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uncompromising function, unparalleled style. motorClothes gear fits and delivers like no other. With it, you're ready for whatever comes your way.


for lisa wright (right, with stephanie jones), the function of motorclothes® leather is followed By the fun. "when i'm all dressed up in leather, there are women who'll look at me with smiles on their faces, and i'll always say, `you know, you oughta try it.' "


Harley Apparel


magine riding your motorcycle through the dull gray bite of a Chicago morning at 4:30 a.m. The wind is taunting you, and the chill is threatening an unwelcome stay in your bones.

Kathie Hiatt doesn't have to imagine. She lives it. On purpose. "People are usually like `Are you nuts?' " she laughs. "But when I sit on that bike and I look in its mirror," she says with her trademark intensity, "I see me at 20. I feel like I've stepped back in time inside myself, and that really wild side of me is able to come out. You're on the bike, this big machine, and you're in control. It's empowering, liberating and exciting all at the same time." And geared up in MotorClothes® apparel, she's prepared for anything. "One of the most fantastic pieces of equipment Harley has ever made is the Switchback Jacket," says Hiatt, 48, a personal trainer. "Oh my god! This year, I rode through the first week of December in Chicago." Versatile products like the Switchback Jacket make it possible. As the authority on motorcycle gear, Harley-Davidson MotorClothes apparel has many more just like them. Protection, climate control, versatility, whatever -- it's the best gear a rider can equip themselves with, no matter the situation. Kathie, who rides a 2007 Street Glide® motorcycle, also wears the FXRG® full face helmet, which she likes because it protects her face from road debris as well as her skin from the sun. "People say I don't look my age," she says. "Of course I wear sunscreen, but the helmet is a big part of that, too. I don't want my face to look like a saddle." MotorClothes apparel isn't just a scaled-down version of gear built for men. It's clothing that delivers comfort and performance without sacrificing a feminine silhouette. It's industry-leading innovation combined with great fit, solid function and a commitment to variety. And it wouldn't be Harley-Davidson gear without reams of input from real riders.



"i like to be comfortable anD casual, but also make a statement. yes, i'm a professional, but i'm also a woman who riDes a bike. i want to be noticeD."

stephanie jones

"Normally, I'll just wear black, but Harley's color selection is fantastic," says Stephanie Jones, a 46-year-old associate director of pre-college programs at Kettering University in Flint, Mich. She's been riding for nine years, ever since she and four friends decided they were tired of riding on the backs of their husbands' bikes. "Anything leather I love," she says. "I have a shirt with fringes. And as a woman, you still want to look feminine on the bike, so the shaping and styling help show that off." Stephanie learned to ride with the encouragement and guidance of her church pastor and riding mentor, and recently bought her latest bike, a 2006 Softail® Deluxe motorcycle. She participates in a 15-member motorcycle ministry through her church, riding on Sundays to visit the sick. Her example has inspired her brother, sister and brother-in-law to ride, and her 20-year-old son, too. It's all part of how riding makes her feel. "You want to be someone else," she says. "I work in an office, so I have to dress up every day, and for church I dress up. So when I get on my bike, I like to be comfortable and casual, but also make a statement. Yes, I'm a professional, but I'm also a woman who rides a bike. I want to be noticed."

"when i sit on that bike anD i look in its mirror, i see me at 20. i feel like i've steppeD back in time insiDe myself , anD that really wilD siDe of me is able to come out."

