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for immediate release, december 4, 2006

corporate office: 3900 paradise rd., suite 233; las vegas, nv; 89169



As we welcome 2007, Hamada of Japan celebrates the beginning of its 20th year serving Las Vegas. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Hamada of Japan is hosting a traditional Japanese New Year's Ceremony exclusively for its VIP customers. This ceremony will take place on Saturday, January 6, 2007 from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm at the original restaurant located at 365 E. Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. Hamada of Japan invites the media to record this "first time ever" event. When Jay Hamada, owner of Hamada of Japan, first opened the doors of his flagship restaurant to Las Vegas in 1987, only a few "authentic" Japanese restaurants existed. Today, there are nearly 60 serving Las Vegas. In keeping with their pioneer roots, Hamada of Japan is ringing in this special New Year in a way that no other Japanese restaurant has before...with a private, traditional Japanese New Year's Ceremony - introducing an aspect of Japanese culture that is sure to be enjoyed by Hamada's VIP guests...including: Royal Fish Ceremony - Hamada of Japan's master chef will perform a traditional fish-carving ceremony. (Historically, this cutting presentation is reserved solely for the Royal Family of Japan.) VIP guests will learn how "Sushi-Neta and Sashimi" are properly cut, noting that sliced fish is not just "cut" fish. It has to be sliced in such a way that the smoothness of the surface is embellished, and the refined flavor is enhanced. (When one views a TV chef's method of cutting fish by sawing the knife back and forth through the fish, this is usually because the knife is too short. This movement damages the texture of fish and creates a rough and "fishy" feature.) A Japanese sushi chef's knife is long - so that he can create a slice with one smooth stroke. After this demonstration, Hamada of Japan will be serving their VIP guests sushi using the slices of fish carved in this ceremony. Osechi Ryori - Japanese New Year's cuisine, "Osechi Ryori", consists of many different traditional dishes served throughout the first few days of the New Year. These dishes are prepared fresh, yet keep well in the refrigerator or at cool room temperature, displayed in colorful lacquer boxes. The tradition of Osechi Ryori allows families to enjoy the holiday season while not having to cook. Family members simply warm up Osechi Ryori when hungry! Hamada of Japan will be serving fresh Osechi Ryori, which represents well wishes such as "good health", "long life", "happiness", and the like. Traditional Music - The ceremony will be highlighted by Koto (Japanese zither) background music, closing with a live Taiko (Japanese Drum playing) performance to startle and entice the mythical Nature Gods to appear on earth! This private ceremony is by invitation only, however Mr. Jay Hamada will be extending his appreciation and best wishes for the New Year to all of Hamada of Japan's patrons, by offering special promotions throughout 2007. Released for public by Shirley Kodama, Hamada of Japan Public Relations Manager. For more information, or for VIP PRESS PASSES, please contact: Jodi Barck, Hamada of Japan Marketing & Public Relations, (702) 400-7598; [email protected]


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