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Bruce Whatley with Ben Smith Whatley

These crazy creatures are not your normal zoo animals! Zebo and her friends, Hyde and TC, live in Junk Jungle, which is a scrappy kind of place that is filled with things that look like, other things! Zebo likes her friends very much, but she longs for another friend - one who isn't as big as her best friend Hyde and one who isn't as small as her other best friend TC. One who is just right. But where can Zebo find such a new friend? Making new friends can sometimes be hard to do - unless you live in Junk Jungle, which is filled with things that can be turned into other useful things - like a new friend! Award-winning illustrator Bruce Whatley has created a wonderful picture book that celebrates the joy of friendship and the imaginative fun of recycled art. Age 3 - 8


KEY POINTS: · Fresh and intricate computer-generated artwork ·A delightful celebration of the joy of friendship · Bruce is the illustrator of several bestselling Jackie French picture books including Diary of a Wombat · Timely recycling theme that will fit in with preschool and primary school curricula

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bruce Whatley is one of Australia's best-loved and most-respected author/illustrators. His books consistently appear on CBCA awards lists, and he has illustrated over twenty books. His collaboration with Jackie French has proved extremely popular. This is the first project he has illustrated with his son Ben.

ZOOBOTS March 2010 9780732284824 234 x 259mm HB 32pp World Rights Age 3-8


Margaret Mahy, illustrated by David Elliott

Collected for the first time, a selection of the magical poetry of Margaret Mahy, stunningly illustrated Winner of an impressive range of prizes and literary accolades for her intricate novels and hilariously original picture books, Margaret Mahy's scintillating verse and perfect poems are too often overlooked. Collected together for this first time in a ground-breaking anthology, a selection of the best has been made by Tessa Duder, and each has been lovingly illustrated by leading children's illustrator, David Elliott. Funny, poignant, stirring, sometimes sad and always word perfect, Margaret's poems will cast their spell for generations to come. Many of her longer spoken pieces, familiar to generations of schoolchildren, are included - Down the Back of the Chair, Bubble Trouble - and more recent rhyming works, such as Dashing Dog THE WORD WITCH June 2009 9781869507077 275 mm x 215 mm (portrait) HB 168pp, Full colour throughout World Rights A wonderful, wacky, winsome wedge of words from the heroine of those who love the magic of reading, and have been fortunate enough to grow up under her spell.


KEY POINTS: ·With a foreword by celebrated children's author Tessa Duder · A landmark book celebrating the extraordinary poetry of leading children's writer, and celebrated Word Witch, Margaret Mahy. ·This beautiful book is a must for every school, every library and everyone who loves poetry, life and laughter. ABOUT THE AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: Margaret Mahy lives in Lyttleton, NZ, and is a renowned word witch who has been enchanting children for over forty years with her novels, stories and poems. This is the first collection of her own poetry, edited by Tessa Duder. David Elliott is an award-winning illustrator who lives in Dunedin. Over the last ten years, David has illustrated a wide range of children's books, including poetry, short stories, novels and picture books, including 5 books in the Redwall series, for New Zealand and US publishers


Moya Simons

An old evil seen through young eyes -- Rachel's moving story Rachel is German and Jewish. She lives in Leipzig just before the outbreak of World War II with her doctor father, mother and older sister Annie. Life is comfortable, revolving around Sabbath meals shared with uncles, aunts and cousins. When the Nazis arrive, the family is `relocated' elsewhere in the city, and then taken away to a labour camp. Rachel's father saves her by making her hide in a kitchen cupboard, forbidding her to speak. The damage is done. Rachel remains mute -- for years -- as a result. Rachel is discovered by a neighbour, Gertrude, who conceals her in her own home until Rachel is taken into care by the Red Cross and sent to an orphanage in England. But where is Rachel's family? From the author of Hello God, a beautifully written and moving story that looks at one of the most horrifying episodes in our world's history through the eyes of a young girl. Moya Simons has been writing for children for over ten years and has published twenty-five books. She has been shortlisted in the Young Australian Best Book Awards twice and has been published in the USA, UK, Germany, France and Malaysia


BACKLIST TITLE: Hello God Sometimes in life there are just no answers to the questions we ask... Kate is twelve years old, and chats to God about everything - her parents and their new baby, her friends, getting used to her new glasses, even about the ants who drown in the puddles in her driveway. If God exists, why doesn't he teach ants to swim? Kate also talks to God about Stephanie, the new girl in her class. Stephanie isn't the sort of girl Kate is usually friends with; she's too `nerdy' for a start. And she looks weird, too. But getting to know Steph proves to be unexpectedly interesting for Kate, making her look at friendship in a new way. Things get serious when Steph becomes ill. Steph's a good person, so why isn't she getting better? But just when Kate's ready to give up on God, she finds the answers to her questions in an unexpected place. `Good food for thought on philosophical issues ­ as well as an entertaining read' Australian Bookseller and Publisher `Although profound in content, the story is told with a light touch' Magpies # 22 Hello God July 2007 9780732285340 180 x 128mm 144pp b&w illustrations Rights: World Rights sold: Korean (Kookminbooks), Japanese (Kumon) Ages: 8+

Not final cover

LET ME WHISPER YOU MY STORY February 2010 9780732288587 180 x 128mm PB 160pp Rights: World Ages: 8+


Susan Brocker

A boy and a dog in danger ­ can they both be saved? Ben's mother is dead, his father in jail, and his older brother is heading off the rails at a million kilometres an hour. The social worker is fast running out of options, when the boys' aunt and uncle reluctantly agree to take them in. Just as well: they were the last on her list. Ben's uncle has bought a guard dog from a man at the pub, but she's useless - afraid of loud voices and frightened of her own shadow - and he's decided to have her put down. Ben and the unwanted dog recognize each other for what they are - damaged goods - and find some comfort and companionship together, which slowly grows into love and trust. That love will be needed when Ben's brother gets into seriously bad trouble, and Ben's trust in his dog is put to the ultimate test. Age 12+ KEY POINTS: · Ideal for boy and girl readers · Addresses `real-life' issues facing many young adults, such as trust, family problems and love.


BACKLIST TITLE: Restless Sprit A moving and exciting adventure story, set against the sweeping landscape of the North Island's volcanic plateau and Desert Road. Restless Spirit tells the story of a wild white Kaimanawa stallion who cannot be tamed and the two young troubled teens who come to love him. KEY POINTS: ·In the tradition of Silver Brumby. ·Perfect for both boy and girl readers, and makes a great cross-over to the classroom Susan Brocker lives with her husband and foster daughters on a small farm near Tauranga. While she has written many books for children, these have been mainly for the American market.

