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Mortgage Application Documentation Checklist

Your signed Agreement of Sale Employment information for the past two years including most recent pay stub showing at least one month year to date income; and most recent two years W2s from all employers. (If you are relying on income from bonuses, commission, interest, dividends, pensions and social security, provide copies of most recent two years' federal tax returns). Bank or brokerage statements for past two months showing funds for down payment and closing costs. A list of all major assets including bank, brokerage, 401k, IRA accounts, including account numbers and balances. Loans Outstanding ­ Name and address of lender, account number, monthly payment and balance for all installment loans, revolving charge accounts, student loans, car loans and mortgages. Gift Fund information ­ gifts from family members are usually an acceptable source of funds. Ask us for details. Social Security Number and Photo ID or driver's license. Copy of Deed or legal description of property ­ this may be obtained from your Realtor. Loans recently paid in full ­ evidence of payoff. Listing Agreement or Agreement of Sale for property you are selling. Your check book for payment of the Appraisal Fee and Rate Lock Fee, where applicable. If you choose to include income from child support or alimony, bring copies of court records or cancelled checks showing receipt of payment.

Self-Employed Borrowers (25% or more interest in company) A copy of your federal tax returns for the past two years, including corporate and partnership returns where applicable. A year to date income/expense summary.

Rental Property Ownership A list of other real estate currently owned with income and expense information including the mortgage holder and account number. Copies of leases and federal tax returns (including Schedule E).

Construction Loans Your plans and specifications Your contract with your builder A plot plan and legal description of the lot (if already owned)

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