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Legendary Samplers

This list of samplers has been compiled over several years by a group of sampler lovers to highlight the art form of the sampler. Some Samplers may be out of print or difficult to find. Please do not take offense if your favorite sampler is not listed. 1663 Sampler - Permin 1738 Scottish Sampler ­ Threads of Gold 1776 Sampler ­ Designs by LenaRose 1808 Sampler ­ Permin 1826 Museum Celle ­ Permin 1854 Sampler ­ Permin AEIOU Sampler - Abecedarian Agnes Scott ­ With My Needle Aires of the Green ­ Sheepish Designs Amy Eliza Herbert Sampler ­ Porcupine Collection Ancestral Wedding Sampler - Kingsland And They Sinned ­ Examplars From the Heart Ann Bowers ­ The Examplarery Ann Grimshaw ­ Scarlet Letter Ann Harper ­ R&R Reproductions Ann Keeler ­ McIntosh Samplers Ann Passfield ­ Threads of Gold Augusta' Bristol Orphanage Sampler c 1870 - Essamplaire s B.B. 1699 - Essamplaire Bands of Many Colors ­ Sampler House Beekeeper' House ­ Ramsgate Ltd. s Betsy ­ Sheepish Designs Blairgowrie ­ With My Needle Black Sheep ­ Little by Little Bless These Seeds ­ Homespun Samplar Bless This Child and Keep Him ­ Homespun Samplar Celtic Band ­ Homespun Samplar Celtic Banner ­ Butternut Road Christina Cathcart 1831 ­ Samplar workes Contented Mind Sampler ­ Sampler Company Cranberry Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s DHS 1800 ­ Threads of Gold Dirkjen Franses - Essamplaire Duck Pond Inn ­ Abecedarian Dunvegan Sampler ­ Samplar Workes EB Sampler ­ Sheepish Designs EN 1657 ­ Scarlet Letter

E. Davies ­ Threads of Gold Eleanor Taylor ­ The Examplarery Dutch Beauty ­ Permin Dutch Sampler 1773 ­ Scarlet Letter Elisabeth Pritchard 1843 ­ R&R Reproductions Elizabeth Dean 1730 ­ Essamplaire Elizabeth Edgars ­ McIntosh Samplers Elizabeth Telfer ­ Threads of Gold Elizabeth Jane Turner - Essamplaire Erika Katrina Amanson 1870 - Essamplaire Great British Sampler ­ Rosewood Manor Fanny Motts ­ R&R Reproductions Floral Sampler ­ Sampler Company Flowers of Spring ­ Needle' Prayse s For My Friend ­ Sheepish Designs Four Season Sampler ­ Rosewood Manor Designs Framces B. Jones 1817 ­ Scarlet Letter Frances Cheyney 1663 - Essamplaire Garden Path ­ Sheepish Designs Garden of Eden Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s Garnet Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s Golden Acorn Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s Good Shepherd Sampler ­ Margaret & Margaret Hester Vandeburgh Sampler ­ Porcupine Collection Hillside School of Handwork ­ Hillside Samplings Honeysuckle Sampler ­ Historic Needlework Guild Houses of Hawk Hollow Run ­ Carriage House Samplings Humility Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s The Hunt ­ Homespun Samplar Industrious Bee Sampler ­ Theron Traditions Isobell Stuart 1762- Essamplaire Jane Mc Muttrre c. 1820 - Essamplaire Janet Atkinson ­ Scarlet Letter Jean Rattray ­ Threads of Gold Kindness Band Sampler ­ Samplar Workes Learned Wife Sampler ­ Kingsland Lehncke Albers-Anno 1843 - Essamplaire Liberty ­ City Stitcher Lois Minshall ­ Threads of Gold Lola B. Rodon Aconcecion 1847 ­ Threads of Gold Louisa Saret ­ Threads of Gold Love and Beauty Sampler ­ Moira Blackburn Lucy Dunnings ­ Threads of Gold Lucy Smith ­ Threads of Gold Lydia Foster ­ Sheepish Designs M. Pollard 1811 - Essamplaire Mahala Jane Hamilton 1849 - Essamplaire

Margery Dean 1748 ­ Scarlet Letter Marion Robertson 1834 ­ Scarlet Letter Martha Price ­ Sampler Company Mary Ann Armstrong 1856 - Essamplaire Mary Elizabeth Corbett ­ Abecedarian Mary Had a Little Lamb ­ Little by Little Mary Hurst ­ Scarlet Letter Mary Margaret Mallet 1837 - Essamplaire Mary Slatter Sampler ­ Porcupine Collection Mary Tillinghast ­ Sheepish Designs Meg' Bunny ­ Sheepish Designs s Mary Smithies ­ R&R Reproductions My Son ­ Indigo Rose Newburyport Sampler ­ Samplar Workes New England Band Sampler ­Vermillion Stitchery Nonesuch Band Sampler ­ Samplar Workes PA 1808 ­ Threads of Gold Patience ­ Homespun Samplar Peaceful Garden ­ Moira Blackburn Pinkes Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s Plantation Sampler ­ Canterbury Designs Posey For A Friend ­ Sheepish Designs Polly Murdoch ­ Threads of Gold Promise Sampler ­ Canterbury Designs Providence ­ Sampler Company Quaker Friendship Sampler ­ Examplars From the Heart Queen' Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s s Rachel Jarratt c1760 ­ Scarlet Letter Rebekah walker ­ R&R Reproductions Remember Me ­ Sheepish Designs Renaissance Band Sampler ­ Vermillion Stitchery Rhoda Hastings 1863 ­ Samplers and Such Richmond Band Sampler ­ Needle' Prayse s Sampler 1830 ­ Permin Sara Rogers ­ The Examplarery Sarah Abraham ­ Threads of Gold Sarah E. Pope 1773 ­ Sheepish Designs Sarah Owens Soledad Villalobos c 1830 - Essamplaire Sarah W. Rowand - Porcupine Collection Sarah Williams 1833 - Essamplaire Scottish Sampler ­ McIntosh Samplers Second Mary Ann Gibson Sampler ­ Vermillion Stitchery Sheep May Safely Graze ­ Abecedarian Southern Sampler ­ Sampler House Strawberry Sampler ­ City Stitcher Strawberry Season Sampler ­ Sampler House Three Things Sampler ­ Moira Blackburn

Time and Season Sampler ­ Moira Blackburn Vierlanden 1824 - Essamplaire Virtue Outshines the Stars ­ Needle' Prayse s Virtuous Friendship Sampler ­ Theron Traditions Vowel Sampler ­ Theron Traditions Wisdom Sampler ­ Vermillion Stitchery


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