SAVING SAM February 2009 9781869507435 198 x 128mm pb 192pp Rights: World

RESTLESS SPIRIT March 2007 9781869506230 180 x 128mm PB 172pp Rights: World Ages: 12-14


Des Hunt

Sitting on the dark earth and staring up at him was a skull, the lower jaw below ground so Matt didn't have to cope with the thing grinning up at him. The empty eye sockets were scary enough. Matt Logan isn't looking forward to spending the school holidays with his grandmother and her new husband. He has to fly to Rotorua, where he doesn't know anybody, and he's a bit wary of his new step-grandfather. All Matt knows is that he's Maori and a bus driver. Along with his worries, Matt packs his pride and joy - a homemade metal detector, because, you never know, he might find something interesting. What he finds is Juzza, who lives over the back fence and wants to join a local gang. When the boys unearth a handcuffed skeleton, a chain of events begins to coil around them. Together they are thrown into a deadly search for treasure when the local gang boss decides to exploit their find for himself.


KEY POINTS: ·Trademark Hunt excitement, natural history and good old fashioned adventure combine in a page turner that will have his young fans on the edge of their seats - again. ·A writer who just keeps on getting better with every book. ·Timely (and exciting!)topics Praise for The Moa Cave: `...a real page-turner avoiding obvious plotlines and neatly capturing modern-day "tween" sensibilities' NorthSouth Des Hunt specialises in action-packed adventures set in the natural landscapes of New Zealand. This is his seventh novel, two of which have been finalists in the NZ Post Children's Book Awards. Des lives on the Coromandel Peninsula in NZ.


CRY OF THE TANIWHA July 2009 9781869507312 198mm x 128mm PB 176pp Rights: World


Alexandra Adornetto


Nothing much ever happens in the sleepy coastal town of Tallow Beach. But with the unexpected arrival of the mysterious siblings Gabriel, Ivy and Bethany Church, and their enrolment in the local high school, everything changes. Where have these three adolescents come from? Where are their parents and why do they excel at everything without even trying? Like classical divinities come to life, they are unlike anything Tallow Beach has seen before. However, what the locals do not know is that there is an explanation for their secrecy and unearthly beauty: Gabriel, Ivy and Beth are angels on a mission to save a world on the brink of destruction. They have instructions: they must not form human attachments. They must work hard to conceal certain attributes like the luminous glow of their skin, their distinct scent of a garden in bloom, their superhuman powers and most of all, their wings. The mission is thrown into turmoil when Beth, the youngest and most inexperienced of them, breaks one of the golden rules. First, she is befriended by the effervescent Molly, who teaches her about the laws of attraction as well as how to do your own nail extensions. Then she meets Xavier Woods, the dashing boy with the winning smile. Beth is charmed by Xavier and soon allows herself to form an illicit bond with him, and shares her secret. Xavier is strong in both body and mind and try as she might, Beth cannot walk away from him. Gabriel and Ivy do everything in their power to intervene, but the attachment Xavier and Beth share proves too strong. With Xavier, Beth is able to experience things that she has never known before. She must Book 1 HALO MaRch 2010 face a frightening decision; will she defy the will of Heaven and give herself to him fully? Book 2 HADES September 2010 Things come to a head when the angels realize that they are not they only supernatural power at work at Book 3 HEAVEN June 2011 Tallow Beach High. There is someone else who spells nothing but trouble. Jack Thorn is dark, brooding and PB approx 352 pp (100,00 words) totally without scruples. He preys on the weaknesses of fellow students and uses them as pawns in his game. Jack is intent on subverting the angels' mission and will stop at nothing in order to achieve his goal. It is not long before he goes after Beth as the easiest and most vulnerable target. Her demise will send the A brand new young adult trilogy in angels back to Heaven and allow the dark forces to reign free. the tradition of Stephenie Meyer, from Ivy, Gabriel and Xavier must now join together to save the life of the girl they all love. They must use their the acclaimed author of The Shadow powers of good against the overpowering forces of darkness. Will they succeed and will Beth survive the Thief battle?


Alexandra Adornetto

The children's publishing sensation of the year! `Fans of Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events will delight in a new ...series that offers a similar blend of adventure, fantasy and humour.' Magpies #22 `Clearly [Adornetto] is already an Australian literary phenomenon . . . to read The Shadow Thief is to be thrust into a fast-moving plot full of menace and thrills, amply seeded with a magnificently precocious vocabulary.' The Courier-Mail `. . . an impressive debut . . . a wonderful fantasy story, full of adventure and scary, dark shadows.' The Australian Women's Weekly `. . . a fantastic achievement . . .' The Sunday Age `. . . a comic fantasy full of magic.' The Sydney Morning Herald `You will be hooked by Alex's sparkling dialogue and witty perceptive insights . . .' The Toowoomba Chronicle `The Shadow Thief is a humorous fantasy, with twists and turns and a wonderful cast of characters. From the opening page, where the narrator declares that the reader will need to come up with the opening sentence for him/her self, the reader is taken on an adventure filled with surprises.'


KEY POINTS: ·In the bestselling tradition of Christopher Paolini, Sonya Hartnett and Flavia Bujor, the first fantastical trilogy from a talented Melbourne student. ·An engaging series full of bizarre characters, unpredictable twists and humour aimed at middle readers. ·Received an `honourable mention' in the 2007 Aurealis Awards Alexandra Adornetto wrote The Shadow Thief when she was just thirteen years old. Now seventeen, Alexandra has won various awards for her writing and in 2006 won the State Legacy Public Speaking competition. Her future aspirations are to work full time writing novels and screenplays, while also pursuing a career as an actor. She is currently working on the Halo trilogy, due early 2010 THE SHADOW THIEF 9780732286187 HB July 2007/PB Aug 2008 THE LAMPO CIRCUS 9780732286194 HB March 2008/ PB May 2009 VON GOBSTOPPER'S ARCADE 9780732286637 HB Jan 2009 / PB Nov 2009 185 x 130 mm NSH Approx. 45,000 words each Rights: World Rights Sold: Spain (Espasa Calpe)


Janine Fraser, illustrated by Elise Hurst

After eight years, the long-awaited return of Janine Fraser's beautiful Sarindi and his loving family Sarindi and the Lucky Bird introduced a little boy and his family, and their life together in Indonesia. Sarindi is certain he will never be unlucky again when he wins the lucky marble from Jaya. But luck is more mischievous than a monkey. When Sarindi's mother becomes sick, Sarindi thinks that all the bad luck in the world has come to visit. He thinks there must be something he can do to help her get better. This time, the song of the Lucky Bird won't work, so he visits all the sacred places he knows. At each, Sarindi prays for the good health of his mother, because who knows which prayer will succeed?


