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Know Your SQUAWKERS McCAW Parrot.n.N--..wnl



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Record Respomes A Word About Record Randonr


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McCAW Parrot





*OTIWWWP a x 21.5UAMaR03~


~ ~ r a x n m s n d e d . PMUDslawrsheed scmwldw (not

-. The first thing you need to do when you take your SQUAWKERS McCAW parrot out of the box is to insert batteries in the Remote Control. (SQUAWKERS McCAW comes packaged with batteries included.)

r,, , --

Use a Philliprlcross head screwdriver (not included) to loosen the s r w in the battery ce compartment cwer (screwstays attached to cover). Remwe cover. Insert 2 x 15V "AAA" or R03 size batteries (not induded). Alkaline batteries recommended. Revf --cover and tighten screw.


1. As with all small baperies, the batteries used with this toy should be kept away from who still put things in their mouths. If they a promptly see a doctor and have the doctor phone (202) 6253333 collect. In other countries, have the doctor call your local poison control center. 2. Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly and always follow the toy and battery manufacturer's instructions. 3. Do not mix old batteries and new batteries or alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.

Please retaln this lnformatlon for future reference. Batteries should be replaced by an adult.




1. Always follow the instructions carefully. Use only batteries specified and be sure to insert item correctly by matching the + and polarity markings. 2. Do not mix old batteries and new batteries or standard (carbon-zinc) with alkaline batteries. 3. Remove exhausted or dead batteries from the product. 4. Remove batteries if product is not to be played with for a long time. 5. Do not short-circuit the supply terminals. 6. Should this product cause, or be affected by, local electrical interference, move it away from other electrical equipment. Reset (switching off and back on again or removing and reinserting batteries) if necessary. 7. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Do not mix these with any other types of batteries. Always remove from the product before recharging. Recharge batteries under adult supervision. DO NOT RECHARGE OTHER TYPES OF BATTERIES. 8. As with all small items, these batteries should be kept away from children. If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.



Your SQUAWKERS McCAW parrot comes with his own perch, packaged in three pieces. The perch, once assembled, cannot be taken apart.

1 Insert each piece of the perch a a 90-degree angle (or, a quarter-turn) from . t the other piece: then turn the inserted piece clockwise until it clicks into place

2 Line up the feet of S Q U A W K E E S q M C A W ~ , p l y pegs, and attach perch him t o the perch. ~ ~ r4. . . .4\ . * - , r b +


SQUAWKERS McCAW can sit on .the perch facing either direction. He will also function standing on a 9 flat surface, such as a table or desk.



to keep the feet locked to the perch. When you want to take the parrot a the perch, push up on the button

lidr;wre the DEW I OFF I ON Switch

@mated She back) to the "ON" on

w Ulh&31you&*M;IUAW~MCcAW will "umke up? making sounds and m o u h his wines!





When you "wake up" y w r SQUAWKERS McCaW Mode, He's just retaxing and hanging out! In Hangout Made, SQUAWKERS McCAW will


back t "ON?you erase a 9 words a

kssoun&,cishewaitr W W for more than

Touch any of his wnsors and SQUAWKERS McCAW

McCAW parrot loves to play and interact with you! Justlike a

Your SQUAWKERS McCAW p m t has a Light Semor on hi forehead. Wave your hand wer his head and SQUAWKERS McCAW will blink.

When you pet the back of SQUAWKERS McCAW, he will coo and move in response to your touch.

M You can abo relax SQUAWKERS McCAW by~hbhead.Pethbhaadflrmly.



Beak Sensor

Pet the beak of your SQUAWKERS McCAW parrot, and watch him either coo or give you a parrot kiss.



SQUAWKERS McCAW comes with a toy cracker. When you place the toy cmcker on the tongue of SQUAWKERS McCAW, he will chew on the toy cmcke7 and make yummy sounds! I you feed f him too much at once, he'll get the hiccup: pat his back, and he'll burp and feel better. And remember: be careful of your fingers around a bird's mouth!

Whatcha doin?"


