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Issue 106 - Spring 2011

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Quiz / Race / Poker Nights and Gentlemen's Evenings are also featured, as are B-B-Q's, Summer `Fun' Days, Children's Discos and Charity Events. Barclays Premiership Football and other major sporting events on our 8ft dropdown screen in the back bar, plus two large HD screens in the front bar.

Games: Skittles - Darts - Pool - Cribbage - Dominoes - Whist

We also have Cabaret and Soloists / Tribute Bands evenings during the year for which an admission fee is sometimes applicable but the value for money entertainment is unquestionable.

Sky TV and ESPN Sports

Room Hire: We have full catering facilities for up to 200 people. · Weddings · Anniversaries · Birthdays · Special Events

The Secretary, Haydon Wick Club, 10 Blunsdon Road, Swindon SN25 1JD. Telephone: (01793) 721028 Email: [email protected]

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Haydon Wick Newsletter

No. 106 - SPRING 2011

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Haydon Wick Parish Council has decided on a budget of £240,337 for the coming financial year. This means a yearly charge of £31.36 for a Band D dwelling, 60p per week. This is a 1% increase on last year, 2010/2011 The Annual Haydon Wick Parish Meeting will be held at the Council Offices, Thames Avenue on 29 March 2011, 8.00pm. At this meeting the Parish Council will present its Performance Plan which sets out what the Council has achieved in the past year and its plans for the coming year. It is also the opportunity for you to raise any issues of local interest you wish to bring to the Council's attention.


Councillor Profiles

Councillor Linda Brown

Linda became a Parish Councillor following the severe floods in 2007 when her home was flooded for the third time. She was active in getting the Thames Water Flood Alleviation scheme underway in Haydon Wick. Linda has a keen interest in the Parish's remaining old trees spared by developers and is a Tree Warden for the Parish through Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Linda and her dog, Bobbi, are regular walkers around the Parish and Seven Fields.

Councillor Eddie Bedwell

Eddie came to Swindon in 1970 to start a new job and has lived in Haydon Wick every since. Before that he had four jobs in different parts of the south of England in the plastics and chemicals industries. In Swindon he enjoyed 27 years at a well known company on the Cheney Manor Estate. Since retirement in 1997, his interests in the environment, gardening, countryside footpath improvement and local affairs have expanded considerably. He became a Haydon Wick Parish Councillor in 1995 and now chairs the Recreation Committee.

­­­ 4 ­­­

Councillor Peter Heaton-Jones

Peter has been a member of Haydon Wick Parish Council for two years. In May 2010 he was elected to Swindon Borough Council as one of the Ward Councillors for Abbey Meads. He serves on the Scrutiny and Budget Committees, among others. Peter is also a governor at Isambard School and a member of Redhouse Residents Association. Peter moved to Swindon ten years ago and worked for the BBC, presenting news programmes on the local radio station. He left in 2006 and moved briefly to Australia to work for an MP in Sydney, returning after 18 months. He is now Parliamentary Assistant and Media Officer for Swindon's two Members of Parliament. He first joined the Parish Council because of concerns about a number of housing developments being proposed on the outskirts of the Parish, and believes planning and development are probably the biggest issues facing Haydon Wick ­ and the whole of Swindon.

Councillor Ian Carroll

Councillor Ian Carroll has lived in the parish for seven years; currently serving as chair of the Policy Committee he is passionate about our local area. Ian is an IT professional with a keen interest in amateur photography.

Councillor Liz Carroll

Councillor Liz Carroll moved to the parish in 2004; she is currently the chair of the Communications Committee and is keen to improve the council's close links with local residents. Liz is a senior manager for a cancer charity.

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19 April 2011 17 May 2011 21 June 2011 19 July 2011

All meetings are held at the Council Offices, Thames Avenue, 7.30 pm. Parishioners are welcome to attend any Parish Council Meeting and time is set aside near the start of the meeting for Parishioners to address the Council. Any matters raised may not necessarily be discussed at that time but held over for a future date. Parishioners having any major matters they wish to be brought to the Council's notice should forward full particulars in writing to the Clerk THREE DAYS before the date of the next full Council meeting.

Grants totalling more than £12,000 have recently been made to various voluntary bodies serving the North Swindon community from the Fund which was set up on the dissolution of the former Haydon Wick Community Association. Further money is available and the Fund organisers are keen to hear from any local group wishing to develop its services. Financial help is also available for groups of volunteers hoping to establish a new organisation. As a result of the latest round of awards, Emmanuel UR Church, whose facilities are used by a wide range of community groups each week, are providing wheelchair access at the front of the building, the Bowls Club has had a contribution to the cost of materials to create a boules piste for use by local residents; the 1st Swindon Sea Scouts based in Haydon Wick will be able to send youngsters and new leaders on a training course; and one edition of this Community Newsletter will be funded. The Fund is administered by the Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon and details and a grant application form can be obtained by telephoning 01380 729284 or emailing [email protected]


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Quality for Life Questionnaire for Haydon Wick Parish

This is the second report on the Parish Council's analysis of the responses from residents of the different areas within the Parish. This report is on the areas of Haydonleigh, Haydon End and Taw Hill

Haydonleigh Area

Q2: The most important existing facility for residents were: Facilities for toddlers and sport.

Q3: The most popular other facilities residents would like to see was: Youth Centre.

Q4-7: There was considered to be adequate provision of Community, Sports, Arts & Culture and Adult education facilities Q8-9: Residents had NO noise issues Other community problems included: Traffic speed, derelict and unsightly buildings, dog fouling and litter. Residents were equally concerned about declining numbers of wild birds, wild flowers and loss of natural habitats and most concerned about river or stream pollution. Q10-11: The majority of residents used the public footpaths but found this limited by lack of signposting, not knowing where the paths go, poor surfaces and fear of abuse from other people. Q12: People would like a well equipped Youth Centre. Q13-15: The majority of residents felt that Haydon Wick Parish was a pleasant, clean area with good community spirit. The main concern of residents is the lack of Bank/Building Society facilities and a Youth Centre.