KEY POINTS: · Thoughtful and sensitive look through the eyes of a different culture · Beautiful black and white illustrations give the stories an extra special dimension ·Previous title, Sarindi and the Lucky Bird, was shortlisted for the Children's Book Council Book of the Year Awards, 2002 and highly commended for Younger Readers in the Australian Family Therapists' Award for Children's Literature 2002 ABOUT THE AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: Janine Fraser's Sarindi and the Lucky Bird was shortlisted in the NSW Premier's Awards and the CBCA Awards in 2002. She has also published Abdullah's Butterfly, which was translated into several languages. Janine lives in Riddell's Creek. Elise Hurst has illustrated over 50 children's books, as well as working as a traditional artist. She lives in Melbourne.

Also available: ABDULLAH'S BUTTERFLY (illus by Kim Gamble) SARINDI AND THE LUCKY BUDDHA September 2009 9780732287757 198 x 128mm PB 160pp, B&W line drawings World Rights Age 7 - 10 SARINDI AND THE LUCKY BIRD (illus by Kim Gamble) 9780207199141 - new edition due September 2009 Coming in September 2010: SARINDI AND THE EARTHQUAKE (illus by Elise Hurst) 9780732287764

Not final cover Cover of previous edition


David Hair

Where do you run when the terror comes from another time and place? What do you do when you meet a tohunga makutu? You run. When reality dissolves and myths and legends come alive? You run faster. And when the dead come to life and blood debts have to be paid, will you have the courage to do what must be done? Mat Douglas has a bone tiki he stole from a tangi. His father's important new client wants it. Badly. And he has some very nasty friends. When Mat is forced to flee for his life, an unexpected meeting with a girl called Pania sets his world spinning. Suddenly he's running through the bush with a girl-clown, a dog who is way too human, and a long-dead warrior. Fearful creatures from legend are rising up around him, and Mat faces a terrifying ordeal. And there is nowhere left to hide . . . not even in another world. THE BONE TIKI April 2009 9781869507343 198 x 128mm PB 336pp World Rights


KEY POINTS: ·A breathtaking supernatur aladventure set in two worlds, from exciting new author David Hair. ·Fresh setting and strong characterisation

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Hair, who is from Wellington, New Zealand, is currently living in India. The Bone Tiki is his first novel.


Ken Catran

A sweeping epic fantasy adventure from a master of the genre Against the forces of evil and night, who will stand true? Slave-born, fated to seek a terrible truth from lost centuries, her only allies are a thief, a giant and an ancient prophecy. Together, they must seek answers to shrouded mysteries and resolve the fate of their world . . . but first they must survive a haunted landscape of monsters and ruthless lords. Unknown to her companions, the girl has another battle, uniquely her own. Before she can face the ungodly creatures who threaten humanity with a new age of darkness and evil incarnate, she must first defeat the darkness within herself. She is Nina of the Dark, thrust unwilling into a legacy of nightmare and violence. In a world balanced perilously on the edge of an abyss, she is the last hope . . . and she is afraid. NINA OF THE DARK May 2009 9781869506650 210 x 135mm PB 304pp World Rights


KEY POINTS: · Classic fantasy adventure for YA readers ·Strong female lead character ­ but enough action to suit all kinds of readers · Suspense and adventure!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ken Catran has been an established professional writer for some thirty years. His career began with television, including such series as Under the Mountain, Hanlon and Shortland Street. About fourteen years ago, he left television for young adult fiction, and has subsequently written some forty-six books. His subjects include history, war fiction, contemporary thrillers and science fiction and he is published internationally. Ken has won nine writing awards and is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Margaret Mahy Award for services to children's literature.


Ruth Park

A timely re-issue of two favourite novels from classic storyteller Ruth Park, in one volume. Callie's Castle introduces Callie Cameron. Nothing seems to be going right for ten-year-old Callie. She has fought with her best friend Frances for no reason at all; her younger sister and brothers have become fiends who constantly taunt her; and her oncebeloved teacher is suddenlyan old stickybeak. She's desperate for a space to call her own. Even the promised new house is proving to be a letdown, until her beloved grandfather helps her find a solution... And soon, Callie simply has to agree with Frances when she says, `You're the luckiest!' `A little gem... tightly written, it is a perceptive and understanding statement of the problem of being the oldest in the family' Sydney Morning Herald


KEY POINTS: · Callie's Castle was highly commended and Callie's Family was shortlisted for the CBCA Awards in 1975 ·Written with the warmth and liveliness that have made Ruth Park's books known and loved the world over

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ruth Park's award-winning novel, The Harp in the South, was followed by over 50 books for adults and children, including The Muddleheaded Wombat. She won the Miles Franklin award for Swords, Crowns and Rings in 1977.

CALLIE August 2009 9780732289218 198 x 128mm PB 212pp World Rights

In Callie's Family, we return to the Cameron household, with new dilemmas arising as the kids grow up. Callie hates the thought of having to give up her `castle' to her brother Dan, now that she's getting older. And there's an adventure in store - a trip to Denmark to meet their cousin Marius - but only one ticket. So which of them will go: Callie or Dan?


Duncan Ball, illustrated by Kerry Millard

Preposterous poems for kids of all ages My sister has a big black beard My brother needs a bra ... So begins one of the poems in this collection of quirky, delicious and outrageously funny poems for kids by Duncan Ball, author of the Selby books. Sisters with beards, exploding bullies, a nightmare driving test, a girl whisked away by aliens, and poor old Uncle Norm who `got sucked up in a lightning storm', these poems and many more in this book will have the kids reading and reciting with glee. Ages 8+


KEY POINTS: ·Quirky and crazy rhymes for readers 8+, from an experienced author ·Simple but hilarious illustrations ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Duncan Ball is one of Australia's most popular authors for children. His books about Emily Eyefinger, the girl who was born with an eye on the end of her finger, are among his best-loved works, which also include the Selby series. Duncan lives in Glebe, NSW, with his wife, Jill, and their adorable but incomprehensible cat, Jasper.

