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VARIETY Liqueur REGION Germany PRODUCTION Jagermeister contains 56 herbs, fruits, woods, barks and roots from all over the world. Ingredients such as cinnamon bark, cloves, ginger roots, saffron, coriander fruits and herbs are combined in a secret blend to produce a unique herbal liqueur with a bitter/sweet flavour and a slight aniseed aftertaste. The Herbs are ground and blended and placed in special tanks where they are "macerated". Here, the macerates (extracts) are obtained from the blends of herbs. The containers are filled with a cold mixture of alcohol and water. Following a reaction time of 2-3 days, the extract is pumped off. This process is repeated up to six times. The mixture is filtered and filled into barrels, where it is stored for a minimum of one year. The porous wood adds to its distinctive aroma. Following the maturation year, the extract blend is filtered again. In the dosing facility, it is mixed with liquid sugar, caramel, water and alcohol and then filtered once again. SERVING SUGGESTIONS Jagermeister should always be served ice cold and is best enjoyed as a shot, with a beer chaser or mixed with an energy drink. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS

Alcohol: Packaging: Hancocks Product Code: 35.0% 6 x 1750ml 92943


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Microsoft Word - 92943 Jagermeister 1750ml.doc

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Microsoft Word - 92943 Jagermeister 1750ml.doc