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Quality Clause QC 11 Control Cables

For packaging requirements including coiling radius, corrugated stocking board requirements and protective wrapping, see BS24924. Identification of the cables can be found in BS25691 which now allows electroetching or the removable foil tags per BS383. No steel stamping is allowed. Color coding of flight control cables is per BS23675. Packaging of cables can be found in WI 04-08-038 ­ Stocking and Handling Production Parts. Swaging of terminals & fittings should be performed per MIL-T-6117. Pre-stretching & Proof testing of cables is performed per MIL-DTL-5688. The elongation requirements that exceed the existing requirements in MIL-DTL83420, MIL-W-83420/1, and MIL-W-83420/2 for non-jacketed, carbon steel and corrosion-resistant steel wire rope used in aircraft flight control systems are outlined in BS24917 ­ Wire Rope, Steel, Flexible for Aircraft Flight Control Systems. For Non-Stainless Steel Cables All carbon steel cable assemblies are required to have the anti-corrosive coating of MIL-C-16173, Grade I, diluted per PS24420, para.3.4.

Control Cables ­ Quality Clause

Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Wichita, KS Document: QC 11 Revision: A Date: 03/26/07 Page 1 of 1 This document is an integral part of the contract (purchase order), which calls it out. The revision in effect at the time the purchase order was placed applies.



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