and I am only doing my duty." "I said to myself, if this is Freemasonry I will take some of it for myself."

Masonic History

May 1 On this date in 1865, William McKinley (U.S. President 1898-1901) received his 1st Degree in Hiram Lodge #21, Winchester, Virginia. Why President McKinley became a Mason. When General Horatio King asked William McKinley how he happen to become a Mason he explained: "After the Battle of Opequam, I went with our surgeon of our Ohio regiment to the field where there were 5,000 Confederate prisoners under guard. Almost as soon as we passed the guard, I noticed the doctor shook the hands with a number of Confederate prisoners. He also took from his pocket a roll of bills and distributed all he had among them. Boy-like, I looked on in wonderment; I didn't know what it all meant. On the way back from camp I asked him:



Please pray for these Brothers to get better! Bro. Roger Baker (recovering from heart attack) Bro. Bob Edie (recovering from broken hip) RW Bill Klinke (recovering from surgery) Bro. Maston Harry (recovering from surgery) MW David Eschrich (recovering at hospital)



"Although I hold the highest civil honor in the world, I have always regarded my rank and title as a Past Grand Master of Masons the greatest honor that had ever come to me." MW Harry S. Truman


1912-13 1914 1915 1916-17 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 Abbott B. Cheny* Thomas W. Stone* James T. Miller* O. F. Chenny* Wesley W. Shultz* Donald B. Ohlinger* F. M. Long* Earl McBride* William T. Mathis* Lisle W. Smith* J. R. Tedder* Peter J. Sones* J. R. Wilson* C. H. Pillans* G. D. Perry* F. M. Gill* J. L. Olson* J. D. Walters* R. T. Dewell* R. B. Pettit* Orion W. Louis* Warren Critchlow* S. N. Dunn* Jed R. Yale* 1938-39 1940 1941 1942 1943-44 1945-46 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953-54 1955 1956 1957 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 Bryon Bozeman* H. H. Murphy* M. H. Bozeman Roy L. Arnold Jr.* M. M. Moorehead* James W. Causey* King Manley* George H. Sellars* J. C. Bozeman* Bruce H. Soles Jr.* T. F. Lovette* J. G. Bozeman Virgil A. Murphy* J. R. Young* Fred B. Harris*·· O. E. Sjoblon Chester G. Sisson* Foy L. Butts O. D. Bryan Elija Hall Gurney G. Adams* Stanley S. Smilee J. E. Calton Maurice T. Webster·· 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978-79 1980 1981-82 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 Andrew Reilly Ray Reynolds Julius R. Lunsford* Darley G. Black* Kermit Sims Donald Deaton L. W. Hodge Leon O. Scott Robert Wiley Roy Graham* Elmer Winn Richard D. Williams* Wayne Moore* Charles Glass Wayne Moore* Lionel Carroll* Roy Carpenter Maurice T. Webster·· Carl White* Charles Seymour* A. K. Burton Farrell Hill Jr. Maurice T. Webster·· Jack Rickels* 1991-92 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 A. K. Burton Dolor Primeau* Thomas Porter·· Richard Mengeling·· Raymond Gill* A. K. Burton Thomas Porter·· Mark Mozdzierz Courtland Witcher A. K. Burton Tom Leach James Rachel·· Thomas Porter·· James Rachel·· Leonard Smith Helvio Napoleao Tom Leach Thomas Porter·· Jose Calzada Robert Latimer Buddy Sasser Jr.

* Deceased ·· PDDGM


"Happiness has a bad rap. People say it shouldn't be your goal in life. Oh, yes it should." Bro. Richard Dreyfuss


Where are you from? Talladega, AL In 10,000 words or less, please tell us about yourself: I left home at age 12 to join a carnival. I had a very interesting life in California and Las Vegas. For a few years, I was with the Hell's Angels (didn't do anything wrong ); returned to Alabama, went to Florida for a while where I was a bouncer for several strip joints and finally to Las Vegas where I married and had one daughter. Finally, went to New Jersey where I met my wife of 18 years and are happily situated here in Winter Haven, Florida. I don't want to fill in the particulars of the years in between. What are your interests/hobbies? Playing pool and traveling. Why did you become a Mason? Because I had family in the Masons and wanted to continue the tradition. Are you a member of any other Masonic, community, recreational groups? If so, what are they? Scottish Rite. What advice would you like a new Mason to know? Be honest, be true and respect God. If you would like to be the "Brother in the Spotlight" for future issues of our Trestleboard, please answer the highlighted questions and email it to [email protected] or hand it to me at a Stated Communication. Please type your answers out so I have no problem reading it, plus enclose a current up-close photo too.



