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ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems)


Trailer Roll Stability Reduces Rollovers

Haldex Second Generation TRS (Trailer Roll Stability) improves an already proven stability system for air braked commercial trailers. Our ABS product with Trailer Roll Stability Reduces the potential for rollovers through our Adaptive Learning Loop (ALL) technology. The Haldex TRS System provides more responsive performance during normal service braking as well as during ABS and/or roll stability conditions. Speed is a major contributor to vehicle rollover The Haldex TRS System helps control speed at the trailer by constantly monitoring the trailer's movements. Utilizing a five (5) pressure transducer design the Haldex TRS electronically monitors input pressures from the control line, supply/reservoir, air suspension and delivery lines. ALL technology allows the TRS ECU to learn by calculating the trailer's lateral acceleration, vehicle speed, air suspension and air system pressure over 100 times per second. Therefore, the system is always ready to provide optimal delivery pressure at the wheel ends, helping ensure balanced braking and wheel lock prevention. When TRS senses that a rollover is imminent the ECU automatically applies the trailer service brakes to slow and stabilize the combination vehicle. Although TRS is monitoring the trailer's movement and assisting with stability control, the Driver remains vital to safe vehicle operation and rollover avoidance. The Haldex Second Generation TRS platform integrates the North American industry PLC communications/diagnostics and 5-pin trailer power convention while continuing to provide all the features and benefits of the first generation product such as: · Trailer Brake Lamp illumination during roll event · Integral Control Port Air Filter · NPT Ports · Separately serviceable ECU & Valve Section · FleetPlus software to improve operational efficiencies and driver training programs · Auxiliary capability for expanded features such as Lining Wear Sensors, Lift Axle and Air Bag Controls, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Soft Docking, etc. · Electronic odometer capability · Corrosion-resistant ECU and Valve design using lightweight, impact-resistant EGP material · Push-to-connect, weather tight electrical connectors

ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems)


Haldex TRS

· During a roll stability event the LED trailer stop lamps are illuminated to warn trailing motorists of the slowing trailer. Competitive systems don't provide this important safety feature. · Push-to-connect, weather tight electrical connectors that require no tools. · Integral control-line filter removes contaminates from the air system before reaching the valve section, extending life. Competitive systems offer control-line filters at additional cost and must undergo maintenance every three to four months. · PC and Info Center diagnostics that allow the fleet to troubleshoot the system and download data to educate and train drivers on braking issues. ·


Five auxiliary ports for expandable architecture to other optional features such as lining wear sensors and tire monitoring. Competitive systems only offer two auxiliary ports. PLC communication protocol is standard. Compatible with all towing vehicles, complying with FMVSS-121. Trailer must have air ride suspension. NPT ports are integrally molded into the Haldex TRS unit. Competitive systems require adapters that add weight and cost.

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Diagnostics and Communication Tools

Haldex FleetPlus is a PC based program that allows the fleet to compile and evaluate braking information that can be used to reduce maintenance cost and promote safety with drivers. FleetPlus records all trailer brake actuations including ABS and roll stability events. The program allows the fleet to read the ECU inputs and displays the data in histograms, graphs and other formats. The data reported includes: number of brake applications, peak brake demand pressure, duration of brake applications, speed at start of brake application, reservoir pressure change,load change "profile", number of ABS events and rollover events avoided. This information is displayed in easy to read histograms and can be saved to external files.

Info Center

The Haldex TRS Info Center provides complete diagnostics for the Haldex ABS TRS system using digital display. The unit allows the fleet access to ABS fault codes and electronic odometer data. It comes standard with an internal long-life battery so it can be mounted on the trailer or used as a toolbox unit. Diagnostics+ is a pc-based program that allows the fleet to diagnose the system fault codes, view odometer data and make changes to the system parameters.

Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems

Haldex Brake Products Corporation 10930 N. Pomona Ave. Kansas City, MO 64153-1297 Phone: 816-891-2470 Fax: 816-891-9447 Haldex Limited 525 Southgate Drive, Unit 1 Guelph, Ontario Canada N1G 3W6 Phone: 519-826-7723 Fax: 519-826-9497

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L25082 TRS Product Information 12-08

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