Parish Council Actions:

· Haydon Wick Parish Council has consulted with the Ward Councillors with regard to the derelict dwelling on Haydonleigh Drive. · Consultation is taking place with the Borough Rights of Way Officer with regard to improving footpaths signage. Suggested local walks are being included in editions of Haydon Wick Newsletter.

Haydon Wick Parish Council has looked at how it might address the issues raised:

· Haydon Wick Parish Council sponsors a weekly Youth Session for 10 -13 year olds ([email protected]) at the Underground next to the North Swindon Library.

­­­ 7 ­­­

Taw Hill Area

Q2: The most important existing facility for residents were: Toddler Groups.

Q3: The most popular other facilities residents would like to see were: Improved play areas for younger children.

Q4-7: There was a 50:50 split on whether provision of Sports and Arts & Culture were adequate or not. Q8-9: Residents had NO noise issues. Residents were concerned about traffic speed on Thamesdown Drive and the poor traffic light sequencing, light pollution and dog fouling. Residents were concerned about river or stream pollution, flooding, declining numbers of wild birds, wild flowers and loss of natural habitats. Q10-11: The majority of residents used the public footpaths but found this limited by poor surfaces. Q12: Youth provision was considered to be inadequate. Q13-15: Residents considered that their area was pleasant with little antisocial behaviour. There is concern about dog fouling and cars parked on footpath causing obstruction to pedestrians. Residents would like to see in future: More dog bins and reduced light pollution by turning off street lights at night.

Parish Council Actions:

Haydon Wick Parish Council has looked at how it might address the issues raised: · The Parish Council frequently reminds dog owners that they should clean up after their pets and ensures that the many dog bins in the area are maintained and emptied regularly. · The Parish Council regularly reports car parking issues to the Haydon Wick NeST meeting.

­­­ 8 ­­­

Haydon End Area

Q2: The most important existing facility for residents were: Facilities for toddlers, sport, older people, womens group Q3: The most popular other facilities residents would like to see was: Youth Centre/coffee shop, litter bins at play areas, a pub, community centre and clubs and a Post Office. Q4-7: There was considered to be adequate provision of Community facility but inadequate Sports and Arts & Culture facilities. Q8-9: Residents had noise issues with construction noise. Other community problems included: Dog fouling and litter. Residents were equally concerned about declining numbers of wild birds, wild flowers and loss of natural habitats and river or stream pollution. Q10-11: The majority of residents used the public footpaths but found this limited by not knowing where the paths go and poor surfaces. Q12: Youth facilities were considered to be inadequate. People would like more youth provision and a coffee shop. Q13-15: The majority of residents felt that Haydon Wick Parish was well served with good schools, facilities, easy access and a strong Parish Council. The main concern of residents is the abuse of the bus only lanes, residential parking issues, intimidating behaviour of youths and litter. Residents would like to see more youth community involvement, more litter bins, a Police presence and improved parking.

Parish Council Actions:

Haydon Wick Parish Council has looked at how it might address the issues raised: · Haydon Wick Parish Council has provided more dog waste bins and litter bins in the area. · Consultation is taking place with the Borough Rights of Way Officer with regard to improving footpaths signage. Suggested local walks are being included in editions of Haydon Wick Newsletter.

· Haydon Wick Parish Council sponsors a weekly Youth Session for 10 -13 year olds ([email protected]) at the Underground next to the North Swindon Library. · The Parish Council regularly reports car parking issues to the Haydon Wick NeST meeting.

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By the time you read this the new Leisure Gardens should be complete or very nearly, weather permitting of course. Since the number of people on the waiting list at present is nearly three times the number of plots that will be available we still will not be keeping up with demand ­ but it is progress. As you probably know the site will be accessed from the Old Blunsdon Road and is opposite the older site (Site 1) and not far from the Manor Pub ­ it is thirsty work after all. Thanks for the availability of the site and progress with it should go to Thames Water, Murphy's, the relevant Swindon Borough Departments, Borough Councillors and members of the Parish Council Recreation Committee who dealt with project details. And, of course the site contractors who should have made a splendid job of it. Eddie Bedwell - Chair Recreation Committee, HWPC.

­­­ 10 ­­­

Youth council...

Some of you that have been into North Swindon library recently may have seen the above sign in the teenage section and though `what's all that about?' HeadSpace is something that was thought up by young people for young people to make libraries a more welcoming place. They wanted to change the image of libraries as something boring and unwelcoming to a place where young people actually wanted to go to! Young people came up with the name `HeadSpace' as a place in the library where young people could meet, relax and chat with friends. It's also a place where young people have a say in what goes on for them in the library. This includes choosing and putting on events, performances and activities. At North Swindon Library we've just started our `HeadSpace' and launched it with an African drumming and media makeup night and we also collected young people's ideas as to what they wanted to see in the library. We managed to get some new furniture and change the area to make it more welcoming. A group also get together to help plan future activities. They meet on the first Thursday of every month from 4.30pm ­6pm, we have a chat about our ideas but we also have time to get to know each other and play on the Nintendo Wii! We're always looking for new members so either just turn up or you can contact me by email [email protected] to find out more. Next meeting dates are 7th April 2011 and 5th May 2011. Anish - Youth Librarian.

