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Halliburton CPT-ZS4TM Cementing Unit

The New Standard in Precision Performance

Halliburton cement mixing and

pumping systems have long been your reliable source when it comes to value and dependability. Our technology stays on the cutting edge and is backed by performance, safety and service that is unmatched in the industry. Introducing our new standard in CPT-ZS4TM performance, Halliburton's CPT-ZS4 Cementing Unit comes with these customer-driven features: · A body-load, single pump cementing unit with proven Halliburton RCM®IIe System technology · Reliable Halliburton HT-400 pump · Hose Reel for optimum safety and rig-up speed · Full size displacement tanks · Health and safety improvements · Heavy duty chassis

Downhole Pump

The reliable Halliburton HT-400 pump comes with a 4 1/2 in. fluid end; the 5 in. pump standard with optional 4 1/2 in. fluid end. Chassis engine is driven through an Allison HT-755 automatic transmission with 350 hhp available. Max. Rates*

10.8 - 13.4 bpm

*rates and pressures depend on fluid end size

Max. Pressures*

9,000 - 11,200 psi

Mixing System

Halliburton's premier re-circulating mixing system, RCM®IIe, is featured with a two-compartment mixing tank for more consistent cement slurry. Two agitators generate additional mixing energy. Halliburton 6x5 and 4x4 centrifugal pumps allow for re-circulation, boost, and mix water. There is also a reduction in cement dust.

Hose Reel & Discharge Iron

Our hydraulically powered reel improves safety (helps avoid potential back injuries) and rig-up speed. It stores up to 150 ft of 2 in. 5000 psi cementing hose. The unit comes equipped with iron and hose racks for four 10 ft joints of 2 in. high pressure iron, four rotary and suction hoses.




Displacement Tank

Independent of mixing tank, it features 20 bbl total, 10 bbl per side. The manifold features an independent release line and mud fill lines. The tank can be full and ready to displace while still mixing the cement slurry.

Truck Chassis

The Kenworth T800 6x4 truck features a heavyduty chassis and tandem rear axles for stability and added traction. It is weight-legal for operation in Canada during road ban periods and also meets Canadian frost law restrictions.


Unipro II Processor features pressure, rate and density display, chassis engine diagnostic in control stand, and communication. It can signal another computer for display or print out and also store data for later print out. It includes a settable, automatic, over-pressure kick-out system for additional safety. How We Compare

Halliburton CPT-ZS4 Heavy-duty chassis w/ tandem axles 312 HHP 9,000-11,200 psi*+ 9.5 to 11 bpm* 20 bbl displacement tank Independent 2-compartment 8 bbl mixing tank Halliburton RCM® IIe mixer 38" integral sleeper Includes auxiliary engine that powers the complete mixing system independently from the Triplex pump Direct drive pump through transfer case

*Dependent on fluid end size +Hose rating is 5,000 psi

Competitor Class Medium-duty chassis w/single axle 170 HHP 3,000 psi working pressure 7 bpm 12 bbl displacement tank Mixing tank part of displacement tank N/A Extended cab N/A Hydraulically driven pump

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Halliburton CPT-ZS4TM Cementing Unit

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