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Using Secure Printing on the Xerox 7328

1. Open the file to be printed, and then select [Print] from the File menu. The Print window will be displayed. 2. In Word, select the printer and click on [Properties] button In GroupWise, select the printer and click on [Preferences] button

3. On the Paper / Output tab, select [Secure Print] as your Job Type. 4. Follow the on-screen prompt to enter your secure print passcode (i.e., HCC organization number). Enter the Passcode twice to confirm it.

5. Click [OK] to close the Passcode screen 6. Click [OK] to close the Printer Properties screen 7. Click .[OK] print the job.

At the Printer:

8. Press the [Job Status] button on the Control Panel. The Job Status screen will be displayed. 9. Select the [Active Jobs] tab on the Touch Screen. 10. On touch screen, select your secure job being held. 11. Select the release, or delete. 12. When prompted, enter your passcode and then select the [Confirm] button.

13. Select the [Close] button several times until the Job Status screen is displayed. 14. Press the [All Services] button on the Control Panel to exit.


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