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Haydon Mechanical & Electrical Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Economics of Environmental Sustainability

What is Environmental sustainability? It is the ability to maintain the qualities that are valued in the physical environment. At Haydon M&E we have a continuous commitment to making innovative, cost effective choices in materials to minimise environmental impact, the use of materials and energy sources which are sustainable and deliver commercial payback as well as prefabricated and modularized systems to reduce wastage. We understand it's about getting a clear picture of the economics / costs associated with achieving the required BREEAM code rating in the built environment within the residential, commercial and educational sectors, Incorporating innovation from design right through to construction to ensure targets are met Identifying the benefits of making sustainable design decisions at project conception, such as "Ground Source Heat Pumps", solar energy, CHP, CCHP, biomass, rainwater recovery, wind turbines, ground air heat exchange, etc

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Haydon M&E understand the importance of design in achieving the required BREEAM / EPC / Dwelling Emission Rate Understanding the Codes and the mandatory requirements and the benefits of achieving differing code levels we are in a position then to bespoke our design in accordance with the client requirement and budget We adapt our procurement practices and supply chain solutions as a business driver We Source locally manufactured materials to cut down on energy and carbon emissions used in transportation and where ever possible propose prefabricated solutions for all development projects to minimize waste on site We evaluate the cost effective sustainable building energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy performance finding what works and what doesn't We have experience in which technologies are suited to centralized energy systems - exploring the use of CHP, heat-led co-generation and tri-generation schemes We can calculate the annual CO2 savings compared with those for traditional energy systems For further information contact Paul Graham or Simon Walsh on 020 7987 3555

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HME Approach to Environmental Sustainability Aug 09

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