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Piyadasa Godellewatte - Research Astrologer, B.A. Hons (Econ), M.A. Econ, Fel. EDI (World Bank), JP (SL All Island), K.St.J.

The Article on "Astrology and Our Lives" published in Pahana 2009 October issue presented an overview of the rationale of horoscope analysis. It was stated in that Article that a horoscope depicts the nature of cosmic energy radiating from the eastern direction (Lagna) and from the planets in the sky (outer 12 houses) to a person born at a given place at a given point of time. It explained that the direction and the nature of the energy radiation mix emitted to that place at that point of time designs the strength and the operational nature of ones body parts and their functions. It also explained that the strengths of body parts and their functions formed at birth are constantly sensitive to changing energy ray mix due to continuous planetary orbits at different speeds. This Article on "Horoscope Matching for Marriage" provides a brief account of the impact of horoscopes on marital partner selection. It is stand-alone to understand, but, contents would be clearer if this Article is read in conjunction with the Article on "Astrology and Our Lives". Relevance of Horoscope Matching: If one perceives marital life as a means to enjoying sexual pleasure as an end in itself, under an environment of freedom of choice and fundamental rights, then horoscope matching for partner selection may not have significant relevance; because one can try and choose, and keep on changing partners as pleasure and romance warrants. Premature separation would cause no significant distress, depression or concern. A good understanding of relevant legal framework to safeguard interests and obligations of partners may suffice. Horoscope matching will be relevant only to those who perceive marital life as a life-long loving-bondage with oneness, mutual understanding of a family unit, enjoy sexual urges with responsibility, enjoy the affectionate association of children, and aspire to live a life-long purposeful life. For such aspirants horoscope matching is an effective tool to judge compatibility of responsible partnership. Successful life long marital relationships to a large extent depend on the compatibility of: aspirations, attitudes, psychological, and temperamental behaviour, affection and bondage to each other, strengths and sensitivities of body parts in relation to degrees of inherent sexual urges health and strengths of vital body functions agreements and allergies to the composition of body elements, fertility to have children, and the possibility of living together. For successful family life these considerations are valid irrespective of ones religious faith, cultural background or ethnicity. Individual horoscopes reflect many of these aspects. Horoscope matching helps to fore-judge sensitivities, and make informed and meaningful decisions on intended partnerships. Houses and Planets significant for partnership compatibility: Overall placement of planets in zodiacs and houses, their combinations and aspects which ultimately form the cosmic energy radiation mix are more important in compatibility analysis than the placement of individual

planets. Nevertheless, some houses in horoscopes and some planets are significant in affecting marital partnerships. For example, houses 7 and 8 normally influence the nature of abdominal and sex organs, fertility, and partnership characteristics. Lagna (more importantly the Navanshaka), houses 2, 4, 5, 12 are important for prospects of family life and children. Some planets have inherent characteristics that significantly influence marital life. Moon, Venus and Jupiter are considered generally favourable, but not always so. Mars (aMhr#) is sex stimulator and a heat generator, meaning while favourable placement in a horoscope promotes partnership the wrong placement could end up in health hazards and family disputes. Rahu (which is not a planet but a point of high energy emission) accelerates action and growth of cells, meaning favourable combination would be good but, if unfavourable could be over active and health hazardous. Saturn and Kethu (opposite point of Rahu) tend to be contractive and if adversely placed could negatively affect both attitudes and body organs. Some combinations can distort sex aptitudes, cause barrenness in fertility, introduce child birth complications, cause frustration, mutual intolerance and temperamental behviours, and so forth. These cosmic influences are valid irrespective of ones faith, subject specialty, background or ethnicity. Compatibility Analysis Mechanisms: Astrologers use a variety of analytical tools among which Porondam match (@p`@r`n~qmQ g#lpWm), marital defect analysis (vQv`h @q`~; g#lpWm) and overall planetary impact analysis (sms~w gYh blp#mQ g#lpWm) are more popular. People popularly talk of the level of the Porondam match as a significant deciding factor. This is a wrong impression. Porondum match is important only as a first screening tool. It is only a partial analysis heavily weighted towards the isolated placement of Moon relative to its relationship to the group of constellations (stars) (cn~qY n#kw). It disregards radiation combinations and aspects. Only a combination of all these tools and in depth competent analysis can arrive at reliable indications for compatibility decision making. It has also to be noted that neither compatibility analysis tools nor analysis reveals give decisions. They only help to make informed decisions. Some defects, if found, may be correctible by counseling, conscious balancing efforts or by medical attention. Even for such action compatibility analysis can be an effective pre-diagnoser. (This Article appeared in `Pahana' - November 2009 Issue)



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Microsoft Word - Horoscope Matching for Marriage