Status of petitioners and advancing Brothers awaiting Degrees PETITION AT INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE Bro. David T. Wheaton (Dual Membership, voted in Apr 22. assigned Investigation Committee.) EA Bro. Joseph L. Descafano waiver granted from Wisconsin. (Will be assigned to an Investigation Committee on May 13) PETITION AT PETITION COMMITTEE Mr. Luis Castellanos Mr. Edwin Alexander Rivera Mr. Joshua Davis PETITIONER(S) Awaiting EnteredAppentice Degree to be Scheduled Mr. Brian Smith - voted in Apr 22 Mr. Justin Lumadue - voted in Apr 22, will be initiated on May 4, 2013 at Kathleen Lodge No. 338 ENTERED APPRENTICE(S) EA Bro. LaRon Adams - was Initiated on April 12. Studying catechism. FELLOW CRAFT(S) Elevated to Fellow Craft on April 25, at Tuscan No. 6, Bartow FC Bro. Hunter M. Vickers - Studying catechism. FC Bro. Justin T. Oakes - Studying catechism. FC Bro. Christopher C. Treadgill - Studying catechism. FC Bro. Lawrence J. McCann - Studying catechism. MASTER MASON(S) None at this time DUAL MEMBER Bro. Allen Webster for affiliation, awaiting petition from Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Bro. Thomas Limber for affiliation, awaiting petition from Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania



"Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and of nations alike." Bro. Theodore Roosevelt



"The problem with quotes from the Internet is whether or not they come from a credible source." - Abraham Lincoln

Masonic History

The Statue of Liberty and Freemasonry The famous Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor was designed by a Frenchman, Frederick A. Bartholdi, a Freemason. The Grand Lodge of New York laid the cornerstone with masonic ceremonies on Aug 5, 1885.


Bro. Russell "Randy" A. Aldridge Bro. Daniel P. Bates W Addison "A.K." K. Burton W Jose C. Calzada Bro. Daniel T. Davis (Memorial) Bro. Raymond M. Hare (Memorial) W Thomas "Tom" C. Leach RW Richard D. Mengeling Bro. Derren E. Oakes Bro. Virgil F. Seeright (Honorary Memorial) W Leonard "Len" J A. Smith Bro. C. Brynn Summerlin Bro. Joe E. Yates Would you like to help yourself and help your Lodge at the same time? Consider becoming a Perpetual Member. To become a Perpetual Member, contact the Secretary, he will provide you the form to fill out. Basically, to become a Perpetual Member the cost is 20 times our annual dues, with our dues at $45.00, the total cost would be $900.00. You could pay this in one lump sum or done in payments over a 3 year time frame. The great thing about being a Perpetual Member is once you fill out the paperwork, you lock your dues amount so even if it's raised your total amount won't change. Plus once you pay the total cost you never have to pay again, and the Lodge will benefit from it even after you pass to the Celestial Lodge. So please consider becoming a Perpetual Member - it's a WIN/WIN situation!!!


Masonic History

Moon Lodges A century ago there were more than 3,000 masonic lodges which can be described as "Moon Lodges"; in 1954 there were fewer than 500. These lodges meet on the day of the full moon for practical reasons; the brethren had light to travel by at night. There may have been some symbolic meaning also. The advent of electricity, street lights, and the automobile made the reason for meeting on such nights antiquated through unique. Many Grand Lodges now require lodges to meet on fixed days of the week.



To the right, W Dennis White presents Battalion Commander Harlee Bradford a flag that has been flown over the nation's capital, this award is for being the Top JROTC Cadet at Haines City High School. B/C Bradford is graduating this year and has already been excepted in the U.S. Marine Corp.

Haines City Lodge No. 219 47 North 6th Street Haines City, Florida 33844

Have a business? For $40 a year you can have your business card put in our Trestleboard. Contact the Secretary to make it happen!

Richard D. Mengeling

Funeral Director

Cell: (863) 557-1792

Oak Ridge


Dave Lane Holt Continuing A Family Tradition Since 1933 (863) 422-3933 (863) 421-8325 Fax 1001 Grace Avenue (863) 967-5090 (863) 965-0466 Fax 2425 W. Havendale Blvd.


