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HALL'S MARKET Catering Menu

331 Park Road West Hartford, CT 06119 | 860-232-1075 | [email protected]

Starters & Hors d'oeuvres

Classic Shrimp Cocktail Platter: $34.95

2 pounds of large cocktail shrimp presented around our signature cocktail sauce & garnished with lemon. Or choose the extra large shrimp for an additional $10.00.

Boneless Wing Platter: $45.95

Your choice of buffalo, honey BBQ, or classic breaded chicken tenders served with chunky blue cheese dressing, celery stalks and carrot sticks. 21 pieces

Bread Dip Platter: (serves 20-25) $24.95

Cubed pumpernickel and marble rye surround a hollowed out bread boule filled with cool ranch dip.

Mediterranean Montage: (serves about 20) $45.95

Pita triangles served with assorted hummus, sun dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onion, pepperocinis & grape tomatoes.

Fruit & Cheese Platter: (serves 20-25) $49.95

Cubes of fabulous assorted cheeses join the season's best fresh fruits.

Cheese & Cracker Platter: small (4 cheeses, serves 15-20) $39.95 large (5 cheeses, serves 25-30) $49.95

Assorted fine cheeses cubed and served with crackers & garnished with fresh grapes.

Seasonal Fruit Platter: small (serves 10-12) $24.95 large (serves 20-25) $49.95

The best of the season's ripe fruits cut into finger friendly pieces, served with our signature fruit dip.

Nibbler Platter: (serves 20-25) $49.95

Finger friendly cubes of assorted cheeses, ham, turkey, pepperoni & salami are garnished with fresh grapes.

Stuffed Breads: (serves 4-6) $6.99 each

Using our Italian bread dough and whole milk mozzarella cheese, these stuffed breads are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Choose from: Pepperoni, Sausage & Peppers, Sausage-Spinach-Tomato & Onion, Ham & Swiss or Vegetable.

Vegetable Platter: small (serves 10-12) $19.95 large (serves 20-25) $39.95

Garden fresh vegetables surround your choice of cool ranch or creamy onion dip.


small serves 8-10, medium serves 15-20, large serves 25-30

hall's best

Deli Salads

Hall's deli salads are made fresh on premises using Hellmann's real mayonnaise and contain no preservatives! Please note some salads are seasonal and may not be available year round. We will do our best to accommodate your party. All deli salads are sold by the pound, please inquire regarding prices. Antipasto Salad Broccoli & Blue Cheese Salad Classic White Meat Chicken Salad Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Fruity Chicken Salad Curried Chicken Salad Coleslaw Egg Salad BLT Pasta Salad Mediterranean Pasta Salad Wild Rice & Pepper Salad Our Classic Red Potato Salad German Potato Salad Egg & Potato Salad Just Plain Potato Salad Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Salad Baked Beans Italian Pasta Salad Seafood Salad Ham Salad Tuna Salad Tuna Pasta Salad Cucumber & Tomato Salad Cheese Tortellini Salad Sour Cream & Cheddar Macaroni Salad Fresh Fruit Salad Four Bean Salad

Classic Green Garden Salad: small $15.95, medium $35.95, large $49.95

A crisp bed of romaine lettuce topped with chopped garden vegetables. Served with classic Italian dressing.

Roasted Vegetable Platter: (serves 20-25) $49.95

An array of roasted seasonal vegetables surround our creamy caramelized onion dip or hummus.

Baby Spinach Salad: small $15.95, medium $35.95, large $49.95

Tender baby spinach topped with chopped pecans, red onion, sliced white mushrooms & dried cranberries. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Bruschetta Platter: (serves about 20) $34.95

Our bruschetta recipe combines fresh & sun dried tomatoes, basil, garlic and secret seasonings. Plattered with toasted baguette slices.

Traditional Greek Salad: small $15.95, medium $35.95, large $49.95

A crisp bed of romaine lettuce topped with diced cucumbers, kalamata olives, pepperocinis, red grape tomatoes, red onion & feta cheese crumbles. Served with balsamic vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad: small $12.95, medium $29.95, large $45.95

A classic combination of romaine hearts, shredded asiago cheese & crunchy croutons. Served with Caesar dressing.

