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Last Modified on 2/4/2010

Installing the Redirect Add-On in Thunderbird 3.0

Windows and Mac OS X

IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize for the inconvenience, but these instructions are currently out of date for users of Thunderbird version 5. However, a new version of the Redirect Add-On is available for Macintosh and Windows users. New documentation is in development and should be available sometime in the fall of 2011.

Download Mail Redirect ­ Windows

(Mac OS X users should skip down to Download Mail Redirect ­ Mac OS X lower on this page) 1. Click Start then select Run. 2. In the run box type \\ess\campus\ITSHelp 3. When the window open up drag the file mailredirect-0.7.4tb3... to your desktop. 4. Go to page 2 in these instructions to: Installing Mail Redirect.

Download Mail Redirect ­ Mac OS X

(Windows users should skip this section and continue on page 2) 1. In Finder click on Go and select Connect to Server. 2. In the Connect to Server window type in the Server Address box ess and click Connect. 3. At the login window type in your Hamilton user name and password and click Connect.

4. In the next window select Campus and click Ok. 5. A window should open up labeled Campus. Select the folder ITSHelp. 6. Drag the file mailredirect-0.7.4-tb3... to your Desktop.

Installing the Redirect Add-on in Thunderbird 3

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Last Modified on 2/4/2010

Installing Mail Redirect

1. 2. 3. 4. Open Thunderbird if it isn't open already. Go to the Tools menu and select Extensions (Windows) or Add-ons (Mac OS X). In the window that opens, click on the Install button in the lower-left corner. Browse to your Desktop and select the mail_redirect-... file you just downloaded and click Open.


Mac OS X

5. Wait a few seconds and click on the Install Now button.

6. Completely quit out of Thunderbird (close all Thunderbird windows) and reopen Thunderbird.

Installing the Redirect Add-on in Thunderbird 3

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Last Modified on 2/4/2010

Adding the Redirect Button to the Toolbar

Go to the View menu, go to Toolbars, and click on Customize... Click and drag the Redirect button to wherever you want the button to be in the toolbar (e.g. next to the Forward button). Click OK to close the Customize Toolbar window. NOTE: This will add the button to the mailbox list toolbar only. If you want the button to appear in individual message windows when you open them, you should open a message in a new window and repeat the above process.

Using Mail Redirect

To redirect messages, highlight or open the message you would like to redirect. You can either use the keyboard shortcut for redirect (Ctrl + B for Windows, Apple + B for OS X), go to the Message menu and select Redirect, or click on the Redirect button if you set one up in your toolbar. In the window that opens, enter the address(es) you want to redirect the message to and click Redirect.

For questions or comments regarding this document, please email [email protected]

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