­­­ 11 ­­­

As you will see the communications committee has been working hard to update the look and feel of the Haydon Wick Newsletter. We know that lots of people really enjoy reading about what is going on in the parish and find the adverts from local groups and businesses useful. Our previous edition was our first venture into colour and in this edition we hope to improve the print quality too. However, without articles and news from parishioners we wouldn't have a newsletter, so please do send us any news you would like us to share. The Council would also like to say a very special thank you to Ann Reynolds who has volunteered as the newsletter Editor for many years. Ann has given years of dedicated service to ensure the newsletter has flourished, but has now decided the time has come for her to step down from this position. In light of this, please send any newsletter content to the Clerk to the council at [email protected] Liz Carroll - Chair of Communications committee

Communications committee report for newsletter

The policy committee has been working on a number of issues since our last report. In the near future new sign posts will be appearing around the periphery of the parish welcoming people into the area; we have also upgraded our office network and internet facilities, and have been reviewing health and safety procedures and our contractual agreements with our employees. Additionally we've started working toward changes in our Christmas parcel scheme for pensioners within the parish with a view to making this a more inclusive system that targets and supports all parishioners in need at this special time of year. Ian Carroll - Chair of Policy committee

­­­ 12 ­­­

Policy Committee

Swindon Town Coaches to put Tiny Tots through their Paces

Swindon Town Football in the Community Trust is delivering a new series of Tiny Tots Football courses in January 2011 . The sessions are for boys and girls of all abilities, aged 3-4 years old, and qualified coaches will run the structured programmes. Croft Sports Centre will host sessions on Mondays from 1pm-1.45pm and 1.45pm-2.30pm. Stratton Community Centre is the venue on Wednesdays from 1pm-1.45pm and 1.45pm-2.30pm while The Haydon Centre plays host to the programme on Thursdays from 1.00-1.45pm. A Football in the Community Spokesman said: "All aspects of football, including dribbling, shooting skills, small sided games and hand eye co-ordination are involved. It is also a great chance for children to make new friends , learn football in a safe environment and have fun . All your child will need is a full training kit and a drinks bottle to join in. The courses run in conjunction with the school term for a 12 week period." For more information on Tiny Tots Football, or to book a place on the courses, call Luke Sharps on 01793 421303 or email [email protected]

­­­ 13 ­­­

Haydon Wick Ward Update

Cllr Ian Dobie (back left) 01793 706463 [email protected] Cllr Rex Barnett (front left) 01793 722320 / 07895 587215 [email protected] Cllr David Renard (front right) 01793 638552 / 07824 550483 [email protected] Justin Tomlinson MP, North Swindon (back right) 01793 533393 / [email protected] / Torun Way Bus Gate: We get many enquiries from residents asking what can be done to prevent the large number of vehicles using this designated bus route. At the time of writing, this road is still privately owned by the developers which means that neither the Police nor Council has any enforcement powers to prevent its use by cars, vans etc. However, the developer is changing the road layout and implementing the necessary works to comply with the terms of the planning approval and we hope it will be completed by the time this article is published. When the legalities, the works and signage are finalised then the Council will be in a position to adopt the road at which time it will become public highway. Then the Police will have the powers to enforce unauthorised use of the bus gate. Additional Primary School places: As Cabinet Member for Children's Services, David has delivered an additional 80 primary school places in the Northern Sector to help meet the demands of the growing school population. As a Governor at Haydonleigh for over 10 years and as a parent, he understands the need to deliver school places for pupils in their local communities when possible. Mayor: Rex, in his capacity as His Worshipful the Mayor of Swindon for the Municipal Year 2010/11, had already performed well over 350 Civic duties up to the end of December. His chosen charities are CALM, Prospect Hospice and The Willows Counselling Centre and he welcomes any support to raise funds for these causes. His term as Mayor comes to an end on 20 May. Pictures of his year so far can be seen at Any requests for his services as Mayor must be routed through the Mayor's office on 463599 or [email protected]

from your Swindon Borough Councillors

­­­ 14 ­­­

Flooding Works: By the time that residents read this, we hope that the Environment Agency (EA) will have submitted their planning application to carry out the long awaited works to alleviate flooding from the Haydon Brook. We expect work to start in June 2011 helped by the £450k we secured from the Council. The EA has set up a special page on their web site to keep residents informed: Thames Avenue: In the current financial climate, further progress on the improvements residents want to see will be slow with it unlikely that any further works will be seen before next financial year. We will, however, keep up the pressure to get more done as soon as possible. New Allotments: We are asked when the new allotments will be coming online. Residents will recall that we initiated the conversion of this land to new allotments when the Thames Water contractors, Murphy's moved off site. The Parish Council is now managing the site and moving the scheme towards completion with Swindon Council. Enquiries about plots should be made to them on 722446. Street Smart: Any issues such as graffiti, pot holes, missed waste collections, rubbish or overgrown bushes / trees that need attention, should be reported to StreetSmart on 445501 or online at The issues should be resolved but, if the problem persists, do let us know so we can take up the case. Council Budget: When formulating the Council's draft budget, we and our colleagues took a pessimistic view of the settlement expected from Government. The settlement came in broadly in line with our expectations so we will not need to consult of further cuts as is the case in many other areas. Our community web site, will be 10 years old in September 2011. We will say more in our Summer report. Do contact us about any issues of concern and we will do our best to resolve them.

Including a member of the local Neighbourhood Police Team

Monthly Advice Surgeries

Second Saturday of each month from 9am to 10am in the Parish Council offices. No appointment is necessary and all ward residents are welcome.

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Haydon Wick Parish Council Community Bus


(morning) The bus is available for private appointments or bookings for organised trips subject to driver availability. (afternoon) Over 60's Club on alternate weeks.




(morning/ Shopping trip calling at: Abbey Meads Post Office, (afternoon) Morrison's, Asda Walmart and Tesco. Pick up for pub lunch. The bus is available for private appointments or bookings for organised trips subject to driver availability. Monthly trip to Blunsdon Market (during Spring / Summer months) - anyone interested must register with the office.