MY SISTER HAS A BIG BLACK BEARD June 2009 9780207200892 172pp, 198 x 128 mm B&W line illlustrations World Rights Age 8+

For information contact: Annabel Blay, Rights & Co-editions Manager Tel 61 2 9952 5475 Fax 61 2 9952 5444 Email [email protected]


Michael Panckridge & Pam Harvey FICTION 10-13 YEARS

KEY POINTS: ·An exciting adventure series perfect for reluctant boy readers ­ but also featuring feisty female characters. ·The final instalment in this action-packed adventure and mystery series of six books ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Pam Harvey lives in Central Victoria and works primarily as a physiotherapist. Pam teaches Writing for Children at Bendigo TAFE and is passionate about children's literature. Michael Panckridge has published over 20 books, including the bestselling Toby Jones cricket series The unexplained brings new adventure to a small town and its resourceful kids Fire is threatening Teasdale! One autumn night, when most people in the small town of Teasdale are sleeping, the sky fills with strange blue flashing lights. Is it just a meteor shower? The town is buzzing with questions, and Ed, Angus, Hannah, Gabby, Ling and Sean set out to find the answers. Why do those two unfriendly scientists have `UFOSITE' written on their caravan? Was Byron Watts - the local unofficial UFO expert really abducted by aliens, as he claims? Then Sean discovers a mysterious canister on the old rifle range ... Is this what the UFOSITE people are looking for? And why is Gabby so moody and unhappy? What on earth is going on? Ages 9 ­ 13

OUT OF THE BLUE April 2009 9780207200601 198x128mm PB 192pp Rights: World


by Jackie French

Werewolves, wacky creatures and lots of crazy humour ­ sounds like another hilarious series from Jackie French!! Boojum Bark is a werewolf - and a hero. He doesn't really want to be a hero, but it's in the family. Now he has to go to Hero School to learn the Right Way to achieve hero status. Werewolves are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to heroes - especially when they lift their legs on the doorpost and do outrageous things on stage in the middle of school assembly. But something strange is happening at the School for Heroes. Could the school be under attack? If so, by whom? And who will protect it? Can Boojum sniff out the perpetrators? Join the funniest assortment of strange (but heroic!) characters ever to attend one school as they try to find out what being a hero really means. LESSONS FOR A WEREWOLF WARRIOR July 2009 9780207200762 198 x 128mm, 384pp B&W line illustrations World Rights Ages 7 - 10


KEY POINTS: · A hilarious new book from Jackie French that will appeal to Terry Pratchett fans and all those who love the ludicrous. · Excellent for reluctant boy readers. · Black and white illustrations throughout by talented newcomer Andrea Potter ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jackie French is a full-time writer who lives in the Araluen Valley in New South Wales. Her book Hitler's Daughter won the Children's Book Council's Younger Reader Award in 2000 and her bestselling Diary of a Wombat, illustrated by Bruce Whatley, won the Australian Booksellers' Association/Nielsen BookData Book of the Year Award. She has won numerous other awards for her books, both in Australia and overseas, and they have been translated into over twenty-one languages.


Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

A week can be a long time when you have two babies on the loose! The star of the international bestseller Diary of a Wombat is back - with a new mouth to feed! Cuter, stroppier and even more determined than her mother ... meet Mothball's baby. Like any growing family, this baby wombat and her mum are finding it hard to fit into their home. When setting out to dig a new, bigger hole with room for them both, Shaggy Gully's newest resident gets some help from a friend, causes more mayhem than Mothball ever did, and sorts things out in hilarious style. A charming new picture book from the team who created the bestselling Diary of a Wombat and Josephine Wants to Dance.


KEY POINTS: · This surprise sequel to Diary of a Wombat is destined to become an instant bestseller · Retains all the charm, humour and fantastic illustrations that made the first book a bestseller ·Diary of a Wombat has been published internationally in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Korea, Japan, China (simplified characters) ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Jackie French is a full-time writer, who lives in the Araluen Valley, near Canberra. Her book, Hitler's Daughter, was awarded the CBC Younger Readers' Award in 2000 and the WOW! Award in the UK in 2001. Two of her books, Macbeth and Son, and Josephine Wants to Dance, were made CBC Notable Books. Bruce Whatley is one of Australia's best loved and most respected author/illustrators. He has illustrated over twenty books, and his collaboration with Jackie French has proved extremely popular.

BABY WOMBAT October 2009 9780732286941 203x235mm 32pp HB Rights: World Ages 3­7


Diary of a Wombat: Here, in the words of one unusually articulate wombat, is the tongue-in-cheek account of a busy week; eating, sleeping, digging holes . . . and training its new neighbors, a family of humans, to produce treats on demand. This entertaining book, with its brief, humorous text and hilarious illustrations, will endear the wombat to young children, who may recognize in this determined furry creature some qualities that they share. Also available in a board edition Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip (PB edition titled Emily's Christmas Smile) It's Christmas Day in Shaggy Gully. The kangaroos are feeling bouncy, the echidnas are being prickly, the emus are feeling peckish and the possums are just hanging around. Only the Bunyip is gloomy. Can Emily Emu and her friends possibly make the Bunyip smile this Christmas? Josephine Wants To Dance: Josephine is a kangaroo ­ who loves to dance. Her little brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don't dance, they hop, but Josephine continues to point her toes and leap through the air. A very funny picture book that looks at the importance of believing in yourself and realising your dreams. Board edition due September 2009


PRAISE FOR DIARY OF A WOMBAT: `Hilarious yet realistic...a sublime balance' School Library Journal `Whatley's acrylic vignettes...provide the perfect counterpoint to French's deadpan narration ... Readers ... will laugh out loud at the wombat's antics.' Kirkus Reviews RIGHTS SOLD: Diary of a Wombat: US (Houghton Mifflin), Canada, UK (HarperCollins), Italy (Salani Editore), Germany (Gerstenberg Buchverlag), France (Albin Michel Jeunesse), Korea (Better Books), Japanese (Hyoronsha), Chinese (simplified) (King In Culture) Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip: UK (HarperCollins) Josephine Wants to Dance: North America (Abrams); UK (HarperCollins); Korea (Bookhouse) Pete the Sheep: US (Houghton Mifflin), UK, Canada (HarperCollins), Indonesian (PT Bhuana Ilmu Populer)