kathie hiatt

"you oughta try it" like kathie and stephanie, lisa wright speaks boldly because she knows she can back it up. She's friendly and approachable. But there's an edge to her, a craving for energy and laughter, and it's fueled in part by the rider lifestyle. As a rider and a mother, Lisa loves it when her 9-year-old daughter sings from a perch on the back of Lisa's 2007 Fat Boy® motorcycle. When she pleads with her mom to let her wear her little leather chaps to school, Lisa compromises by allowing her the leather jacket, the one with all the patches. At 43, the Fort Wayne, Ind., resident knows she's raising the next generation of riders. But she pauses when she considers her 14-year-old son Devin. She hopes her riding will teach him just what a strong woman is, "how she isn't necessarily going to ride behind you, but be your equal and be your partner." "Everywhere I go," Lisa says, "when I'm all dressed up in leather, there are women who'll look at me with smiles on their faces, like, `Wow that's really cool.' Or say, `That looks like fun.' And I'll always say, `You know, you oughta try it.' " Kathie Hiatt would like to become a Rider's Edge® Instructor, so she can help as many people as possible experience the joy of motorcycling. In the meantime, she recalls a story from when she first purchased her bike. "My buddy said, `Oh, you can't get a motorcycle; the hot chicks ride in back.' I said, `Someone has to break ground for the hot chicks then.' "

stephanie jones

Burton, mich. Age 46 Occupation associate director of pre-college programs Started riding 1999 Current bike 2006 softail® deluxe When not riding stays active with her church Why she loves her Softail "two of my last three bikes were sportster® motorcycles, but my deluxe feels like it was built just for me."

lisa wright

fort wayne, ind. Age 43 Occupation permanent makeup artist Started riding 2007 Current bike 2007 fat Boy® When not riding roots for the indianapolis colts Music that inspires her to ride "songs that, if i were to close my eyes, i'd feel my heart move ahead of me like i do on my bike."

kathie hiatt

darien, ill. Age 48 Occupation personal trainer Started riding 2007 Current bike 2007 street glide® When not riding practices tae kwon do What inspired her to start riding "part of it was because everyone told me not to!"


Harley Apparel



Gear up Climate control, protection, versatility and fit -- from comfort and performance to uncompromised style and sizing, MotorClothes apparel has you covered. With our custom line of women's gear, the road isn't the only thing with curves.


performance motorclothes apparel is the irrefutable leader in performance riding gear designed specifically for women. made from the highest-quality materials, it's both durable and versatile.


take it on with tech

We've perfected the union between smarts and toughness. MotorClothes gear proves it:

1 eyewear our performance eyewear is designed with the latest in roadworthy technology. 2 jacket harley® understands the mystique of wearing leather. But our jackets work hard, too, and are designed for the rigors of the road. you'll find leather and nylon options for all climates. 3 helmet wearing a helmet that meets dot requirements is necessary in some states. our lineup of helmets made exclusively for women are both stylish and protective. 4 gloves gloves built for riding add comfort, protection and a firm grip.

5 pants our line includes protective leather chaps, performance fxrg® pants that zip to an accompanying jacket, and denim jeans for both comfort and style. 6 footwear harley-davidson® footwear features sturdy oil-resistant outsoles and goodyear ® welt construction. you won't want to ride in anything less.


> Miss Enthusiast 3-in-1 Jacket the ultimate in convertibility. with a removable hoodie, fixed poly-mesh lining and midweight leather jacket, you can mix and match to suit the scene.



> Cream City Leather Jacket and Chap where comfort and performance meet ultimate style and femininity. matched top-to-bottom for a complete leather look that'll stand out in a crowd.


never just a jacket our women's jackets fuse function and performance with style cues both traditional and cutting edge. looking good is great. But knowing you're ready for anything that comes your way is even better.


2. 3.

Body armor removable and adjustable lightweight armor provides impact resistance at shoulders, elbows and back in most jackets.

waterproofing most leathers are treated for water resistance and many styles of allweather outerwear feature waterproof, breathable nylon and sealed seams for ultra protection.

visit to view our latest motorclothes catalog page by page, or pick one up at your dealership.

> Switchback Jacket textile outer panels zip off to create a mesh jacket that'll cool you off. 6

> Detour Windproof Jacket high-density fleece withstands big breezes. wear it alone or as an extra layer.


> Jettison Jacket meet the very definition of versatility. waterproofing keeps you dry. front and back venting regulate temperature. and removable body armor provides extra protection.

reflective graphics piping and reflective details increase your visibility.

when kathie hiatt first purchased her Bike, "my Buddy said, `oh, you can't get a motorcycle; the hot chicks ride in Back.' i said, `someone has to Break ground for the hot chicks then.' "

30 stumped aBout a word or term? check the glossary on page 42.

versatility our gear combines leading-edge design with functional features. innovations like switchback technology make it easy to adapt your gear to meet the riding condition.

venting regulate your body temperature with all-over mesh jackets or strategically placed vents for maximum airflow.