Chicken or Beef Satay: $45.95

Teriyaki marinated chicken or beef skewers accompanied by a sweet & spicy peanut sauce. 25 pieces

Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Salad: one size $49.95

Vine ripened tomato slices layered carefully between fresh mozzarella slices arranged atop a bed of mixed mesculin greens and drizzled with olive oil & vinegar.

Classic Caprese Crostini: $34.95

Thin baguette slices topped with fresh tomato, basil leaves, fresh mozzarella & award winning balsamic vinegar. 30 pieces

Gorgonzola & Walnut Salad: small $15.95, medium $35.95, large $49.95

Baby field greens tossed with crumbled gorgonzola cheese, granny smith apples & candied walnuts. Served with balsamic viniagrette.

Tender Beef Fillets on Crostini with Horseradish Sauce: $45.95

Seasoned beef tenderloin roasted to medium rare sliced thin and served on toasted baguette slices, finished with our creamy horseradish sauce. 30 pieces

Hall's Classic Salad: small $15.95, medium $35.95, large $49.95

Baby field greens topped with goat cheese crumbles, dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. Served with balsamic viniagrette.

Vegetable Antipasto Platter: (serves 20-25) $49.95

A traditional array of Italian favorites including artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, pepperocini's, olives and sun dried tomatoes.

Antipasto Tray: (serves 20-25) $59.95

An assortment of delicious Italian meats, vegetables, olives, cheeses & more... including proscuitto wrapped melon and fresh mozzarella salad! CONTACT US TODAY!

860-232-1075 [email protected] Ask for Jenn!

Stuffed Button Mushrooms: $9.99/lb (average 8-10 pieces per pound)

Choose from sausage or seafood stuffing.

Sandwiches, etc.

Cold Cut Platters:

The answer to many meals, make your own sandwiches! Our cold cut platters are available in 4 sizes to satisfy any crowd's appetite.

Assorted Gourmet Sandwich Platter, classic assortment: $59.95

8 sandwiches served on ciabatta rolls cut in half, serves up to 8-12. Choose from the following in multiples of 2.

(Additional sandwiches can be added for $6.99 each)

Small Platter: 39.95

Serves 10, please choose 3 meats & 2 cheeses

Medium Platter: $49.95

Serves 15, please choose 4 meats & 3 cheeses

· Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, leaf lettuce, pesto mayonnaise & sun dried tomatoes · Italian combo, with lettuce, tomato, peppers & provolone · Turkey with cheddar, bacon, lettuce & tomato · Hall's Tuna salad with lettuce, tomato and muenster

Assorted Gourmet Sandwich Platter, deluxe assortment : $59.95

8 sandwiches served on ciabatta rolls cut in half, serves up to 8-12. Choose from the following in multiples of 2.

(Additional sandwiches can be added for $6.99 each)

Large Platter: $59.95

Serves 20, please choose 5 meats & 4 cheeses

Extra Large Platter: $69.95

Serves 25, please choose 6 meats & 4 cheeses The most popular meats are roasted turkey breast, store baked ham, our own roast beef, Genoa salami, smoked turkey breast & Virginia style baked ham. Of course you can choose any cold cuts we have in our full service deli. Our cheese suggestions are American, Swiss & Provolone. We also offer muenster, cheddar and mozzarella.

· Ham with brie cheese, baby spinach, apples & honey mustard · Grilled chicken with tomato, lettuce, avocado, cheddar and chipolte mayonnaise · Roast beef, garlic herb spread, red onion & greens · Hummus with greens & roasted vegetables

Assorted Wrap Platter, traditional assortment: $55.95

8 wraps, 2 of each cut in half, serves up to 16.

