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[Extract from Haryana Government Gazette (Extra.), dated the 27th April, 2006] IIARY ANA GOVERNI\lENT TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT Notification The 27th April. 2006 No. 24/17/81-3T(ii).-In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (iii) of the proviso to sub-rule (I) of rule 108 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. 1989. the Governor of Haryana hereby specifies the following dignitaries/senior officers/persons to use red light with tlasher to the front atop their official vehicles :I. His Excellency Governor of Haryana. 2. Chief Minister. Haryana. 3. Hon'ble Chief Justice. Punjab and Haryana High Court/Judges of Punjab and Haryana High Courtl Legal Remembrancer. 4. All Cabinet/State Ministers, Speaker/Deputy Speaker Vidhan Sabha. Members of Parliament and I-Iaryana State Legislative Assembly. 5. Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Parliamentary Secretaries. 6. State Election Commissioner, Hary~na. 7. Chiet"Secretary. Haryana. 8. All Financial Commissioners and Principal Secretaries/Administrative Secretaries. 9. Principal Senctary to Chief Minister. 10. Directur Gcncraluf Police!All Additional Director Generals of Police/Inspector Generals of Police / DIG



II. Advocate General. Haryana. 12. Chairman. Haryana Public Service Commission/Haryana Staff Selection Commission. 13. Commissioners of Divisions/Deputy Commissioners/Superjntendents of Polke. 14. Registrar, Punjab and Haryana High Court and District and Sessions Judges. 15. Chief Commissioner Income Tax or equivalent. 16. A<.:counlant eneral (Audit/Accounts), Haryana. G 17. Leader of Opposition. 18. President/Working President of ruling Political Party. 19. Chairman ofZila Parishad and Mayor, Municipal Corporation. Faridabad. (a) Any vehicle carrying the dignitary formally designated as equivalent in rank, status and privileges to those dignitaries referred at Serial Number 3, 4 and 7 above shall be entitled to use the red light as per the corresponding privileges. The vehicles carrying the dignitaries assigned rank in their personal capacity by the Government of Haryana, shall be entitled to use red light as per the corresponding privileges assigned to those dignitaries referred to at Serial Number 3, 4 and 7 above. (b) In case the vehicles fitted with red light on top front is not carrying the dignitaries, then such red light shall not be used and be covered by a black cover. RAMENDRA JAKHU. Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary'.lo Government Haryana. Transport Department.



f Extract

from Haryana C10vernment Gazelte (Extra.), dated the 16th June, 20061


The 16th June, 2006

No.59-17r -31ST r -2.-1n exerciseof the powers conferred by clause (iii) of the proviso to sub-rule (1) of rule 108 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, and all other powers enabling him in this behalf, the Governor of Haryana hereby makes following amendment in the I-Iaryana Government, Transport Department, notification No. 24/17/81-3T(ii), dated the 27th April. 2006, namely:AMENDMENT

!11 the Haryana Government, number Transport Department, notification

No. 241l7/81-3T(ii),

vehicle, such dignitary

dated the

27th April. 2006 aft~1' serial

19, the following shall be added at the end, namely:has not been provided with a Government shall be

"Note :-In case any dignitary


to use red light

on one of his private vehicle.".

RAMENDRA JAKHU, FinancialCommissionerand Principal Secretaryto GovernmentHaryana,TransportDepartment.

41203-C.S-HG.P.. Chd.


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