Life - Health - Annuities


Jim & Rose Blight Owners [email protected] CANDATOURS.COM

Jim Rachel

P.O. Box 471 Lake Wales, FL 33859 (863) 679-3234 Fax 679-3280 Cell: 660-1510

406 Palm Place Haines City, Florida 33844 863-419-9627

Toll Free 888-636-1166 Fax 863-421-4188

f r e e m a s o n r y . d i s t r i c t . 2 4 @ g m a i l . c o m, Appendant Bodies, Child ID, C o r i n t h i a n 1 9 1, H a i n e s C i t y 2 1 9, K a t h l e e n 3 3 8, L a k e l a n d 9 1, S o u t h l a n d 2 5 6, T r a v e l e r s 3 9 0, Tuscan 6, W i n t e r H a v e n 1 8 6

Tue 29 7 : 3 0 p m - LOS Mecca Crt 6:30pm - C191 Dinner 7:30pm - C191 Stated 7:30pm - S256 Stated @ Grotto 9 7 p m - T390 Dinner 7:30pm - T6 Stated @ Tuscan 6 7 : 3 0 p m - Polk Council 11 7 : 3 0 p m - Polk @ Council d Lakelan R & SM @ York Rite L a k epae d Tem l l n York Rite Temple 17 8:30am - WH186 Bkft 18 10 30 1 2 3 Wed Thu Fri Sat 4 EA K338 @ Kathleen 338 7:30am - T390 Brkfst @ 9 o d g- T 3 9 0 S t a t e d am e L Fellowsh ip Hall 11

May 2013 (Eastern Time)




1 1 a m - LW 242 dinner @ Lake Wales 242

7 p m - GL Leg @ Lake Wales

5 6:30pm - K338 Supper 7:30pm - K338 Stated 7 : 3 0 p m - OES Lkld 7 : 3 0 p m - Grotto Stated




7 p m - HC Rainbow Girls 7:30pm - WH186 Stated






1 p m - High12 luncheon @ Lakeland 91

7:30pm - HC219 Stated 7:30pm - L91 Stated

7 : 3 0 p m - VoT AASR

6 p m - D24 Ed Workshop @ 7 : 3 0 p m - LKL Shrine Corinthian Club e 1 9 1 L: 3 0 p m - M & W 1 9 1 7 odg

8 p m - OES Mulberry

7 p m - Ritual Prac K338 7 : 3 0 p m - Ch29 RAM @ 7 : 3 0 pa n d OES Win Lakel m Hav @ York Rite Traveler's Temple Lodge

19 8 a m - Grand Council @ Lake Mary 6:30pm - K338 Supper 7:30pm - K338 Stated 7 : 3 0 p m - OES Lkld



22 8 a m - Grand Commandry @ 7 : 3 0 pM a- y L a k e m r D24 SofI S256



6 p m - L91 Spaghetti Dinner

FCdeg L91 @ Lakeland 91 8 a m - Grand Chapter @ L a6 : 3 Mp m - T 3 9 0 ke 0 ary Stated6 :e a l [email protected] - W H 1 8 6 M 30 m S oa tg e M e a t L p d e-dHC Rainbow 7 @m l Winter Fellowsh Girls n H a He l l ip v a Lodge No. 186 27 28

FCdeg LW242 @ Lake Wales 242 6:30pm - C191 Fam dinner 6:30pm - S256 Stated @ 3030 MORGAN COMBEE RD LAKELAND 23 FL EA deg LP282 @ Lake Placid 7:30pm - T6 Stated






1 1 a m - LW 242 dinner @ Lake Wales 242

Grand Lodge 7 p m - AASR 17° Prac - DARK @ 7 p t h l-eM n s3 E 8 u K 3 3 8 Ka m e a 3d - DARK 7 : 3 0 p m - Lakeland Commandr 7 : 3 0 p m - OES Win y Hav @ Traveler's Lodge 7 a m - Polk County Breakfast @ Jack's Place Grand Lodge

6:30pm - HC219 StatedMea 7:30pm - L91 Stated l 8 p m - OES Mulberry

Knight Mason @ Venice 7:30am - T390 Brkfst @ 9 o d g- T 3 9 0 S t a t e d La m e Fellowsh ip Hall


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