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Debra Richman

Strategic Health Perspectives

Debra Richman has successfully identified emerging trends in healthcare, created and implemented new business opportunities, and established distribution channels for innovative products and services. Debra has a unique view and understanding of the healthcare industry from the perspective of multiple key stakeholders; she sees how the pieces fit together and where the emerging opportunities lie. Debra has the insight to effectively match individuals, companies, and opportunities, and to weave synergistic organizations together to drive revenue and market presence. Debra currently serves as Senior Vice President, Healthcare Business Development & Strategy for Harris Interactive, where she directs the corporate healthcare strategy and business development in existing and emerging healthcare sectors. Prior to joining Harris Interactive, Ms. Richman was Managing Partner for Samprave, LLC, a healthcare consultancy providing business development and strategic foresight. Debra has advised senior executives in key sectors of the industry, including: Insurance and managed care, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chronic care management, consumer marketing and web-based healthcare businesses. Previously, Ms. Richman served as Executive Vice President, Healthcare Development for LifeMed Media/dLife; a healthcare media company with disease specific brands and consumer education platforms ­ reaching and engaging the diabetes community through television, web, and print. Formerly, Debra was a principal with Cedar Ventures, a venture capital management/advisory firm where she specialized in healthcare financing, mergers and acquisitions, and business development. Debra's visionary skills culminated in a $3.5 billion publically traded strategic corporate investor financing Best Half. com, the company that Debra founded and led as CEO. Best paired leading corporate sponsors with the aging consumer market, and Debra successfully managed the company from its development stage to full operational status. Debra has held senior management positions with Baxter International, Caremark International, Cybear Inc., and PhyMatrix Corporation. She has played an active role in expanding innovative healthcare sectors, including: HMO and PPO development, Medicare risk contracting, physician practice management, heath information technology, and chronic care management. Ms. Richman served on the Board of Directors of The IPA Association of America, the largest physician trade association in the nation. She is an associate of the Women's Business Leaders in the US Healthcare Foundation and has lectured nationally on emerging trends in healthcare. Debra received a bachelor's degree, cum laude, from Herbert H. Lehman College in New York.

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