." .*

# ,


If you say something t SQUAWKERS McCAW and he either did : not hear or understand you, he will blink at you. Speak again and this time, be dearer or change the tone of your wke.



Before ydo speak?,watt until your SwAWKR$ W


W pcmt h a s

L Reduce bmkgrsund tmh I. Spaak dearty and dirtirletly. Dori't h u t . I If POUAWKERS W W doesn't mpond in the way yw expect, try .

speaking again.

I. WhenSQUAWRSMcCAWisinawModemModaorRspgat Mode), he cannot mpond to your v o i i c o d Pet his head t gat o him out of a Play Mode if you want to speak? him to

k For k t m b ,speak to PQUAWKERE M K A W from about 1 to 2 feat

# y a-


SQUAWKERS McCAW and say "Peeksboo!": hell reply, W d you go?" or 9 can't see y u " If you uncover his eyes and o. say "Peek-tmP SQUAWKERS McCAW will say, 'I see you!" o UPeeka-boo!" r

O ~ ~ ~ U W W ~ ~ ? W ~ ~ ~ ~ . K E F K M C C A W ~ k m a d y b ~ t h e ~ ~ W a i t f o r SouAwI.CEFIsMcCAWto~,'OKP A&, "Wanna &we? and your SQUAWKERS McCAW

lJBnvYtwlA~you~he'sreadytodQKebysayhrg, up141 me S m muiicl* a


[email protected]~m~~Control;or(2)fdlowing

lf~~~~WKER5~~dwsnotcbtectabeatfcwmolp thcln~eight(8)secondr,hewill~todng hkown~one

w m w

Inthkmode,yoq~W~McCAWpamtwil oRce YWmy ' P k ~ $ , y w . S o l J A $ % & s McU

s c V ~ t o s ~ k ~ e ~ ~ w , ~ o ! SWAWRS l y uo r J , ~ ! ~ W ~ ~ ~ ~ b y o u 8 n c e , h like voice. He will then a p a n McCAW will keep

nepsatlngw.-~~bna=bwInRepeat 1 minuter h ~ e p e a t m









j 1

langout Mode, .-I-& ~ ~ ~ ~ t ~ ) h h m ~ ~ t h Q n s i g h t ( 8 ) h--A ; .p e t h i d RESET on the Reno& Contd.




, ~ ~ M c c A W u r i 8 : Be starMed with a squawk!

h g a s


Laugh hikaiourly



S y Whateuer!!* a,


on wrrh rhc PUPA

your SQUAWKERS McCAW say any words and phrases you "A word bout words;" p. n)

2 To say certain wordslphrarer when you press a lettered button on the Remote Contml 3. T say certain wordslphrases when he o hean you my certain wordslphrarer Vou can create

- , commands and

A-F buttons on the Remote Control.





Commands recorded to a preset button are linked to responses recorded for the same button. For example, if you record the command "Hi, Squawkers!" to button A and record the response 'Hey, good lookin'!" to button A Squawkers will respond , , with "Hey, good lookin'!" every time he hears the command "Hi, Squawkers!" NOTb Ullunyou a#b your om -an&, mpomm, and random wwbuhy, maha

your~~~parroCir&pauyaurhrmd~hlshrad,andhr~blink.Yw w i U b m ~ a r s ~ ~ m k H y w h w r S Q U A ~ W c C A W q you pnrr W,*iCnna~l h a ~ k a ~ r d t o r ~ ~ y m t .


mo cm


1 Set the Content Selector Switch to "Custom Speech," and .

set the Remote Control switch to "Command."

2 Press and hold one of the six (6) preset buttons on the

lettered keypad. SQUAWKERS McCAW will squawk to let

you know that he's ready to mrd.

3. Release the button, and speak a word or phrase (up to 25 seconds)

immediately into the microphone, located in the chest. Wait for SQUAWKERS McCAW to squawk again, then s y the word or phrase a second time. a 4. SQUAWKERS McCAW will repeat the word or phrase back to you. If you would like to change the command, you can record over it at any time. SQUAWKERS McCAW will respond only to commands spoken by the same person who programmed the command.

