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AirLock Electronic Door Locks King Air 200/300 Series

·Enables owners/operators to schedule limited access to any area of an aircraft ·Provides the ability to create an audit trail to determine when the plane was accessed or when access was attempted and by whom ·Allows key to be disabled if lost or stolen ·Software support enables users to remotely program the system from any location ·Simple installation with no wiring ·Allows a single key to access multiple aircraft as well as hangar and gate locks

Ice Shield's De-ice Boots

AirLock Electronic Door Locks King Air 200/300 Series

24 Hour Security for your Investment:

An AirLock system installed on your plane will provide an increased level of security and traceability. Installation is simple, requiring no additional wiring or hardware. Once installed, AirLock enables controlled access to all appropriate areas of the airplane. AirLock uses a combination of programmable keys and locks to allow access for the various hatches and locks. Additionally, both the keys and the locks create a detailed audit trail to give you 24 hour confidence in the safety of your investment.

AirLock Electronic Door Locks Ice Shield's De-ice Boots King Air 200/300 Series

Part Number


Aircraft Serial Number

BB-2 to BB-1747 BL-1 to BL-140 BT-1 to BT-43 BN-1 to BN-4 FA-1 and up FL-1 to FL-311




BB-1748 and up BL-141 and up BY-1 and up BZ-1 and up FL-312 and up FM-11 and up


Hawker Beechcraft Parts & Distribution Customer Support 1.888.727.4344


Microsoft PowerPoint - Airlock 3.ppt

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Microsoft PowerPoint - Airlock 3.ppt