(morning) Thursday: (morning) Friday: (morning)

Trip to Swindon Town Centre for shopping (alternate weeks) (Drop off and collection point behind Sainsburys). (afternoon) Transport for Young at Heart Club at The Haydon Centre.

Shopping trip, calling at Morrison's, Asda Walmart and Abbeymeads Post Office.

If you wish to book a place on any trip please call Caroline or Sue on 722446 giving at least 24 hours notice. Private appointments are subject to driver availability and charges will be confirmed with the passenger at time of booking. Please note: If you require transport to the Great Western Hospital to attend an appointment, the driver will make arrangements with you to wait for up to one hour until your return. If the appointment runs over the hour you will be required to make your own arrangements for the return journey.

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TaxAssist Accountants

The Accountancy and Tax Service for Small Business

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For further information/ to apply please call us on 01793 879297 or download our application form on our website

19th September ­ 7th October 2011

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"Words" is a song written and sung by the Bee Gees, released at the beginning of 1968. It became one of their well-known hits and was subsequently recorded by a number of other artists who had equal success with the track. "It's only words...."


Ever received an email that made you so angry that you immediately pressed the reply button and started typing in your very best 2 or 3 fingered manner. The reason the immediate response? The contents upset you, hurt you, angered you, and right at that moment demanded an immediate response. Email complete ­ slight hesitation, but with heart still racing and adrenaline still pumping, it didn't take much to hit the "send" button. Too late!

How many of us have done just that? Trouble is - you can't get it back once it has gone. Sending a note of retraction, or trying to smooth things over - nothing can undo that moment. In these days of instant communication a quick response to something can be absolutely devastating because we react immediately, rather than pausing. Many years ago, Abraham Lincoln said, quite sensibly, that if you are going to send a letter of anger, sleep on it for at least two nights. You will probably find you will end up destroying it rather than sending it.

It was Mark Twain who once said: "When you are angry, count to five. When you are very angry, swear." That was his advice ­ I am not advocating that one! I would probably agree more with Thomas Jefferson who once said, "When you are angry, count to ten. When you are very angry, count to one hundred." That is far better advice.

In the Bible the letter of James 1:19 says, "Everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for your anger does not produce God's righteousness." Today you may well be on the wrong end of one of those emails, telephone calls or letters. And yes, you may well feel like responding immediately. Stop...pause. Ask yourself the question, "Is my response going to make things better, or worse." Yes, there are many words that are said, the consequences of which are often devastating. Often the more measured approach is the best way. Gerald England - Emmanuel URC

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Local Council Elections 5th May 2011

Parish Council elections are held every 4 years and Haydon Wick Parish Council will be having an election this year. Parish Councils depend on local people taking an interest in what happens in their community, whatever their background and local people standing as councillors can bring a wealth of knowledge and community understanding into the local team. If you are interested in becoming a councillor, or know someone who might just need some encouragement now is the time to act, get the forms and send them off. Nomination forms for candidates are available from Haydon Wick Parish Council Offices, Thames Avenue. The deadline for the close of nominations is at NOON on 4th APRIL. All nominations must reach the election office in Euclid Street by this time.

Help us to meet your needs by supporting your local councillors and remember to vote on Thursday 5th of May.

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Our club is once again going forward to another very successful year. The club was formed over twenty six years ago when the meetings were held in the old hut which was the predecessor to the Haydon Centre where our club now meets every Friday afternoon at 1.30pm. If you live in the parish of Haydon Wick and are over sixty why not come and join us. Every Friday we have a very full program starting with an hour of entertainment followed by tea and biscuits then our weekly raffle and finish with Bingo. Last year we held our Christmas dinner at the Southbrook arms where once again the afternoon was an out standing success. We shall be running our monthly outings again this year when visitors will be welcome With the increasing costs and the annual rent rise for the hall etc we are extremely grateful to the parish council and our other benefactors for the financial aid they so kindly donate to us, without this help our activities would have to be curtailed We shall be having our usual holiday breaks this year the first one to Scotland in June. At the time of writing we have not decided where the rest will be. Watch this space Ivan Hewlett Chairman - Telephone 01793 721616


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Beautification of Nails & Eyelashes

Beautification of Nails & Eyelashes

m: 07886298881 m: 07886298881 t/f: 01793 706447 m: 07886298881 e: e: [email protected] [email protected] w: e: [email protected] w: w:


t/f: 01793 706447




Nail Enhancements


Brighter Windows - that stay clean for longer Competitive rates & free quotes

Residential & Commercial Builders First Clean Cleans Up To 45' ­ 4 Floors Fully Insured







ons, evenings and weekends, appointments are tailored to suit the individual client. ll-out, over a glass of wine, soft music and birdsong in a lovely garden setting. oons, evenings and weekends, appointments are tailored to suit the individual client. hill-out, over a glass of wine, soft music and birdsong in a lovely garden setting.

Fully qualified and insured Nail Technician and Eyelash Extentionist Fully qualified and insured Nail Technician and Eyelash Extentionist

afternoons, evenings and weekends, appointments are tailored to suit the individual client. Come and chill-out, over a glass of wine, soft music and birdsong in a lovely garden setting.

t/f: 01793 706447 m: 07737 371393 e: [email protected]

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Domestic & Commercial Electricians


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`A Service with Distinction'

n Rewires / extensions

n Testing and Inspection

n Consumer unit (Fuse Board) replacement

n Additional Sockets and lighting

n Periodic inspection & PAT testing No call out fee

n Security Lighting

n Cooker / Shower installation

Please contact: Philip Hadley Tel: 01793

Email: [email protected]

728839 Mobile: 07595 385092

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Volunteer Centre Swindon's `vinvolvedswindon' has been involved in putting together a photography project. The aim of the project is to work alongside organisations to create a portfolio of photographs to raise awareness of what is involved in a volunteering role. It will also give organisations an opportunity to use their photographs to promote volunteering opportunities and to raise awareness of their organisation.

