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Lesson Plans

Cookie Cut ter Addition

Purpose: To acquire basic addition facts using +1.


Curriculum Areas: · Math

Objectives: · Students will begin to realize that + 1 is the same as counting by ones. · Students will recognize a number sentence and be able to construct one on their own. · Students will become more comfortable with adding one to a singleThemes: digit number. · Addition · Students will have a visual to enhance addition facts practice. · Subtraction · Students learn that in an addition problem, a sum is the same as an answer. Grade Levels

Pre K Science Social Studies K 1 2

Supplies Needed: · PLAY-DOH compound · Cookie Cutter Shapes · Plus and Equal Signs (teacher made or purchased)

Directions: Math 1. Pass out PLAY-DOH compound to each student. Students roll out the PLAY-DOH compound and use a cookie cutter Language Arts to cut out six shapes that are the same. Reinforce shape recognition by choosing triangle, square, rectangle, or Fine Arts circle shapes. Visual Arts 2. Make sure each student has a plus and equal sign of his own. You must take the time to discuss the signs and how they are to be used. Model the use of the signs with some precut PLAY-DOH shapes. At this time, demonstrate how PLAY-DOH number sentences should be constructed and used to find the sum of the addition fact. 3. Using the precut shapes, encourage students to make the PLAY-DOH number sentence 2 + 1 = ? 4. Students then count both sides of the equation to find the answer. Continue to give number sentences for the students to build at their desks and solve. You should keep the plus one on the right side of the equation. Later as an extension the numbers could be mixed.


Extensions: · Students · Students · Students · Students

can roll out PLAY-DOH ropes to form the answer. practice more single digit addition facts: +2, +3, +4, etc. practice double facts using PLAY-DOH number sentences. practice single digit subtraction facts using PLAY-DOH number sentences.

Suggested Guidance: · Adult supervision is encouraged to ensure the safety of the children. Related Resources: Literature Connections: Addition Annie, By: David Gisler - ISBN 0756913144 Websites:,,


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