Pete the Sheep: Sean is a shearer and instead of a sheepdog to help him, he's got a sheep sheep ­ Pete. Jackie and Bruce have created the perfect combination of words and illustrations in this irreverent look at the world of sheep shearing. Also available in a board edition

WOMBAT, EMILY, JOSEPHINE, PETE: 220 x 160 mm 32pp HB/PB Rights: World DIARY OF A WOMBAT board book PETE THE SHEEP board book JOSEPHINE board book (September 2009) 220 x 159 mm, board, 32pp Rights: World


Jackie French

A tale of dreams, gold and rebellion ... and a teenager who learns just what can be achieved when you stand united It's 1854, and the Australian goldfields are a place of dreams and rebellion as Sam, a homeless teenager, is called back to the past to join the Puddlehams, who run `the best little cook shop on the diggings'. The Puddlehams dream of buying a hotel with velvet seats, while others dream of freedom from the British crown, away from the rule of wealthy landowners and corrupt officials. Once again Jackie French takes a fresh look at the history we thought we knew and recreates an event entrenched in history. Age 10-14 years


KEY POINTS: ·Emotional story about a modern day homeless girl that goes back in time ·These page-turning stories are set against accurate historical backdrops and feature child characters young readers can relate to ·Both fascinating and historically informative. ·Widely respected, award-winning author. Notes, information and maps to add value in the back ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jackie French is a full-time writer who lives in Braidwood in the Araluen Valley, via Canberra, NSW. Her book HITLER'S DAUGHTER was awarded the CBC Younger Readers' Award in 2000 and the WOW! Award in the UK in 2001. Most recently, her book PHARAOH was shortlisted for the CBC Awards in 2008.

THE NIGHT THEY STORMED EUREKA August 2009 9780732285418 198 x 128mm 160pp World Rights

BACKLIST RIGHTS SOLD: THEY CAME ON VIKING SHIPS: UK (HarperCollins), USA (HarperCollins) (published as Rover and Slave Girl), Canada (HarperCollins), Sweden (Wahlstroms), Hungary (Orlandó Studió Kft), Germany (Arena) HITLER'S DAUGHTER: UK (HarperCollins), US (HarperCollins), Sweden (Bonnier Carlsen), Denmark (Forlaget Carlsen), Japan (Suzuki), France (Editions Flammarion), Norway (Cappelens Forlag), Greece (Patakis), Thailand (Good Morning Publishing); Korean (BookBank); Czech (Mlada Fronta) PHARAOH: Germany (Arena)

For information contact: Annabel Blay, Rights & Co-editions Manager Tel 61 2 9952 5475 Fax 61 2 9952 5444 Email [email protected]


Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley


Praise for The Dog Who Loved a Queen: `In Jackie French's inimitable style this is a very readable account of the last years of one of the most romantic figures in English history... I applaud the skill with which Jackie evokes the time.' Magpies

Each book in the Animal Stars series is a factual narrative about a real animal associated with an important person in history. The Dog Who Loved a Queen: To the world outside her luxurious prison, Mary Queen of Scots was either a shameless beauty who killed her husband, or the rightful queen of England and Scotland, tragically held captive by Elizabeth the First. But to the dog who loved her, Mary was simply his mistress, and the centre of his world. Based on the true story of the dog who was with Mary when she died, The Dog Who Loved a Queen is a fascinating tale of religious bigotry and terrorism, plots and passion, and the unquestioning loyalty of a small Scottish terrier. The Goat that Sailed the World: Captain Cook's goat had already sailed around the world before it went on its first voyage with Cook, and helped save everyone on board the ship from scurvy. As well as telling the story of this less-than-famous goat, the book looks at the great sea explorations of the eighteenth century, including Cook's voyage to Australia. The Camel Who Crossed Australia The humans called him Bell Sing. But to the other camels he is known as He Who Spits Further than the Wind. Transported from his beloved Afghan plains and mountains to Australia, Bell Sing is forced to join the baggage train for famous nineteenth-century explorers Burke and Wills as they embark on an expedition to cross the continent from south to north for the first time. The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded (April 2009) Based on the famous story of Simpson and his Donkey - the remarkable life of the man and the donkey who become a legend at Gallipoli, even among the Turkish forces.

KEY POINTS: · A new series from a popular and award-winning author. · The books in this series will educate while entertaining the young reader. ·Ages 9 ­ 13 198 x128mm 144pp Rights: World


Robyn Johnson

A stunning adventure with the tree folk of Faylinn Wood, from the creator of The Enchanted Dollhouse Packed with delightful details, like real letters that can be removed from envelopes, that readers will go back to time and time again, this brand new title from bestselling author and creator Robyn Johnson will become an instant classic. The artwork is painstakingly created collage-style ­ with beads, sequins, stunning papers, pressed flowers, feathers etc, and then photographed.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After graduating from college with a degree in graphic design, Robyn Johnson pursued a career in advertising, working as an art director on major fashion accounts. Robyn is the author, illustrator and creator of the grouNdbreaking books The Enchanted Dolls' House, The Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding and The Enchanted Dolls' House Theatre which have been sold in Australia, the US, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, South Africa and Taiwan. KEY POINTS: ·With their flaps, pop-ups and spectacular paper engineering and artwork, these books are for young children ­ as well as their parents and grandparents. · Fascinating and richly detailed

June 2011 308 x 260mm HB 36pp TBC Rights: World


V.M. Jones & Scott Tulloch


A captivating new picture book from the creators of Echo and Hush In Echo and Hush, award-winning junior fiction novelist VM Jones and illustrator Scott Tulloch created an iconic children's picture book, about Echo the nervous huntaway sheep dog, and her friend Hush, who live and work in the stunningly beautiful high country of New Zealand's South Island. That story ended with the birth of Hush's five puppies - and continues in this tale of the naughtiest puppy, who was so naughty there was no name fit to describe him. HIs adventures and misdeeds will endear him to younger readers as he manages to outdo all the other puppies in sheer naughtiness. But when a sudden storm places the life of a newborn lamb and its mother in danger, the naughtiest puppy finally finds his rightful name. ·A compelling and delightful story that will enchant children and adults alike ·Jones' and Tulloch are the Kiwi equivalent of Jackie French and Bruce Whatley ·Scott Tulloch's books about Willy and his family, Willy's Dad, Willy's Mum and Willy's Grandpa have been very successful in ANZ and will soon be joined by Piggy Poggett, a tiny piglet with huge ears and a love of sweet corn, another magical character from Scott Tulloch, set to capture hearts of animal lovers everywhere. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Award-winning author V M Jones combines her magic touch with words in a creative partnership with Scott Tulloch, whose superb illustrations evoke the stunning beauty of the New Zealand high country

