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Lesson Evaluation and Teacher Reflection: Happy Heart Jump for Joy Questions:

Was this lesson worth doing?

I felt the lesson was very beneficial. Students were the facilitators of their learning. It was great to see the students working together to accomplish a task and then evaluating the performance for accuracy.

In what ways was this lesson effective?

This lesson was very effective; the main goal was to increase the activity time for each student versus instructional time. Normally when we teach stations, ten minutes of the class period is used to explain the stations. By allowing the students to go straight to work with minimal instruction greatly increased the amount of time students were active. The students were able to work on skill acquisition and practice with minimal stationary time. The increased activity time and decreased whole-class instruction allowed more time for observation and individual attention.

What evidence do you have for your conclusion?

Observation is the first level of evidence I obtained. After the initial lesson, I assessed student understanding by watching student performance. Students were required to perform a routine based off the activities from the stations. After viewing the performances I was able to assess the level of understanding the students had gained after completing the station work.

How would you change this lesson for teaching it again?

Next time I teach a similar lesson, I will try to have my older classes actually create the stations using the handhelds for my younger students to use. Also, I would try to take longer video clips with multiple examples of the desired outcomes.

What did you observe your students doing and learning?

I observed a change in the way the students worked at learning the new skills. They use to be "robot-like" basically just copying my performance. I found when they watched the clips, they would actually analyze the specific movements and also would evaluate each others performance of the skill.

Did your students find the lesson meaningful and worth completing?

I feel the students had a peaked interest when the use of technology was introduced. After the lesson, they appreciated having a video example of the expected skill; they said it made it easier to understand what was expected of them. They said many times they forget what to do at each station or do not understand the directions, when we added the video clips they found it easier to stay on task and correctly perform the skill.


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