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DCCA DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS (Through March 2010) HONOLULU - The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) and the State Boards and Commissions that oversee professions and vocations are continuing to ensure that individuals and entities who have obtained professional and vocational licenses in Hawaii are performing up to the standards prescribed by law. The following is a summary of disciplinary actions taken by DCCA and the Boards and Commissions through the month of March 2010. These disciplinary actions include dispositions based upon either the results of contested case hearings or settlement agreements submitted by the parties.

BOARD OF PHARMACY Respondent: Case Number: Sanction: Effective Date: Ernest W. Bristol, Jr. PHA 2009-66-L $1,000.00 fine; notify Hawai'i Board within 10 days of any additional order or decision issued by Arizona Board 3-18-10

MORTGAGE BROKERS AND SOLICITORS PROGRAM Respondent: Case Number: Sanction: Effective Date: Marilou Valerio MBS 2008-17-L Voluntary revocation of license 3-17-10

MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIR INDUSTRY BOARD Respondent: Valley Isle Motors, Ltd. (Maui) Case Numbers: ARP 2006-89-L and ARP 2007-62-L Sanction: $1,500.00 fine; will not pursue any entity or person for any amounts arising out of work performed on a 2003 Ford Econoline van as reflected in invoice no. 351155 Effective Date: 3-17-10

REAL ESTATE COMMISSION Respondent: Case Number: Sanction: Effective Date: Remax Big Island LLC, dba Re/Max Properties (Hilo) REC 2006-124-L Voluntary revocation of license 3-25-10

ACTIVITY DESK PROGRAM Respondent: AM Realty, Inc., dba Activity Stop Case Numbers: ADP 2008-10-L, ADP 2008-11-L, ADP 2008-12-L, ADP 2008-13-L, ADP 2008-14-L, ADP 2008-15-L, ADP 2008-16-L, ADP 2008-18-L, ADP 2008-19-L, ADP 2008-20-L, ADP 2008-21-L, ADP 2009-42-L Sanction: Voluntary revocation of registration Effective Date: 3-30-10

CONTRACTORS LICENSE BOARD Respondents: Case Number: Sanction: Effective Date: Respondents: Case Numbers: Sanction: Effective Date: Le'a Wai Pool and Aquascapes, LLC and Shane A. Lee CLB 2008-64-L Licenses revoked, $10,000.00 fine 3-19-10 Five Star Roofing, LLC and Ingrid Hale CLB 2009-274-L and CLB 2009-487-L Voluntary surrender of licenses, $500.00 in restitution 3-19-10

BOARD OF NURSING Respondent: Case Number: Sanction: Effective Date: Sherlynn Bartels-Scherer RNS 2008-37-L Voluntary surrender of license 3-4-10

To obtain copies of these decisions before they are posted online, contact the Office of Administrative Hearings by phone at 586-2828, fax 586-3097, or email at [email protected] ### For more information, contact: Christine Hirasa Public Information Officer Phone: 586-2622 Email: [email protected]


DCCA Disciplinary Actions Through March 2010

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