Haydon Wick Parish Council Community Bus

BTD Plumbing & Heating

Local, on time and reliable All manor of plumbing and heating work undertaken


07920 042880

Tel: 01793 871197

For full list of services and references please see website

Haydon Wick Parish Council has previously recruited several drivers from Swindon Volunteer Centre and was invited by Swindon Volunteer Centre to take part in the project. The photographs show two of our volunteer drivers with the community bus and passengers travelling in the bus to lunch Club at Emmanuel Church. A public exhibition displaying all the photographs from various volunteer roles in organisations is planned for the Spring 2011.

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Home Visits £22 Tel:


Email: [email protected]

Fly Tipping

The photograph below is an example of what NOT to do with your excess rubbish. This rubbish was dumped at the entrance to King George V Field over the Christmas period.

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Our annual bazaar was held in November 2010 and we successfully raised £285 which will be donated to charity. Thanks to all of you that came along and supported us by grabbing a bargain. Special thanks go to the various local businesses who donated raffle prizes. This includes: Cr'8 Hair and Beauty of Greenmeadow; Greenmeadow Service Station, The Shield and Dagger public house, Barnes Coaches, the hairdresser "The Works" of Redhouse and Bonnies the Florist at the Moonrakers. Thanks to all our members that helped to organise, donate items for sale and to run the event.

Since the last newsletter our activities have been varied. In September we had a talk from Ashley Heath about local BBC Radio and we also had a presentation from the "Save Water for SwindonD project which was organised by Thames Water. In October we enjoyed our harvest supper. In November we listened to a talk about prose and poetry. In December we enjoyed our Christmas Party. We are also making plans to set up sub groups to enable members to meet up together to do things they enjoy like a lunch / supper group and a book club etc. We hope to kick start this in the New Year. Our meeting plans for the start of the year include: January The bobby van - a talk from the local police about safety and security February - Making chocolate and an evening meal at the Swindon College. March - Spring April - Acupuncture and Chinese medicine May - Our Annual Meeting

The next newsletter should have news of our plans for the rest of the year.

Interested in joining us?

We meet on the second Monday of each month at the Haydon Centre, Thames Avenue from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Please feel free to join us as we always look forward to welcoming new members. Finally, we wish you all a very happy Easter. Kind regards Helen Holmes (07967 088745)

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Environment Agency Flood Alleviation Scheme

Work including vegetation and shrub clearance was due to start in Haydon Wick in February, the timing of which was planned to ensure that the vegetation is cleared prior to the main bird nesting season. Public footpaths will be closed and locally diverted in the interest of residents health and safety. The final scheme will include planting and will aim to allow natural re-growth as well as enhance the local environment with habitat creation. Construction on the scheme is due to start in Summer 2011, subject to planning permission and available funding being secured, and will take around 10 months to complete. Residents may see more activity on site,such as tree felling and shrub removal, intermittent noise from machinery and vehicles may be experienced along the Haydon Wick Brook corridor during the day. The Environemnt Agency aims to update the community on the progress of the scheme at a public meeting.

Thursday Group held its annual Christmas Carol Service on Thursday 16 December 2010 at the end of which a presentation of £686 was made to Swindon Young Carers, which was the amount raised by the Group during the year. The Group's Annual General Meeting was held on 13 January 2011 when we looked back at 2010, made plans for future meetings and the charity for 2011 was chosen. We have decided to raise money for the local branches of Autistic Society and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Thursday Group will be meeting alternate Thursday evenings through the year from 13th January 2011 and new members are always welcome. If you would like more information please contact Sue Martin on 721552 or 722446. Sue Martin Clerk to Haydon Wick Parish Council - Tel: 01793722446

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(Registered Charity No:263908)

January 2011.

`The Haydon Wick Over 60's Club' meets once a fortnight at the Haydon Wick Club, Blunsdon Road providing a full programme of entertainment throughout the year. Our Monday afternoon meetings with entertainment are most enjoyable, all rounded off with tea and biscuits. Six day coach outings (usually Wednesday) throughout the year, April to September, are carefully selected to suit most members. Our appreciation and thanks for grants go to the Haydon Wick Parish Council, The Wiltshire & Swindon Community Trust, whose grant subsidised our meeting's entertainment for 2009 & 2010., and an International Company whose grant subsidised our monthly day trips last year. This year is the `Clubs' 40th Anniversary, we shall of course be celebrating this event, especially so as we are told we are the oldest active Over 60's club in the County. Our `Birthday Celebration' will take place on the 21st March at the Blunsdon House Hotel with afternoon tea and entertainment. Our guests being the Mayor & Mayoress of Swindon along with Haydon Wick Parish Chairman and representatives from our main International sponsors. With our membership renewals due at the AGM on February 21st we have only 11 vacancies for new members if all current memberships are renewed. If you are over 60 and reside within the Parish of Haydon Wick and would like to join then do please contact us. For meeting dates and/ or membership enquiries please phone, Pat Cutting 729120 or Mike Warr 349029. The joining fee is at present £3.00 and the fortnightly meeting fee is £1.00.

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Anything Electrical? Ask for the BEST!

Butcher's Electrical Services & Technology

Tel: 01793 771167 Mobile: 07796 612095

°All types of domestic and commercial electrical installations, from one socket

to a complete rewire. Periodic Electrical Safety Reports for Landlords. ° °Also Telecom and Data, Security and Home Automation Systems. °All work undertaken by a NAPIT Part P Registered Electrician. °All domestic jobs covered by an insurance backed guarantee.