(Additional wraps can be added for $5.99 each)

Fixin's Platter: $25.00

This is the perfect compliment to our cold cut platters. This tray is full of all the condiments & veggies necessary to make the perfect sandwich! Includes slices of tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, peppers, olives, mayo, mustard and horseradish sauce.

· Hall's own roast beef, provolone cheese, horseradish sauce, roasted peppers & red onion · Hall's smoked turkey breast, muenster, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato & honey mustard · Hall's ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & spicy mustard · Breaded eggplant, mozzarella cheese, baby spinach & pesto mayonnaise

Hall's Bag Lunches: $8.95

Minimum order of 12 Includes sandwich, bottled water, fruit, chips & cookies. Sandwich options: · Turkey on a hard roll with American, lettuce & tomato · Ham on a hard roll with Swiss, lettuce & tomato · Roast beef on a hard roll with provolone, lettuce & tomato · Hummus wrap with seasonal veggies Mayonnaise & mustard packets included in each bag

Assorted Wrap Platter, gourmet assortment: $55.95

8 wraps, 2 of each cut in half, serves up to 16.

(Additional wraps can be added for $5.99 each)

· · · ·

Hall's roasted turkey, cranberry spread, baby spinach & cheddar Hall's Roast beef, caramelized onions & brie cheese Hummus & seasonal roasted veggies Grilled chicken, asiago cheese, Caesar dressing & lettuce

Platter of Mini Grinders: small (serves 9-1)2 $39.95 large (serves 18-20) $59.95

· Smaller servings of our deli fresh grinders. Choose from roast beef & provolone, turkey & American, ham & Swiss, veggie or Italian combo. · All made with fresh lettuce and tomato with the dressing of your choice. · Available on white and/or wheat rolls. We would also be happy to help you construct your own sandwich platter. Just choose your meats or salads, toppings and breads and we'll do our best to make the platter of your dreams!

Finger Sandwich Platter, Classic: $34.95

16 finger sandwiches made on freshly baked rolls with our preservative free salads. Choose from seafood, ham, egg, tuna, cranberry walnut chicken & chicken salads to make the ideal assortment for your crowd!

Side dishes

(4 pound minimum order) Roasted seasonal vegetables $6.99/lb Traditional mashed potatoes $4.99/lb Scalloped potatoes au gratin $4.99/lb Twice baked potatoes $2.99 each

Available in cheddar or butter & herb

Finger Sandwich Platter, Gourmet: $39.95

16 finger sandwiches on freshly baked rolls, choose from the following options of our mini sized classics: · Italian combo: thin sliced proscuitto, salami, provolone & balsamic drizzle · Turkey BLT · Roast beef, garlic spread, red onion & greens · Ham, brie, apple & baby spinach · Caprese: fresh mozzarella, tomato & pesto mayo

Rosemary roasted red potatoes $5.99/lb Green bean almandine $5.99/lb Steamed lemon asparagus $7.99/lb Honey glazed carrots $4.99/lb Wild rice pilaf with dried cranberries $5.99/lb Traditional macaroni & cheese $4.99/lb Mashed butternut squash (seasonal) $4.99/lb

Hall's Sliders: $19.99/ dozen

Our 3 bite sandwiches are perfect for an appetizer or an addition to any meal! A bit heartier than our finger sandwiches, these sliders will make your guests smile, made on our slider rolls and plattered.

choose from: Corned Beef Sliders:

Corned beef, Swiss cheese, thousand island dressing & hall's coleslaw

Pulled Pork Sliders:

Hall's famous pulled pork topped with aged cheddar cheese

Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sliders:

Our most popular all white meat chicken salad topped with leaf lettuce.

Carving Board

Fillet Mignon Platter: serves 12-15 $95.00

Hall's best whole beef tenderloin seasoned and oven roasted and plattered with our Dijon horseradish sauce.

Italian Meatball make your own Sliders:

A bakers dozen Italian Meatballs served in our marinara sauce is accompanied by our slider buns, Provolone Cheese and Roasted Peppers. All come plattered and ready to be assembled.