N T I H~Wurkatth.oudkcolnmadbtorarp.dtkpm&b,prmandnkar OM IfnktkrwdIC)UILWWICWMcCAWurlllnprattlwaommond.

mo am

I. Set the Remote Control switch to "Response!' 2 Press and hold one

bxwhing your sQuA

P l w s b e ~ w h e n

MeeAW parrot worck a d phrasw Uke a child lecrnrC Imwaga S O U A W S

McCAW&pendsonyou to teach him nke things to say. Rc!lmmbw, too, that


SQUAWKERS MccAw can coy

of the six (6) preset buttons on the lettered keypad. SQUAWKERS McCAW will squawk to let you know that he's ready to record. 3. Release the button, and speak a word or phrase (up to 3 seconds long) immediately into the microphone, located in the chest. SQUAWKERS McCAW will repeat the word or phrase bcick to you. If you would like to change the response, you can record over it at any time.

Record button on the you know that he's

k a word or phrase (up to 3 seconds) immediately in the chest. SQUAWKERS McCAW will repeat the



Thes words and ph $peach1) the *Mi$ or "Gust0111


become part of the p a d s vocabulary of "Custom will say these words or phrases at random, in either on the Content Selector Switch. 5 and release the Cb Record button to scroll through and hear what i u s t s

d l through until you

or phrase, press the Custom Record button to wordorphraseyouwanttorec~rdwer:then button and say the new word or phrase.

pre-programmed words and phrases with random

the Parrot Talk setting. When you select will s a in this mode until you move the ty

If the p d u c t is acting erratically, try turning it off and on again. If problems persist, change the batteries in the parrot andlor remote.

Using a Philliphxs head #reKlsclrhrer (not id-, loosenscl.ewinkr;ttery -(-~tocover).lmert4x 1SV 'n or LR6 size ahline & I batterie,(nat included). Replace coverandi&ht%nscrew.




1. Be sun to insert ths batteries correctly and always follow the toy and battery manufacturers' instructions; 2. Do not rnlx old babtiies and new batteries or alkaline, standard (earbon-zinc) or recharqeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries; 3. Always remore weak or dead batteries from the product.

Pkaoe retain tkls lnfmmti~ fittun rsfmm. for M w l e s should bs m p l d by aa adult.






1. lUPrap f o l h the I nU camhUy. Use mly bsttsrlm tpsclfled a d be sun to Insert ltMn Wt m c eamcttybgBlrtC~tb+Ultl-p~~ags. 2. Do m lahr &babrtterlrr and new batterlea or standard (carbon-zlnc) wltll alkaline bttterisr. l I 3. Ramme or~aatterlezfrotnthepndud. 4. Rs pnd~k,aettokplayed~foralongUma.

w k rffrMd by, local elsfMeal Intrrfsnnfe, more ti away fmm


Reset ( s r ~ l noff and back on [email protected] or m o v i n g and 18-lmertfng (

rerm arge batteries srwlQr adun supnlsian. DO NOT

h w mix there wit^ any other types OI b~tteriw. : DO

Your SQUAWKERS M c W parrot comes pre-programmed with words, phrases, sound effects (SFX), and a song: 3i Cagl: 6 Responses (1 phme, 1song, 4 SFX)


Power On: 2 Unique Responses ., Beak S e m 1Unique Response (SFX)

Head Sensor: 1Unique Response (SFX)

Back Sensor: 2 Unique Responses (SFX)




Mouth Switch: 4 Unique Responses (SFX) Other Remote Functionl: 1Unique Response (SFX)

Voice Recognition Responsm 3 Unique Responses (29 phmses, 2 SFX)

FCC STATEMENT This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interferencethat may cause undesired operation. This equipment has been tested ahd found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy, and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause tlarmful interferenceto radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interferenceto radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: - Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna - Increasethe separation between the equipment and the receiver. - Consult the dealer or an experienced radiorrV technician for help.

Product and colors may vary.



Q 2007 H a s h . All Rights Reserved. TM & @ denote U.S Trademarks U.S. Patent No. 6811461. 77182 P/N 6696270001

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