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Coalbed Methane: Principles and Practices This recently completed textbook is a compilation of current knowledge of coalbed methane (CBM) development and production processes and is meant to serve as a single source for the information needed to develop a coal property. The book draws from a large body of information generated during the several years of the CBM development process. It can serve as a resource for an either an engineer from the oil and gas industry or the coal mining industry entering into a CBM project for the first time. The CBM process is an amalgam of oilfield and coal-mining practices that have merged and often require the engineer to investigate parameters previously ignored. Table of Contents Chapter 1--Introduction to Coalbed Methane Chapter 2--Geological Influences on Coal Chapter 3--Sorption Chapter 4--Reservoir Analysis Chapter 5--Well Construction Chapter 6--Formation Evaluations, Logging Chapter 7--Completions Chapter 8--Hydraulic Fracturing of Coalseams Chapter 9--Water Production and Disposal Chapter 10--Economics of Coalbed Methane Acronyms Index

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Coalbed Methane: Principles and Practices

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