Spiral Ham: serves 12-15 $50.00

Classic spiral ham, comes ready to serve right off the bone! Served with delicious ham glaze.

30" Ciabatta Grinder: (serves 8-10) $39.95 A Jumbo Hall's Grinder! Customize your grinder- it can be divided into three

different sections if you want some variety, choose from our Roast Beef & Provolone, Roast Turkey & American, Ham & Swiss, Italian Combo, or Garden Veggie. Comes with lettuce, tomato, mayo &/ or mustard. Additional toppings available per request.

Boneless Turkey Breast: serves 15-20 $70.00

Seasoned with Herbs de Provence and roasted until perfectly moist and tender, served with our classic turkey gravy.

Poultry Entrees

(priced per pound, 4 lb minimum)

Beef & Pork Entrees

(Priced per pound, 4 lb minimum)

Chicken Saltimbocca: $8.99/lb

Boneless chicken breast lightly breaded & stuffed with fresh herbs, proscuitto & provolone cheese. Served in a light lemon caper sauce.

Swedish Meatballs: $5.99/lb

Our famous Swedish meatballs served in savory brown gravy. These have been a favorite of our customers for years!

Mediterranean Chicken: $7.99/lb

Bite sized chunks of boneless chicken baked and topped with kalamata olives, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, capers & sun dried tomatoes.

Italian meatballs: $5.99/lb

Linda's famous Italian meatballs are made fresh using Hall's own ground sirloin and a traditional combination of herbs and spices, served in our marinara sauce.

Coconut Panko Breaded Chicken Cutlets $6.99/lb

Hall's freshly pounded chicken cutlets coated in a light coconut panko breading and baked until golden.

Sweet & Sour Meatballs: $6.99/lb

Our classic recipe is always a hit- serve these up as an appetizer or entree!

Chicken Picatta: $8.99/lb

Breaded chicken cutlets served in a lemon caper sauce.

Stuffed Cabbage: $4.99/lb

Classic cabbage rolls stuffed with ground sirloin & rice in a creamy tomato sauce.

Chicken Marsala: $8.99/lb

Breaded chicken cutlets covered with sliced mushrooms in a traditional marsala sauce.

Baby Back BBQ Rib: $8.99/lb

Our southern style smokehouse mesquite seasoned pork ribs are so tender they fall off the bone. Served in our signature BBQ sauce. Available by the rack or cut into smaller pieces know as riblets.

Chicken Parmesan: $7.99/lb

Boneless chicken cutlets breaded and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Garlic & Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin: $8.99/lb

Garlic & herb marinated pork tenderloin roasted to perfection and sliced to order.

Chicken Cordon Bleu: $7.99/lb

Boneless chicken breasts wrapped around imported ham & Swiss cheese, breaded and baked until golden brown.

Orange Ginger Pork Tenderloin: $8.99/lb

Fresh pork tenderloin generously seasoned with our delicious orange ginger rub and roasted to perfection.

BBQ Chicken: $4.99/lb

Smokehouse mesquite seasoned bone-in chicken pieces coated in our BBQ sauce

Sausage & Peppers: $6.99/lb

Our store made Italian sausage tossed with sautéed peppers and marinara sauce.

Pulled Pork: $7.99/lb


to cater your event: 331 Park Road West Hartford, CT 06119 860-232-1075 [email protected]

Tender pork roast hand pulled off the bone and drowned in our signature bbq sauce. Great with our Portuguese rolls!

Boneless Rosemary Pork Roast: $7.99/lb

Boneless pork roast marinated in rosemary, garlic and other spices roasted to perfect tenderness.

Island BBQ Short Ribs $12.99/lb

Slow cooked beef short ribs in our tropical bbq sauce- delicious!

Ask for Jenn!

Pasta Entrees

(Minimum order: half pan, the half pan is about 9"x13," and will feed approximately 8-10 adults)

Hall's Bakery

Rolls & Sweet Endings

Penne in Basil Cream Sauce: $35.00/ half pan

Penne pasta in a creamy pesto alfredo sauce.

