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NEW 2007

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2 Designs now available - Under Rail or Over Rail Rear Tail Section

NEW Performance and Safety Features added for 2007:

· · · · · · 2" Taller Cage Design 2" Wider Cage Design 2 Twin Main Under Frame Rails 1 1/4" X Frame Reconfigured Front End Rear Tail Section Option Over or Under Slung Style · · · · · · Raised Tail Section for more clearance Rear Spring and Shock Mounts are adjustable 4 Links Mounts w/ 1/2" holes to allow for smaller adjustments 4 Link and Z Link Mounts are Weld on and Wider for More Clearance and Adjustment 4 Link Mounts are Designed for 14", 15", or 16" Bottom Bar Lengths and 16" or 17" Upper Bar Lengths Equal Lengths Z - Link Arm

NEW 2007

NEW Multiple Hole 4 Link NEW Door Bar Design



161721 Harris Cat07.qxp

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