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Well, winter is here again with a vengeance, it is snowing hard as I write this and all outdoor activities, except slipping over, seem to have ceased. The annual Christmas Concert was a great success again this year, and despite the best efforts of the weather to deter them, larger than anticipated numbers came to the Haydon Centre to hear the Aldbourne Band and to join in singing some well known carols. Thank you to all of the people who joined us and helped to make the evening most enjoyable. The Club also participated again in a pre Christmas Bowling Weekend in Torquay where we played indoor Friendly Matches against local club teams. Everyone who went agreed that the Hotel and facilities were very good and is already looking forward to next year's trip.

Our members have now begun practising their skills at Boules and we intend to organise some friendly matches with local clubs as soon as possible in the New Year, and then enter a Team into the Cotswold League. Anyone who is interested in playing the game please contact the Secretary who will send you an Application Form to join the Club as a Boules Member. You will not need to be a bowling member of the Club to play Boules. We are currently holding practise sessions every Tuesday and Saturday at 10am (weather permitting), and there are sets of Club Boules available on loan for you to try. No special clothing or footwear is needed.

Our programme of Quiz Nights and Whist Drives continues throughout the winter months and entry is open to Social Members of the Club as well as to full members.

Our new season will be starting again towards the end of April and I would like to invite anyone who would like to try the Game of Bowls to either contact me, or to just turn up at the green any Monday evening during the season between 6pm and 7.30pm. We can lend you all the equipment that you will need and have qualified Coaches on hand to offer any help or advice necessary. Stuart Barker General Secretary - Tel: 01793 725364 Email: [email protected]

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Hackers Upholstery

102 York Road, Swindon SN1 2JU

Why not let us re-upholster your old Furniture . . .

LIKE NEW! Re-upholstery of all Modern and Antique Furniture. All types of furniture repairs undertaken plus chairs re-sprung, extensive range of fabrics available.

Foam cut to size, new cushion interiors always in stock. Come and see our full range of DIY supplies at our York Road Shop.

FoR a FRee eStimate call 01793


cRicKlaDe DeNtal SURGeRY caRiNG FoR YoUR

Dental Surgeons Dennis I. Pearce B.D.S. (U. Bristol) Christopher Cain B.D.S.c. Dental Hygienists Laura Crowley Linzi Rose E.D.H. D.H.E.





104 HiGH StReet, cRicKlaDe


01793 750388

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Haydon Wick Walk

If you really want to see more of your area and you're interested in walking some of it, then sooner or later you will need an Ordnance Survey map. They are a mine of information and a little effort to read them will repay itself many times. The current Explorer series sheet169 covers Swindon, Cirencester, the Cotswold Water Park and areas to the west at a scale of 2.5 inches to the mile ­ or 4cm to 1km if you prefer; W.H.Smith usually has a stock. In the meantime try this one........ Haydon Wick is blessed with probably the best bus service in Swindon with half a dozen services running from early morning to almost midnight. If you have a bus pass use it but if not then £1.70 is a small sum to pay to get out and about for an interesting walk. Service 18 starts at ASDA bus terminus, wanders through the estates on the north side of Thamesdown Drive, takes the Purton Rd through to Sparcells, down Mead Way and by the side of Sainsbury's, Bridgemead store to eventually reach Fleming Way. Hop off by Sainsbury's, do a small shop and then (carefully) cross Great Western Way by the Bridgemead Roundabout. A footpath is sign-posted here to lead north-west and follow the original course of Swindon's second railway, the Midland and South Western Junction Railway back to Purton Rd, diving under the main railway line to Gloucester along the way. The path surface is mainly dust and is good for walking all through the year It starts in an industrial estate but then borders the old sewage settlement ponds and finally, on your left, Shaw Country Park. This was created by Swindon Borough Council from the old land fill tip and has now been levelled and grassed to provide a pleasant parkland area. It's still a bit raw but will mature in a few years On the assumption that no one would want to live under the high tension wires the developers built up as far as they dare but a corridor is defined from the A419 to Moredon and a footpath follows it most of the way. So, once out on the Purton Rd turn right on to Akers Way and pick up a sign posted path which faithfully follows the pylons through the Greenmeadow estate and back to Haydon Wick.

Phil's Rambles

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North Swindon library

Learn! Enjoy! Discover!

telephone: 01793 707120

opening hours: Sunday 12 noon - 4.00pm, Monday - Closed, Tuesday 10.00am - 6.00pm, Wednesday 12 noon - 8.00pm, Thursday 10.00am - 6.00pm, Friday 12 noon - 8.00pm, Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm.

There's something for everyone...

Books, DVDs, CDs, Playstation & X Box games, books on tape and cassette, huge selection of children's books, fax & photocopier, FREE Internet access, under 5's story time every Tuesday at 11.00am.


This is a special FREE service for people who can't get to the library or have difficulty carrying books home. You may have, or know of someone with, a long or short-term need. If you would like to find out more please contact Martin Bastin on 07769281666 or via email at [email protected] North Swindon Library, Orbital Shopping Park, Telephone 01793 707120 Website


