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A Plural Noun is more than one person, place or thing. We usually add an s to show that a noun is plural. If a noun ends in x, ch, sh, or s, we add an es to the word. Examples: cat = cats glass = glasses dish = dishes Directions: Write the plural noun of the words below. cat ____________________ fox ____________________ class ____________________ house ____________________ box ____________________ mess ____________________ brush ____________________ guess ____________________ lunch ____________________ ash ____________________ tax ____________________ bush ____________________ boot ____________________ bunch____________________ sock ____________________ fan ____________________

If a noun ends in with the letter y, we change the y to ie and add s to make it plural. Directions: Write the plural of each noun on the lines below, then draw a picture. party ____________________ cherry ____________________ penny ____________________ candy ____________________ berry ____________________ bunny ____________________ family ____________________ lady ____________________ city ____________________

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Plural Nouns Worksheet

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Plural Nouns Worksheet