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Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index Instrument Model WBGT

The WBGT can measure temperature of wet-and dry-bulbs and a black globe to estimate stress in a high temperature working environment indoors or outdoors. Worker's high temperature stress is expressed as an index of WBGT calculated according to a specific formula.

Specifications Code Sensor Measuring object

JIS Pt 100 (at 1) WBT, DBT and GTR L range 050 Measuring range A range 0100 H range 50100 Accuracy L, H range ±0.5 A range ±1 Resolution L, H range 0.5 A range 1 Recorder output 100mV (FS) Output impedance approx. 100 Power supply AC 100V ±10V, 50/60Hz, DC12V It is possible to supply on a specified power supply (modification or transforming).


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