For advice or a quote, Ring



Swindon 01793 532444

Mobile 07906141845 ­­­ 37 ­­­

Haydon Artists' Society

We have had another successful year which culminated in our Exhibition. The preview evening went really well and we were pleased to welcome family and friends of our members as well as the Mayor and Mayoress. Our families are important to the group as they give the support and encouragement our members need. The exhibition went very well and was well attended as it has been in previous years. As well as producing paintings the group are responsible for putting the whole thing together. We are fortunate to have Roy Leftwich who made all the screens and organised putting them all together so when the paintings arrived they can be hung without too much trouble. As in all groups everyone has an opinion as to where paintings should go but we work things out and this year we finished in very good time. We sold 15 paintings which is really good and had a raffle which helped pay for the room. Alan Walker won the prize for the painting voted most liked by the people who visited the exhibition. The painting was a pen and ink with watercolour of Lower Slaughter. As always we had a few new members joining us after the exhibition and this is very welcome. We had our school competition and had entries from Haydonleigh School. This year the subject was portraits and the youngest of the three winners was 4 years old. It was difficult to choose three winners as the paintings were so good. The winners had their paintings framed by members of the Group and the paintings were displayed in the exhibition. Our web site is in the process of being updated and we hope to have information and also photos of the exhibition displayed there soon. Christmas was again very enjoyable with the Tuesday group going out to lunch at the College where second year students, and their tutors, prepare a three course lunch. It was a really good meal and the students made us very welcome. The Thursday group again went to the Blunsdon House Hotel and we had a very enjoyable evening. We have been sad to hear that Framework, the art supplies shop on Cheney Manor Trading Estate, is to close down. It has been run by Alan and Eileen Miller and their daughter Karen who is one of our members. We would like to wish Alan and Eileen a happy retirement and Karen good wishes for the future. Despite the bad weather before Christmas we managed to keep going and didn't have to cancel any meetings. We are all looking forward to our new year and perhaps trying new things. If you feel like coming along to see if it is the kind of group you would like to belong to please come and give it a try. If you would like any more information about the group please look at our web site or call Barbara Moody on 01793 722410 or Bez Suter on 01793 531360 our website is ­­­ 38 ­­­

Gemma-Jade Haines

Find Your Style Interiors

Soft furnishings · Upholstery · Blinds · Fabric Wallpaper · Carpets · Wood flooring Tiles · Paint · Accessories

07789 225090

[email protected]

Interior Designer

Domestic & Commercial Interior design service

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Baby Clinic: 2.00 - 3.45 p.m. Wed. HC ........................................... Eldene Health Centre (695151) Badminton: 8.00 - 10.00 p.m. Tuesday & 7.00 - 10.00 p.m. Friday at the Haydon Centre .......................................................... Robin Chandler (722584) Brownies: 1st Greenmeadow: 5.45 - 7.15 p.m. Thurs. Emmanuel URC 3rd Greenmeadow: 6.00 - 7.30 p.m. St. Johns ............................. Ms Jordan (726422) Busy Fingers (18 months - 5 years): Mondays 9.30 to 11.00 a.m. and 1.00 to 2.30 p.m. Tuesdays 9.30 to 11.00 a.m. (0 - 18 months) and 1.00 to 2.30 p.m. Wednesdays 9.30 to 11.00 a.m. Thursdays 9.30 to 11.00 a.m. and 1.00 to 2.30 p.m. Fridays 10.00 to 11.30 a.m. .............................................................. Debbie (496900) CAMEO Parents & Toddlers and Babies: Emmanuel URC Wednesday 9.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m. . ..................................... Debbie McGaw (340702) Conservative Party Councillor Ian Dobie . .............................................. [email protected] (706463) Councillor Rex Barnett .......... [email protected] (722320 or 07895 587215) Councillor David Renard..................................... [email protected] (638552) Website: Dancing: 9.30 - 12.30 Sat. Swindon Academy of Dance. HC ..................... S. Watson (724547) Haydon Artists' Society Haydon Artists' Society ...................................................... Barbara Moody (722410) Haydon Centre ................................................................................................ (706666) Haydon Centre Tea Dance Thursday 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. ............................................ Margory Lawrence (832099) Haydon Meadow Pre-School: 9.00 - 11.30 a.m. & 12.15 - 2.45 p.m. Mon.-Fri. HC ................. Chris Webb (706696) Website: Haydon Wick Over 60's Club: 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. alt. Mon. HW Working Mens Club ................. Mr M. Warr (349029) Haydon Wick Bowls Club: ........................................................ Stuart Barker (725364) Home Library: ............................................................................ Debs Osorio (707127) Karate: 7.00 - 8.00 p.m. Mon. Junior. GM School .................................. Mr Beedon (729336) 8.00 - 9.30 p.m. Mon. Senior. GM School ­­­ 40 ­­­


Keyboard Capers: Moredon Community Centre Tuesdays (Fortnightly) 7.30 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. .................................... Roger (854072) Kids Club (4 - 10 years): Thursday evening 5.30 - 7.00 p.m. Friday evening 6.00 - 7.30 p.m. ...................................................... Debbie (496900) Little Pippins Pre-School: Monday to Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. at Greenmeadow Childrens Centre............................................. Steph (07879623507) Lunch Club: 12 noon Thurs. Emmanuel URC ...................................... Vivienne Woolley (728331) National Bullying Helpline:.................................................................. (0845 2255787) Parish Council: 7.30 p.m. 3rd Tues. Parish Council Offices ........................... Mrs S. Martin (722446) Sea Scouts (1st Swindon): 1st Swindon Sea Scouts website ..................\1stswindon St John's Pram Club - St John's Church: From 4th January, 2010 Mondays (during term time) 9.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. . ................................................................................................ Lynda Gough (724129) Sugarcraft: 2nd Thursday every month except August - 7.00 - 9.00 p.m. at Moredon Community Centre ..................................................... J. Poling (722594) Swindon Ki-Aikido: Monday & Thursday: 8.00 - 10.00 p.m. at Haydon Centre ....................................................................... Dave Powell 721962 Thursday Group: Emmanuel URC, High Street Alternate Thursdays 8.00 p.m. ................................................... Sue Martin (722446) Thursday Link: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Thursdays at 1.30pm at Emmanuel Church .......................................................... Roger Manning (637618) Women's Institute: 7.30 - 9.30 2nd Mon. HC.................................................... Mrs S. Williams (320535) Young at Heart: 1.30 - 4.00 p.m. Fri. HC ................................................................................ (706666) HC = Haydon Wick Community Leisure Centre, HW = Haydon Wick, For inclusion, or if your details have changed contact Haydon Wick Parish Council on 722446.

