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THE LONE SURVIVOR FOUNDATION Five years ago, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell stared death in the face in the desolate mountains of Afghanistan as Taliban soldiers hunted him down. After fighting for his life for five days, he became the lone survivor of Operation Redwing. On Saturday, June 26th 2010, Marcus Luttrell and Sharon Henderson launched the Lone Survivor Foundation to honor his fallen comrades and support our returning warriors, their families and surviving families. The Lone Survivor Foundation will go to extraordinary lengths to welcome home, empower and restore American wounded warriors, their families and surviving families. The foundation will also motivate Hometown USA to Never Quit in their endeavor to pay forward the spirit of the Pashtun tradition of Lokhay Warkawal. As detailed in the book Lone Survivor, Luttrell and fellow Navy SEALs were sent on a mission in the mountains of Afghanistan to capture or kill a Taliban leader. The mission, known as Operation Redwing, tragically concluded after the SEALs were betrayed by some Afghan goat herders after the SEALs spared their lives. The irony in the story is that Luttrell, though badly wounded, managed to escape a Taliban onslaught and was protected and saved by an Afghan village elder, Mohammed Gulab. During Operation Redwing, 19 Special Operations Warriors gave their lives in defense of their country. "Marcus struggles with the events from the fire fight five years ago. But he is determined to honor his fellow service men who lost their lives in that struggle and to dedicate his second chance at life to give comfort and healing to returning combat veterans through the Foundation," Henderson stated. "The foundation will provide a therapeutic environment that will be provide a unique approach to veteran and family support America will not forget."

THE LONE SURVIVOR RANCH The heart of the Lone Survivor Foundation will be an all encompassing phased in ranch retreat on at least 3,000 acres of Texan ranch land that will support a multitude of outdoor activities. The practical application of the activities will be built around a rehabilitation and wellness model. The ranch will be a safe haven for warriors and their families (including children) to relax and heal and will also arm them with skills that will improve their quality of life. The ranch will have a strong counseling aspect interwoven into all activities which will include team building, martial arts, shooting, hunting, archery, obstacle courses, equestrian therapy, pet therapy, bowling, rock climbing, art therapy, journaling, fishing, yoga, and spa services, to name a few. The clinical staff will have training in pain management, as that is an issue that affects almost all of our wounded warriors, and therefore their families. There will be an on-site gym complete with coaches, trainers, and all support needed for a fully guided, individualized and targeted physical recovery.

UNIQUE OFF SITE REHABILITATION OPPORTUNITIES While waiting for the ranch, the Lone Survivor Foundation will provide funding for rehabilitation and recovery programs for Patriots at other locations. After the ranch opens the foundation will continue to fund unique requirements on a case by case basis. Examples include attending athletic performance centers, pain management programs, obtaining invitro-fertilization for those who have lost their ability to naturally reproduce due to combat wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, purchasing adaptive athletic equipment such as adaptive bikes, guns, skis, etc. For more information about The Lone Survivor Foundation, go to


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