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Skill ­ Irregular Verbs

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Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs are verbs that do not change from the present tense to the past tense in the regular way by ending with d or ed. Examples: Sing = Sang Break = Broke Directions: Circle the verb that completes each sentence. Then, rewrite each sentence with the correct irregular verb.

1. Marty (blow, blew) out the candles last night. ________________________________________________________________ 2. The teacher (speak, spoke) to me yesterday before school. ________________________________________________________________ 3. Oops, I (break, broke) the flower vase! ________________________________________________________________ 4. We (take, took) the bus to school last week. ________________________________________________________________ 5. The police dog (come, came) into my classroom today. ________________________________________________________________ 6. Last night, we (give, gave) money to the homeless shelter. ________________________________________________________________ 7. A big yellow bird (fly, flew) over my head. ________________________________________________________________

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Irregular Verb Worksheet

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