THE NAUGHTIEST PUPPY July 2009 9781869506919 210 x 278mm pb 32pp Rights: World


Dorothy Wall

In a fresh, newly designed edition, Australia's favourite koala returns to delight old and new readers alike. Blinky Bill, the mischievous little koala, has been a favourite with children since his first appearance in 1933. His shenanigans at Miss Pym's shop and in Farmer Smifkins's vegie patch quickly earned him a devoted following. Blinky Bill Grows Up and Blinky Bill and Nutsy followed in 1935 and 1938, and the three stories were first combined in an omnibus edition in 1939. As with Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and The Magic Pudding, the original illustrations have been re-scanned, creating a stunning version of this well-loved classic. Ages 8+


KEY POINTS: ·A brand new edition of this beloved children's classic. ·The original illustrations have been rescanned to look as glorious as when it was first published. ·Stylish four-colour hardcover package in new square format that will appeal to both children and contemporary parents. ·An essential book for every child's bookshelf ABOUT THE AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: Dorothy Wall (1894-1942) wrote and illustrated 13 books, six about Blinky Bill. She also drew a comic strip and designed novelty toys featuring the little koala. She illustrated five books by other writers and provided hundreds of drawings for newspapers and magazines, especially for children.

BLINKY BILL October 2009 9780732284343 240 x 220mm HB 208pp Full colour throughout World Rights Age 8+

Also available: ·The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie ·The Magic Pudding


Dianne Haworth


Dianne Haworth is an awardwinning journalist and author of adult sporting books and biographies, and is a leading local biographer. An experienced editor and journalist, she edits Animal Voice for the SPCA, and is a devoted animal lover. Paddy the Wanderer was her first work for children.

Can one girl and her pony save the wild horses? Through a fog of steam rising from the group of terrified wild horses huddled together, Becky saw her standing alone, a beautiful black Kaimanawa pony with four white socks and a distinctive white blaze running the length of her nose... When Becky chose her pony at the stockyards she had no idea how hard it was going to be. Hard to train a wild horse, hard to compete with the expensive mounts at the pony club, and hard to stand by silently when the wild herds were threatened. At stake would be the survival of New Zealand's famous wild horses ­ the Kaimanawa ­ who had lived free for more than a century. As Becky forged a bond of love and trust with the little pony she named Kaimanawa Princess, powerful interests began to unite in an effort to eliminate the wild herds. And when the time came, the young girl and her pony took their place in the struggle to save the wild horses. A remarkable novel based in the true events that bought the plight of the wild horses of the Kaimanawa to public attention. September 2008 9781869507046 180 x 128mm PB 174pp Rights: World BACKLIST TITLE: Paddy the Wanderer The true story of the dog who captured the heart of a city. A well researched and endearing non-fiction account of an amazing Airedale who captured public imagination during the Great Depression. Like Scotland's Greyfriar's Bobby, Paddy mourned the loss of his human, in his case a little mistress who died of pneumonia, but instead of haunting a graveyard, Paddy headed for the waterfront. There he became a favourite of the watersiders and seamen. And he certainly got around ­ taken on board ship and crossing the Tasman, travelling around coastal ports and even flying in a Gypsy. He was also rumoured to have made it to San Francisco and back. Formally adopted by the Harbour Board, his official title was Assistant Night Watchman responsible for Pirates, Smugglers and Rodents. On his death his funeral procession brought Wellington to a standstill. Not bad for a stray dog. May 2007 9781869506254 180 x 128mm 174pp Rights: World

PADDY THE WANDERER extended edition August 2008 9781869507121 170 x 170mm HB 240pp

OCTAVIUS O'MALLEY: THE MYSTERY OF THE CRIMINAL CATS Alan Sunderland, illustrated by Ben Redlich

Humphrey Bogart's got nothing on this rat! Inspector Octavius O'Malley is on the case. It started with some missing cobblestones and a bump on the head of one of Rodent City's young police rats. But this time it's not the mice who are to blame ... and even botching the investigation and losing his job can't stop Rodent City's finest detective (self-confessed) from pursuing the case. A rat has to pay the rent, so Ocko hangs out his shingle as a private investigator. His first client wants him to find her missing son, whose workplace has special significance for our doughnut-lovin' hero. Could there be a link between the two mysteries?! When Ocko's informant - a downand-out moggy named Mulligan - puts him on the unsavoury scent of a creepy cat cult, things get dicey indeed for Ocko, Spencer and Patrick.


PRAISE FOR OCTAVIUS: `Five out of five for me! It couldn't get any better than this!' The Age `All About Books' `a fast-paced mystery laced with humour and delightful illustrations' Good Reading `gripping, warm, thrilling and suspenseful' Reading Time `truly a fantastic book; you'll love it' Reader's Feast `You can just about smell the cigarette smoke, Bogie is that close. Fellow gumshoe, Octavius O'Malley, a rodent, owes a lot to him: his laconic narration and introspection, his cynicism, his mistrust of police hierarchy, his shambolic manner, his gut instinct...'Magpies KEY POINTS: ·Fun, fresh adventure stories for young readers · Whodunnits filled with humour and excitement - and a story about prejudice and intolerance, and how differences that seem enormous can turn out to be very small in the end. RIGHTS SOLD: Romanian (Editura Corint Jr)

BOOK 1: THE MYSTERY OF THE EXPLODING CHEESE: September 2006 BOOK 2: THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSINGThe villain of the piece might not look familiar at MOUSE: September 2007 first glance, but a diamond-hard mind like BOOK 3: THE MYSTERY OF THE Octavius O'Malley's knows that appearances CRIMINAL CATS: August 2008 can be deceiving and that sometimes only a rat can smell a rat ... 198 x 128 mm 192 pp, b/w line illustrations Ages 9 -13 Rights: World

Alan Sunderland is a Walkley award-winning television reporter.


