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HARRIET MEHLER EDUCATIONAL THERAPIST and LEARNING CONSULTANT 200 East 94th Street (Apt. - #623) New York, NY10128 Email: [email protected] Web: Tel.: (212) 348-2077 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Harriet Mehler, M.A. A.O.G.P.E. is an educational therapist and learning consultant

in private practice for over twenty-five years

Since 1983

Educational Therapist and Learning Consultant New York State Certified Educational Therapist by Academy of Orton Gillingham Practitioners and Educators and in treatment of Dyslexia and Language Learning Disabilities. Certified practitioner in Multisensory Learning Techniques · · · · · · Orton-Gillingham State Certified practitioner specializing in the treatment of children and adults who have been identified as dyslexic or have other reading, language, and writing disabilities Remedial intervention in writing, spelling, organizational skills, and math Early intervention with young children for pre-reading or early reading instruction Assessment and diagnostic workup is available for each child and a program of instruction is developed based on individual needs Preparation for ERB, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT and other advanced exams, which require study technique training and advanced verbal skill instruction Lectures at the request of school to Parents Association and other school groups on relevant issues such as homework and organizational skills


COMMUNITY SCHOOL District 31 Office of Special Education Staten Island, NY · · In-service Workshops Ongoing yearly workshops training teachers and staff in content and methodology of dyslexia and other re1ated language learning disabilities


THE GATEWAY SCHOOL 236 Second Avenue New York City · In-service training for teachers and staff in multi-sensory approach to reading, spelling and writing for children identified as dyslexic or language learning impaired


THE HARBOR ACADEMY DIVISION of Boys Harbor Inc. Community School District 4 Supervising Director-Gloria Schwartz Educational therapist for Literacy Center at Boy's Harbor, a multiservice agency in the Metropolitan area that requires Orton-Gillingham training as a prerequisite for serving clients in the clinically-based remediation program Assessed clients ranging in age from pre-school to young adults Implemented Orton-Gillingham techniques in after-school clinic for young adults referred by psychologists and social services Met with parents, teachers, and administrators Attended special workshops and training programs Facilitated workshops in multisensory learning; organizational techniques and writing skills, homework strategies


· · · · ·


HOUGHTON-MIFFLIN COMPANY New York, NY · · · Reading consultant for public and private elementary schools in New York City Conducted seminars in reading theory for teachers, administrators, and Superintendents of Schools Assessed reading instructional needs of schools and districts, planned and recommended procedures for the successful implementation of remedial reading programs, conducted classroom observations and follow-up evaluations Conducted presentations at national conferences on reading theories, instructional methods, testing and evaluating for reading specialists, administrators, and Superintendents of Schools Guest lectured at universities and colleges to graduate and undergraduate students on theory, diagnostic, and prescriptive management procedures for basic, remedial, individualized and whole-language reading programs Diagnosed and recommended prescriptive programs for children with learning disabilities Demonstrated techniques and strategies for classroom instruction as part of ongoing teacher training

· · · ·


STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT School District 3 New York City · · Teacher trainer Served as liaison between New York State Education Department under the direction of Jerry Hutchins, Supervisor of Bureau of Reading and District 3, to improve reading instruction in the district


P.S. 113 New York City Reading coordinator Responsible for developing an effective reading program, training teachers and para-professionals in the successful implementation of reading programs in their schools, and for extensive training in management and procedures for small group instruction


P.S. 113 New York City · Corrective reading teacher Assessed and instructed children (in small group settings) who were below grade level in reading. Early diagnosis and remedial reading programs resulted in a significant rise in the New York City CAT test score


P.S. 113 New York City · Elementary classroom teacher (grades K-6)

RELATED EXPERIENCE "Education Specialist": Wrote and produced educational show for cable television · · Segment 1: Thinking Skills for Young Children (Pre-school and Kindergarten). Introduced strategies in early reading Segment 2: Techniques for SAT Success (high school students). Stuyvesant High School students discuss Harriet Mehler's test prep methodology Interview with Harriet Mehler and audience call in and participation



2002 ·

ORTON-GILLINGHAM ACADEMY New York City Fellow in Training: This is the highest level of achievement by the academy, certifying the fellow to educate and supervise other practitioners in the treatment of dyslexia ORTON-GILLINGHAM ACADEMY Brooklyn, NY · · Training by Marsha Mann and Amy Balin (Fellows of A.O.G.P.E) Certified by Orton-Gillingham practitioners and educators. Certification is recognized by Board of Regents of the State of New York: Educational therapist (training in multisensory approach to learning) with expertise in the treatment of children and adults with dyslexia and other related language and learning disabilities READING REFORM New York City




Completed training course in speech phonics by Lee Spector STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Bureau of Reading Education New York City


· 1970-1972

Post graduate training HUNTER COLLEGE ­ MA, Education with specialization in reading disabilities; Columbia University New York City QUEENS COLLEGE ­ BA, Education and Communication Arts and Sciences Queens, NY Magna-Cum Laude Graduate ­ Departmental Honors in Education




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