Sweet Yeast Dinner Rolls: $3.99/ dozen Mini French Dinner Rolls: $3.49/ dozen Wheat Dinner Rolls: $3.99/ dozen Club Rolls: $2.49/ half dozen

These are a mid size roll, right in between the sandwich roll and dinner roll, great for smaller sized sandwiches.

Stuffed Shells: $35.00/ half pan

Italian herb seasoned ricotta cheese stuffed into jumbo pasta shells, covered in marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Meat Lasagna: $29.90/ half pan

Layers of lasagna noodles, ground sirloin, marinara sauce, parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.

Portuguese Rolls: $2.99/ half dozen Kaiser Rolls: $2.99/half dozen

Our classic sandwich style rolls. Used for hundreds of sandwiches in our award winning deli everyday.

Vegetable Lasagna: $29.90/ half pan

Fresh garden vegetables mixed with creamy ricotta cheese, layered with lasagna noodles and alfredo sauce.

Baked Ziti: $30.00/ half pan; add meat $35.00/ half pan

Hot ziti tossed in ricotta cheese and marinara sauce, topped with shredded mozzarella cheese and baked until golden.

Grinder Rolls: $2.99/ half dozen

Traditional 8" grinder roll, available in white or wheat.

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta: $35.00/ half pan

Penne pasta tossed in a creamy sun dried tomato alfredo sauce.

Classic Cookie Platter: small $12.95 (30 cookies) large $19.95 (50 cookies)

A super assortment of our classic cookies including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, M & M party & sugar arranged artfully on a fun platter & sprinkled with candies.

Chicken Marsala Rigatoni: $35.00/ half pan

Rigatoni tossed with grilled chicken bites & sautéed mushrooms in a creamy marsala sauce.

Baked Rigatoni & Sausage: $35.00/ half pan

Rigatoni with Hall's own Italian sausage tossed in our marinara sauce & ricotta cheese then topped with mozzarella cheese.

Brownie Madness: $29.95

Our famous gooey chewy brownies cut in half & plattered with strawberries. Choose from your favorite kinds: classic fudge, walnut & cream cheese swirl.

Greek Chicken & pasta: $35.00/ half pan

Grilled chicken, penne pasta, garlic, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, olives, basil, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil, oh my!

Classic Mini Cookie Platter: small: $14.95 (48 mini's) large: $24.95 (96 mini's)

A wonderful selection of our bite size cookies available in chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar!

Grilled Chicken Primavera: $35.00/ half pan

Garden fresh vegetables tossed with penne pasta in a light alfredo sauce.

Rigatoni with Chicken and Broccoli: $35.00/ half pan

Rigatoni pasta tossed with grilled chicken bites & fresh broccoli florets in a light alfredo sauce.

Gourmet Mini Cheesecake Platter: small: $29.95 (20 pieces) large: $44.95 (40 pieces)

A fancy assortment of bite size cheesecakes displayed with fresh fruit. Assortment includes the following fantastic flavors: amaretto almond, raspberry, silk tuxedo, cappuccino, vanilla, lemon & chocolate chip!

Penne with Asparagus: $35.00/ half pan

Penne with sun dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, asparagus & artichokes in a tomato basil cream sauce.

Gourmet Mini Dessert Bar Platter: small: $24.95 (25 pieces) large: $39.95 (40 pieces)

A finger friendly assortment of the following delicious treats: meltaway bar, espresso brownie, raspberry Sammie & pecan chocolate chunk bar! Always a crowd pleaser.

Eggplant Rollatini: $30.00/ half pan (12 pieces)

our delicious cheese stuffed eggplant rollatini is served in our classic marinara sauce and topped with shredded mozzarella cheese.

Eggplant Parmesan: $35.00/ half pan

Tasty breaded eggplant is layered between our classic marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

C O N TAC T U S T O C AT E R YO U R N E X T E V E N T: 331 Park Road West Hartford, CT 06119 | 860-232-1075 | [email protected]

Ask for Jenn!


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