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The director's cut

The HandE Media Directory news


Issue one ­ January 2009

Issue 3: Bigger and Better

The third edition of The HandE Media Directory will be available from October 2008. The purpose of The Directory is to produce a `must have' bible of updated information, published annually, that encompasses all aspects of the media industry. This year's issue 3 will be distributed to over 15000 professional individuals and companies within the UK and Europe. Each year the book is sent free to production companies, producers, directors and advertising agencies, ensuring that the people who most need to see the information made available by advertisers do so. The Directory will also be on sale this year to the corporate and private sector, delivering the catalogue of information to the hands hands of people in and out of the industry. This will maximise the exposure of advertisers listed in the book. Amongst those listed in the book are ­ agents, cast, set designers, production companies, editors and photographers. This year a number of new categories have been added to the book increasing the number to 32. HandE's Director of Casting, Jo Cridland said: "The HandE Directory is a unique publication and we are committed to making it a successful and essential factor of the media industry. "The Directory has been compiled by the people, to benefit the people in a wide range of categories in the production and performance side of the industry. "We listen to what people need, and our aim is to create a widespread exposure for all of the individuals and companies listed in the directory."

Entries welcome for 2009 directory

· The HandE Media Directory can be purchased

on line at, Amazon and national book stores. Price: £15 (P&P not included)

Look how we have grown

The HandE Media Directory was first published in 2006 as The HandE Book of Casting. However, as the structure of the content grew, the title no longer did it justice, hence the change of name. Issue 1 comprised a mere 40 pages of listings and was distributed to 6000 individuals and companies. In 2007 the new-look ring bound Issue 2 boasted 120 pages, filled with a variety of categories. Demand for the book grew and the distribution was increased to 10000. The new third edition has doubled in content and is to be distributed to more than 15000 individuals and companies in the UK and Europe. HandE Executive Director, Justine Maynard said: "The first two books were very well received with in the media industry. We knew we would have a battle on our hands as our competitors have been established for many years. "I am proud to say that the team have worked hard this year to produce a third edition that is bigger and better and we are confident that it will prove an invaluable source of information and contacts." She continued: "I am delighted with growth of The Directory. I always envisaged what it could achieve, but I never thought it would grow so fast. "We are about to embark on our fourth year with expansion into Europe and the US. Although our work has trebled, so has our determination and commitment." Year four, will witness the launch of The HandE Media Directory UK & Europe ­ Issue 4 (October 2009) as well as the preparation for the launch of The HandE Media Directory US & Canada ­ Issue 1 (January 2010). Both issues will each comprise more than 45 categories and useful information. Future plans for The HandE Media Directory include the introduction of world wide issues by 2012. The HandE Media Directory is the perfect way for professional individuals and companies to promote their talents and trade to a wide range of people in the media and corporate sector. The Directory offers a simple and effective advertising and promotional opportunity, which ensures the right people across the industry notice those that are listed. For information and details of how to be included in the 2009 directory please contact; [email protected] [email protected] OR contact sales on; (+44) 1992 570662


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HandE Media Web Directory

The new HandE Media Web Directory provides an online version of the printed directory, as well as many addition features to allow easy access to a host of invaluable information. The search stations will enable you to browse the world sites, with ease, in your chosen language. What's included? · Search engines ­ 40+ categories. · Useful information · Tips and Hints · Casting Calls and Jobs · Be an Extra · Advertise · Forums · Buy The HandE Media Directory

Maximum Exposure

By advertising in The HandE Media Directory, not only are you being advertised within the Directory through your paid subscription, you also gain exposure from HandE's continuous source of marketing. HandE are highly proactive when it comes to promoting their products. Through the substantial publicity being carried out, your advertisement also achieves its own form of indirect marketing. Unlike any other, The HandE Directory is sent out free of charge, so not only do those specific recipients get free access to YOUR service, many other companies and individuals are also exposed to your advertisement through our various forms of marketing. As well as being distributed in the UK, our marketing also extends into Europe and the United States, thus exposing you and your services internationally. Meia Arnold, Head of HandE Corporate Marketing says "By advertising in the HandE Directory gives massive potential to expose either yourself as an individual or your company to

the maximum. With our Marketing team working internationally, exposure could not be any greater. This is a great opportunity, for anyone wishing to get known; to get out there and become known".


