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Poly - Tetrahydrofuranamine 1700

(PolyTHF Amine 1700)

Technical Data Sheet August


Formula CAS Registry Number PRD Number




~C96H213O20 N3 27417-83-0 30063991



Specifications Color [APHA] Water [Gew.]

Value < 250 < 1,0 ~ 400 1,45 - 1,70 1,45 - 1,70 >94 60 - 75 20 - 30 <3 1,75 - 2 < 0,1 1600 - 1800

Test Method

EN ISO 6271-2 KarlFischer calculated BASFMethod BASFMethod BASFMethod BASFMethod BASFMethod BASFMethod Calculated BASFMethod Calculated






AHEW [g/eq]

Total acetylatables Synonyms

Glycols, polytetramethylene, bis(4-aminobutyl) ether Bis[(4-aminobutyl)poly(oxy-1,4-butanediyl)] amine [poly(tetra methylene ether)glykol] [meq/g]

Total Amine [meq/g] Total Amine as % of total acetylatables [%] Prim. Amine as % of total acetylatables [%] Sec. Amine as % of total acetylatables [%] Tert. Amine as % of total acetylatables [%] Functionality (NH2)

[mg KOH/g] Residual Ammonia [%]

Description PolyTHF Amine 1700 is a diamine of approximately 1700 average molecular weight, based on a PTMEG [poly(tetra methylene ether)glykol]. It contains a significant amount of secondary and a slightly amount of tertiary Amine. Applications Increasing flexibility and adhesion in cured epoxy resins and other thermoset polymers. Safety PolyTHF Amine 1700 is irritant and has a sensitive effect by skin contact. Toxic to aquatic organism.

Please consult our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more detailed information on safety.

Molecular weight Physical Properties Density [g/cm³] Melting Point [°C] Viscosity [mm²/s] Solubility

40°C 0,953, 60°C 0,939 24 40°C 204 60°C 107 Acetone, MEK, THF Methanol

Storage & Handling We advise a dry and carbon dioxide free atmosphere below 40°C (104°F). Please avoid permanent temperature above 60°C (140°F) . Material compatibility Stainless steel by permanent uses above 40°C (104°F). Polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE are convenient for gaskets packing and hoses.

Packaging Available in drum quantities containing 190 kg under a nitrogen blanket. Legal aspects (listed) EINECS (THF monomer 203-726-8) TSCA ASIA-PAC

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