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Blends Word List

l-blends bl

blab black blackboard blade blame blank blanket blast blaze bleach bleat bleed bleep blend bless blew blind blink blip blizzard blob block blonde blood bloom blossom blot blouse blow blue bluff blunt blush clack clad claim clam clamp clan clang clap clash clasp class claw clay clean clear cleat clerk click cliff climate climb


cling clink clip cloak clock clod clog clomp close closet cloth clothes clothing cloud clove clown club cluck clue clump clutch flag flake flame flap flare flash flashlight flat flaw flea fleck fleet flesh flew flex flick flight fling flint flip float


flock flock flood floor flop floss flour flow flower flu fluff fluid fluke flunk flush flute fly



glad glance glare glass gleam glee glide glitch gloat glob globe gloom gloss glove glow glue place plaid plain plan plane planet plank plant plate play player plead pleasant please pleat pledge plenty plink plod plot plow


plug plum plump slab slack slam slant slap slate sled sleek sleep sleepy sleet sleeve slept slice slick slid slide slight slim slime sling


slip slipper slit slope slot slow slowly slug slump slush sly



L Blends Word List

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