Kathy Helidoniotis

Ash lands a riding scholarship at a new school - but has to deal with being the new kid, and homesickness too Ashleigh Miller has landed a riding scholarship to the prestigious Linley Heights School and she's on top of the world. What horse-mad kid wouldn't want to live, learn and ride at a school where the riding arena is the classroom, the teachers wear joddies and your horse can board with you? It's hard being the new kid, though, particularly when you're homesick. Is being totally horse mad enough to help Ash survive at Linley Heights? KEY POINTS: · The latest instalment in a wonderful series about horses, riding and friendship, perfect for girls aged 9 ­ 12. ·Horse series never lose their appeal ­ particularly with young girls, and Horse Mad has the perfect combination of friendship dramas and accurate stories about horses. ·Comparison Titles: Saddle Club and The Silver Brumby.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathy Helidoniotis has had many books for children published, and divides her time between reading, writing, teaching and riding.

HORSE MAD HEIGHTS Rights: World Ages 9 -12 198x128mm 200pp Rights sold: North America (Whitecap); Germany (DTV); Norway (CappelenDamm)

Totally Horse Mad, June 2006 Horse Mad Summer, Sept 2006 Horse Mad Academy, Nov 2006 Horse Mad Heroes, March 2007 Horse Mad Western, June 2008 Horse Mad Heights, Feb 2009


Nette Hilton

Sometimes an ordinary girl must go to extraordinary lengths to sort things out... Right now, Sprite Downberry's life is pretty tough. Her dad's busy and away a lot, and her mum, Sunny, is very moody and unpredictable, so Sprite feels she can't tell her about the nasty girls at school. And Sprite is also worried about her little brother, Mozz. He can't talk properly and he's supposed to be starting school soon. Now Dad's taken off, and Sunny's so unhappy she won't even get out of bed. Determined to fix things, Sprite grabs Mozz and sets out to find their father. In a night that never seems to end, Sprite faces decision after decision. Can she trust Luther, the runaway boy who rescues her and Mozz? And what should she tell the friendly policeman who knows so much about her? By the time Sprite is reunited with her dad, things look like they're getting out of control. Will she figure out how to get her family back together and handle the friendship problems at school? SPRITE DOWNBERRY September 2008 9780732285487 240pp, 198 x 128mm World Rights Age 12+ `Hilton handles so delicately the conundrums faced here, and in a non-judgemental manner. The setting is tremendous, the characters you care about and the story is told in uncluttered prose. A riveting tale that's hard to put down.' Independent Weekly


KEY POINTS: ·Award winning author ·Fresh package and contemporary, relevant themes ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nette Hilton is a well-known writer of children's literature, which range from early childhood stories to novels for older readers. She has won several awards for her books: The Web was named a Children's Book Council Honour Book in 1992, and the eternally popular picture book A Proper Little Lady was shortlisted for the CBC Awards in 1991. Living Next to Lulah was a CBCA Notable Book in 2007.

BACKLIST TITLE: Living Next To Lulah "This assured coming-ofage story compels the reader with suspense and intrigue" Weekend Bulletin 198x128mm 224pp Rights: World Ages 12+


Michele Cox

When Sammy Banks used her new Comet boots to kick her football into a bowl of custard, she thought she was doomed. Instead, she is given the chance of a lifetime - to try out for the best football club in town. But is she good enough? Will she be able to ignore the teasing? And will she ever be able to dribble the ball past her dog, Splodge? Sammy Joins the Shooting Stars and Way to Play, Sammy are the first two in a series of four books about Sammy, who discovers the fun of football when she joins a local team. The series follows her progress through the season ending with the national tournament, and explores themes and issues relevant to all young sports players dealing with winning and losing, bullies, belligerent sideline parents, learning to play as a team, coping with challenge and disappointment, learning how to lose gracefully and to play fair. SAMMY JOINS THE SHOOTING STARS 9781869507411 WAY TO PLAY, SAMMY 9781869507428 October 2008 198 x128mm PB 128pp 20,000 words approx World Rights Age 6-9 A while ago I said the future of football is feminine. Indeed, the future of football is millions of little girls like Sammy all around the world, bringing more joy, skill and passion to the game. I hope that you enjoy Sammy's journey into the football family and that she inspires you to take up you own path into the beautiful game. From the foreword by Joseph S. Blatter, FIFA President


KEY POINTS: ·Endorsed by FIFA and the English, German and Chilean Football Associations. ·Huge international appeal for girls and boys interested in football ·Author Michele Cox is incredibly well-connected, and will promote tirelessly internationally and through her contacts in each territory's football organisation ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Former New Zealand women's football representative (18 caps, 6 goals) and Player of the Year, Michele Cox is currently an Ambassador for the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup 2008 and a member of FIFA Standing Committees for Women's Football and Women's World Cup. In 1988 and 1999, Michele played in Germany for TSV Siegen, winning 2 DFB Cup finals and league titles. Among her many other achievements, she is an experienced professional manager and coach, and the author of 2 previous books. She's also completing a PhD part-time in the area of responsibility of football federations for children's physical activity.


Gary Crew, Illustrated by Gillian Warden

Told as a fable, this true story is a timely reminder of the fragility of our world. It was raining outside, so I said: 'Gramps, tell me a story.' This is a story about David and his father, a lighthouse-keeper, who came to an island to build a lighthouse. They chopped down the trees and ferns where the local birds sheltered, and changed forever the haven for these tiny flightless wrens. But worst of all, they brought their pregnant cat with them. The birds on the island had never seen a cat before ... nor could they survive her destructive offspring. CAT ON THE ISLAND September 2008 9780207200700 32pp, 236 x 256mm Full colour throughout World Rights Age 8+ The strikingly beautiful illustrations reinforce the tragedy of the obliteration of this tiny Eden, a timely metaphor for that other paradise known as Earth.


`This thoughtful and beautifully illustrated book reminds us that islands are among the most unique and precious of all habitats.' World Wildlife Fund ­ Australia `Highly recommended for both its intrinsic excellence and its potential application in studies of ecology and conservation' Magpies #31 `I'd give it seven stars if they'd let me!' Australian Bookseller and Publisher KEY POINTS: ·A stunning and topical picture book from awardwinning author Gary Crew, featuring avant garde artwork by a contemporary of Shaun Tan. ·For children 8+ or for parents to read aloud ·Endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund ABOUT THE AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: Gary Crew is the author of many books for children and young adults, including First Fight and The Watertower, both of which were named Children's Book Council of Australia Books of the Year for Children's Illustrated Books. Gillian Warden is an artist who has been widely exhibited to considerable acclaim. Her work is held in major collections, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia. This is her first picture book.