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HandE things to know

Vaccinatio n guide Costume Sizing gu ide Visa Infor mation

HandE has added a section titled `HandE Things to Know' in its forthcoming directory. It is aimed primarily at those involved in overseas productions and includes its following practical information: · Worldwide Vaccination Guide: a guide to vaccination requirements from country to country, provided by The Fleet Street Clinic · Costume Sizing Guide: a guide to finding the perfect fitting costume for performers in any country · Visa Information: a guide to visa requirements, including cost and application details The updated 2009 version will include information such as: International dialling codes, emergency telephone numbers, currency guides and time zones, as well as check lists: details required for shooting on location and filming in High Definition.

Host of new categories for 2009!

More For Your Money

Taking advantage of `double exposure' guarantees that your advertisement will run for longer. Although The Media Directory UK & Europe is published in October the web entries are launched within 24 hours. Web pages are active for 12 months, from the day they are purchased, so by taking advantage of `double exposure' you could effectively get up two years advertising for the price of one. (Web advertising August to August 2008 PLUS Directory October to October 2009 = 24 months of advertising)

HandE is already planning ahead for issue four of The HandE Media Directory. It is to add numerous new categories to the directory, which will be published in October 2009.

These are:

· Catering Services · Chaperones · Chauffeurs · Choreographers · Composers/Lyricist · Couriers · Directors · Editing Suites

· Event Managers · Marketing/PR · Musical Directors · Musical Tutors · Music Publishers · Music Schools · Props · Special Effects · Stationery Companies · Venue Hire

Issue Four will be open for advertising from October 2008.

· For more information please contact the CAA

team on 01992 561660.


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HandE Media Directory News

Epping Film Studios, Brickfield Business Centre Thornwood High Road, Epping, Essex, CM16 6TH

HandE's keeping it Weird in Austin Texas

HandE moves into Europe

A recent HandE visit to Texas this summer has unexpectedly brought forward the plans to publish the US & Canada Directory. The initial plans were to publish the US directory in 2011, however, the opportunity to start the process presented itself sooner and could not be overlooked.. Executive Director Justine Maynard and her Production Manager Dave Palmer were on business in Austin, Texas, when the opportunity arose. Justine said: "Dave and I initially travelled to America to discuss other business projects that HandE is launching in the US, although we knew we were going to touch briefly on the development of the directory. "However, due to the work and research we have already completed in the UK and US, it became apparent that we were indeed ready to take it to the next stage. As a result, we are bringing our original plans for the directory forward a year. "We have a great team in Austin, and are extremely confident that The HandE Media Directory US & Canada ­ Issue 1 January 2010 will be a success." [email protected] The HandE Media Directory has expanded into Europe with the first office opening in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The office will be responsible for our expansion throughout Europe. UK-based Team Leader, Diana Hiskey said: "HandE's aim is to expand throughout Europe. So, to enable us to overcome any potential problems with language barriers, we intend to open a number of European offices. "The Polish office is one of three we plan to open this year, the others will be based in Turkey and Spain. These are currently being sourced and will be running by the end of the year. "There is huge potential for The Directory to expand world wide and this is something that we are driving towards. "Moving into Europe has always been HandE's goal and, in line with that expansion, we are set to create a multi-lingual directory in October 2009."



Director of Casting and studio hire

Jo Cridland T: 01992 570728 E-mail: [email protected]

The CAA Team

Diana Hiskey T: 01992 565263 E-mail: [email protected]

CAA Texas

Susan Patton T: 512-590-1659- direct E-mail: [email protected]

CAA Texas

Melinda Parr T: 512-539-6809 - office E-mail: [email protected]


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