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The Hawaii Barista, Espresso Knowledge, & the 2nd annual Hawaii Barista Jam & Competition

Sherri Johns & Danny Johns WholeCup Coffee Consulting Portland, Oregon th Annual Hawaii Coffee Association Conference, Kauai, July 2006 11

Imagine the 20 sets of hands...

barista is number 19!

All Hawaii Coffees for espresso blending

Hands of the farmer & barista

Barista Jammin'

· 22 Baristi from the islands gathered to share passion, learn and have fun. · Like a musicians jam session, the piano is replaced by an espresso machine, the music is the bean and the musician is now a barista.

Danny Johns leads a session on Milk texturing Busy stations and cupping


· · Reaction of coffee when exposed to high pressure and water temperature. Essentials of espresso preparation:

­ Proper dose at 14 to 16 grams per double portafilter ­ Tamp at 30-50 pounds of pressure ­ Portafilter rim free of grounds ­ Insert firmly into group head ­ Activate pump ­ allow each espresso to pour at 1 ounce including crema. ­ Time at 25 seconds with a twirling reddish golden pour. Espresso should resemble honey dripping from a spoon.

Mike Lanz of Espresso Specialists Franke leads equipment session


· · Familiarization with equipment function and adjustments will save you valuable service calls and enable you to maintain coffee quality. Doser grinder:

­ ­ ­ ­ How to adjust grind finer and coarser to achieve a 25 second pour How to adjust dose Hand Tamp only ­ no use of built in tampers Bean hopper use and care

· · · · · ·

Espresso Machine: Pressure and temperature gauges Group heads and parts Porta filter Steam wands Daily cleaning and maintenance, such as back flushing, replacing gaskets and weekly preventative maintenance. Water filtration is a must.

Andrew Hetzel, Cafemakers leads a session left. Barista Jam participant on bar.


· · · · · · · · · · · · The quality of your beverages will never surpass the quality of your initial espresso. Use your technical expertise... Espresso perfect at 20 to 30 seconds Using 7 to 9 grams of coffee per single espresso Milk steamed to at least 150 degrees but no hotter than 160 degrees Never blend previously steamed and cold milk Milk may be steamed only once Cappuccino is espresso with equal portions of steamed and frothed milk Caffe Latte is espresso blended with textured steamed milk remember ­ espresso with training wheels... Begin with a clean portafilter, no spent coffee residual grounds Always purge your steam wand before and after steaming milk Billy Wilson, Champion Latte Artist, of Albina Press, reviews milk texturing techniques

Each drink is fresh, prepared to order

...using all your senses, eyes, ears, nose and heart!

HCA Barista Jam participants July 2006

Your espresso sense

· Listen, look, smell and taste · Espresso must have amber golden crema atop, reddish flecks · Steaming milk must not sound as if a rocket taking off · Pat your hand on the side of the milk pitcher to feel temperature · Watch the size of the bubbles as you steam · Smell good, look good and taste good

The 2nd Annual Hawaii Barista Competition

Anni of Small Town Coffee presents cappuccini to judges in 2nd Annual Hawaii Barista Competition

Above: UCC Barista prepares espresso observed by technical judges. Below: sensory judges record scores

Everything matters in coffee

· · Hawaii produces some of the best coffee on earth. One misstep can void all efforts put forth by those before you. Respect coffee. You are trained skilled artisans, coffee ambassadors. Each cup is hand crafted, everyday. As café owners, you are a role model offering coffee training and espresso education, positive reinforcement and a decent living wage. As baristi you are the face of specialty coffee. Make each drink count for every customer. There is much to learn. Be encouraged to learn as much as you can, and then some. Always challenge yourself to do your very best.


There are many great resources; HCA Jams, SCAA conferences,, get involved, challenge yourself, share with other baristi & have fun.


Thank you for joining us today. See you next year!

Sherri Johns, event coordinator / trainer, 2nd Place Seishi Seagusa of UCC, Kona, 2006 Champion Barista Anni Caporuscio of Small Town Coffee, Kauai, 3rd Place Barista Bryce Tanji, Kimo Bean, Oahu and Danny Johns, MC, trainer and coordinator

WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC is a global specialty coffee consulting team based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Danny and Sherri Johns specialize in international new retail business development, barista events, barista jams and competitions, writing and personalized barista training and coffee education. We have over 35 years of experience and it is our job to help others succeed in specialty coffee. It's the bean, the brew and the barista, the WholeCup counts


Role of the Barista and the Fundamentals of espresso Knowledge

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