TAKING OFF by Janice Marriott Alana dreams of being a pilot, but she might be going blind like her father. It's nearly time to take another eye test and Alana knows the news won't be good. But when two strangers move into her neighbourhood, she's forced to think about more than her own problems. Tommy is obsessed with his absent father, and the idea of flying ­ but he's really struggling to cope with a dysfunctional mother and toying with the idea of suicide. When he's involved in an accident that almost kills her father's seeing-eye dog, Alana is furious. Then there's Amira, a political refugee struggling to learn English, who tests Alana's patience and understanding,. She's not sure she wants to take these two under her wing. But when Uncle Brad offers to fly Alana and her father to the dreaded appointment with the eye specialist, her life begins to change, like it or not. ·A sensitive and beautifully evoked young adult novel about coming to terms with growing up and an unclear future · A light-handed insight into the issue of growing up with a disability October 2007 9781869506377 198 x 128mm PB 208pp Rights: World THE SECRET OF SPIRITS BAY by Stephen Barker A gripping adventure story, entwining the past and the present in a unique look at New Zealand's fascinating history A young English boy, Tom, has come to settle in contemporary New Zealand with his English family. In the weeks before his mother and younger sister join them, he and his father are alone. Tom loves to run, and as he trains for an important race, he begins to see another boy, also running - but nobody else seems to see him. Is he a ghost? And what is he trying to tell Tom? In the sand dunes and coastal forest of Spirits Bay, Tom Bowman finds a link to another time, and another young English boy, also just arrived in New Zealand. As Tom and his father settle into his new home, he begins to realize that there are dangerous secrets in Spirits Bay. As the past begins to reveal itself, Tom and his new friend Ana must decipher its message before an ancient disaster strikes again. ·An adventure mystery across times, connected by a love of running and the land, and a long-lost secret. August 2008 9781869507251 198 x 128mm PB 224pp Rights: World



The Freewheelers: A contemporary series that combines adventure and mystery. An urban adventure series with huge appeal for both boy and girl readers, ages 10+. Here are all the elements that makes great children's literature: yummy food, kids getting into scrapes and solving problems, animals, an older mentor and outdoor pursuits. The author has successfully updated this mix, so that now instead of the children roaming the countryside they roam an urban landscape on their pushbikes. The characters are fabulous, and their friendships are real: friendly and not-so-friendly banter, jokes, teasing and genuine concern. TV rights for the first book in the series Unleashed have been bought by Rialto films eXtreme! July 2008 9780732285319 Launched! June 2007 9780207200731 Unleashed! May 2006 9780207200724 197 x 130mm PB 238pp approx Rights: World Age 10 - 14 The SO series: Beware: You might wet your pants laughing! Bottled babies, festy flatulance, jellyfish undies, footrot, death breath, goop soup and more....Not for those with a weak stomach, these six collections feature some of the funniest and most revolting stories and poems ever. If you've ever wondered what happens in a Fart Factory or what if feels like to be stuck in a fridge, now's your chance to find out. Foul, funny and wicked. So Gross! 9780207197338 So Sick! 9780207199974 So Grotty! 9780207200076 196 x 130mm PB 144pp approx Rights: World Ages: 9+ ABOUT THE AUTHOR: J.A. (Jeni) Mawter has an MA in Children's Literature and is a tutor at Macquarie University. She lives in Sydney with her family. So Feral! 9780207198373 So Festy! 9780207199196 So Stinky! 9780207200083


Italy Maria Stefania Fietta Agenzia Letteraria Internazionale Via Valpetrosa 1 20123 Milano, Italy T: +39 (0)2 861572 F: +39 (0)2 876222 E: [email protected] France Eliane Benisti Agence Eliane Benisti 80, rue des Saints-Pères 75007 Paris, France T: +33 (0)1 42228533 F: +33 (0)1 45441817 E: [email protected] Spain Alicia González Sterling Bookbank S.L. Agencia Literaria San Martin de Porres 14 28035 Madrid, Spain T: +34 91 3733539 F: +34 91 3165591 E: [email protected] Germany Cristina Bernardi (Children's) Michael Meller Agency Sandstrasse 33 80335 Munich, Germany T: +49 (0)89 366371 F: +49 (0)89 366372 E:[email protected] Greece Nike Davarinou Read `n' Right Agency 9 Amazonon St 34100 Chalkida, Greece T: + 30 2 221029798 E: [email protected] Czech Republic, Slovakia Ilene Strickler Kreshka Transnet Contracts Limited Schlossgasse 15/4 A-1050 Vienna, Austria T: +43 1 545 92 40 F: +43 1 545 92 40 E: [email protected] The Netherlands Linda Kohn International Literatuur Bureau BV Koninginneweg 2 - A 1217 KW Hilversum, The Netherlands T: +31 (0)35 6213500 F: +31 (0)35 215771 E: [email protected] Poland Magda Cabajewska Graal Literary Agency ul. Pruszkowska 29/252 02-119 Warszawa, Poland T: +48 (22) 895 2000 F: +48 (22) 895 2001 E: [email protected] Israel Ilana Kurshan The Deborah Harris Agency P.O. Box 8528 Jerusalem 91083, Israel T: +972 (0)2 5633237 F: +972 (0)2 5618711 E:[email protected] Romania Marina Adriana Simona Kessler InternationalCopyright Agency Str. Banul Antonache 37 011663 Bucharest 1 ROMANIA T:+4021 3164806 F: +4021 3164794 E: [email protected] Hungary Miklos Lekli Katai & Bolza Literary Agents Vamhaz krt 15 1093 Budapest, Hungary T: +36 1 456 0313 F: +36 1 215 4420 E: [email protected]

Scandinavia Ia Atterholm Ia Atterholm Agency PO Box 17615 SE-200 10 Malmö, Sweden T: +46 (0)40 305 883 E: [email protected] Bulgaria, Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Serbia,Croatia, Slovenia Nada Popovic Prava I Prevodi International Literary Agency Yu-Business Centre, Blvd. Mihaila Pupina 10B/I 5th Floor, Suite 4, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia T +381 11/ 3016141 & 3119880; F: +381 11/ 3119879 E: [email protected]

Enquiries about all other territories: Annabel Blay Rights & Co-editions Manager HarperCollins Publishers Australia PO Box 321, 25 Ryde Rd Pymble NSW 2073 Australia T: +612 9952 5475 M: + (0)418 426 403 F: +612 9952 5444 E: [email protected]


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