Harley Apparel


helmets a woman's helmet is no longer just a sized-down version of a man's. with an interlocking liner, it's engineered for a custom fit. common sense touches like a pony-tail cut out and an anti-static liner reduce helmet hair. and all our helmets meet Dot requirements.


Q& a

a lifelong passion

If there is a story behind MotorClothes apparel, one person knows it well. Karen Davidson, general merchandise creative director and great-granddaughter of founder William A. Davidson, has been with the division since it started in 1989.




our lineup of helmets made exclusively for women come in a variety of styles to suit you best. choose from the skyline full face (a) or ¾ (B) helmets. or, for an added measure of flair, try the Bling skyline half helmet (c) which is emblazoned with a crystal Bar & shield.

Do you have an "every-woman-rider-hasto-have-it" motorclothes piece?

Protection built from experience our exclusive women's-only helmets and industry-leading performance eyewear prepare you for whatever the road sends your way. Because when it comes to being ready and feeling comfortable on the road, only first-rate will do.

d e

"I'd recommend a convertible multi-functional jacket for temperature and weather changes. They have venting options or zip-off panels for optimal cooling, and a warmth liner or removable hooded liner. For distance riding, the FXRG® line."

why are more women riding now than two decades ago?

"now is the time for women to Do anything they want!"

karen davidson, general merchandise creative director

"Now is the time for women to do anything they want! They have been avid enthusiasts and riders since the beginning. Throughout Harley's history, the company has recognized women's involvement in the sport. Starting in 1915, accessories were designed to keep women passengers comfortable. That year, the company introduced a rear skirt protector and dual-fabric lap blanket--with attached muff. In 1932, the Harley-Davidson accessories catalog cover featured many photos of women on motorcycles."

what about riding appeals to women? "The feeling of freedom,

experiences. The dealership holds the key to connections--from women sales managers to Rider's Edge® Instructors. Women riders tend to be good advocates for the sport."

what do you love most about the fXrg line? "The versatility of

the pieces and the fact they don't require extra rain gear. Nobody engineers gear for rider comfort like Harley-Davidson."

the success of motorclothes has proven the value of functional, intuitive design meeting fashion. what's in store for the line in the future? "More design and fit diversity. Just as this

adventure and empowerment."


your dad, willie g. Davidson, taught you to ride as a child. what was it like growing up in the Davidson family? "A never-

brand encourages freedom and individuality for all, MotorClothes will take the lead with design and fit diversity for the brand enthusiast."

what is one of your all-time favorite historic harley-Davidson motorcycle designs? "The 1977 XLCR Café Racer." what is your current favorite harley-Davidson motorcycle?

performance eyewear Designed exclusively for motorcycle riders to provide the best in comfort, protection and style. our lenses incorporate the latest technology to ensure the most accurate vision possible, regardless of road or weather conditions.

32 stumped aBout a word or term? check the glossary on page 42.

streamline eyewear (d) responds to riders' needs. a unique midframe keeps elements out, then removes to easily convert into sunglasses. day/night lenses change with light conditions in seconds and are also available in prescription lenses. performance eyewear comes in many other great styles, such as cycle diva (e) and silver Banner (f).

ending adventure as we lived through decades of major changes at the company. Among ourselves, we share a lot of ideas for making product and experiences better for the enthusiasts."

how important is a mentor for women who might be interested in getting involved in riding? "The camaraderie around this

"The Night Rod® Special-- but any of the V-Rod® motorcycles are outstanding performers with rebel attitude."

what do you do when you aren't riding? "Work a lot. There are

sport is far-reaching. Motorcycle clubs started forming in the early years. It doesn't take much networking to find many likeminded women who are interested in beginning motorcycle

too many great ideas that need to be done." 33


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