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Harry meets Jim again - and Jim's into sport this time

H > "Morning Jim - it's a bit cool for shorts isn't it?" J > "Ah well, I'm off to football soon, training over the Rec. you see" H > " I didn't know you were keen on that - what started your interest ?" J > " Well Harry, I think the whole world of football is in a very poor state and I would like to do my bit to get it back as it used to be. There's those funny managers, most of them can't speak English proper, then there's the FA and that FIFA lot, and then there was the World Cup saga. There's that FIFA chap - is it Sep Splatter?, and I reckon he's in the pocket of that Russian, is it Ras Putin? All very dodgy - what next I ask you ?". H > "Well, I think ! I agree with you Jim, so good luck with your plan. And who are you training with today then" J > Well ,I'm really training and playing, and it's the Ermin Street Ladies under 60's team. H > "Your playing --- in the ladies team !!!" J > "Oh yes, the sex description laws are on my side there - and well, they are a bit short of players" H > "But do the ladies like you in their team" J > Harry, --- they love it. They can't stop laughing when I put on the Team shirt. Oh yes, ladies footy is much better, it's honest, clean and really going places across the country" H > "Can I see the Team shirt Jim" J > "No" Note : Ermin Street Ladies under 60s team have denied all knowledge of Jim but would welcome new members of the right sort. Keep fit somehow, Edwell of Haydon

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Children's Pages

Answers on page 46.

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Children's Pages

Make a speedy bird cake

Make this quick and easy cake to keep the birds happy.

Stuff you need

Good quality bird seed; raisins; peanuts; grated cheese; suet or lard; yoghurt pots; string; mixing bowl; scissors Stay Safe! If you are allergic to nuts, try this without adding peanuts

­ and make sure your bird seed doesn't contain nuts. Be careful when you are using the scissors. Ask an adult to help if you need to.


· Allow the lard to warm up to room temperature, but don't melt it. Then cut it up into small pieces and put it in the mixing bowl. · Add the other ingredients to the bowl and mix them together with your finger tips. Keep adding the seed/raisin/cheese mixture and squidging it until the fat holds it all together. · Fill your yoghurt pots with bird cake mixture and put them in the fridge to set for an hour or so. · Hang your speedy bird cakes from trees or your bird table. Watch for greenfinches, tits and possibly even great spotted woodpeckers.

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Children's Pages

Easter Nests Recipe

To make 10 Easter Nests you will need:

225g (8oz) milk chocolate 50g (2oz) butter 2 tablespoons of golden syrup 100g (4oz) cornflakes Packet of candy-coated mini eggs Paper baking cases A baking tray A large saucepan

1. Place ten of the paper baking cases into the hollows of the baking tray. 2. Break the chocolate into pieces and place these into a large saucepan. 3. Add the butter into the pan. Dip a tablespoon into hot water to warm it up before using it to add the golden syrup into the pan. 4. Heat the pan stirring the mixture all the time until the chocolate and the butter have melted. 5. Turn off the heat. Add the cornflakes to the mixture gently stirring them until they are covered with the chocolate. Be careful not to crush the cornflakes too much. 6. Put the cornflake mixture into each of the paper baking cases. Make a small hollow in the centre of each nest with the back of a teaspoon. 7. Place a few eggs in each nest and then place the tray into the fridge to allow the nests to set. Remove after about an hour. 8. Either keep on or remove paper baking cases and arrange on a plate when you are ready to serve them. They are best stored in an airtight container in the fridge but need to be eaten within three days.

­­­ 45 ­­­

Kite Press Ltd.

Answers to Spring Crossword Across 4. Sprout 7. Duckling 11. Caterpillar 12. Seeds Down 1. Daffodil 2. Tulip 3. Bonnet 5. Puddle 6. Lilacs 8. Jacket 9. Spring 10. Hatch

Unit 3, Central Trading Estate Signal Way, Swindon Wiltshire SN3 1PD Telephone: 01793 616633 Fax: 01793 487192 Email: [email protected] Website:





Home Telephone: 01793 721612 Mobile: 07880 713125


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What a Winter! In some parts of the country it was the coldest December since records began and we certainly had our share of it in Haydon Wick. When walking around the Parish it's not hard to see how the snow and ice have played havoc with the more exotic architectual plants like Cordynes and Palms. These are very tender and have been lulled into a false sense of security by the previous mild winters. As we know, no two years are the same, so it's always good practise to bubble wrap or tie layers of fleece round the more vulnerable plants if they are to stand any chance of surviving sub zero temperatures. They are of course native to Australia and North Africa and have only fairly recently been seen in this part of the world. Although the season is late, the soil is now warming up and it's time for the 3 Rs. Repair, Replace and Restart! The lawn usually needs a repair job after such a severe Winter. Give it a light dressing of "weed and feed" but don't panic when after a few days you wake up to an area of black and brown patches. You haven't ruined it for ever, you've only killed the moss. This can now be raked out, giving the grass a chance to reestablish. You may want to replace your flower border after the ravages of the Winter but don't be too hasty as perennial plants often die right down and completely disappear from the surface but then begin to shoot as it gets warmer. It is however a good time to replace overgrown frost damaged shrubs with something else that takes your fancy, perhaps the beautiful Hibiscus or ever popular Lavateria. Most Autumn sowings of Broad beans just rotted in the ground so these need to be replaced. It is also time to plant first early potatoes and remember, if you haven't got much space, plant them in an old dustbin or large flower pot. Restart. That's what Spring is all about. You may have some new ideas or perhaps made awful mistakes last growing season but it doesn't matter because you can start all over again. Even professional gardeners don't always get it right but I've yet to meet a pessimistic grower. Gardeners are always looking to the future when it's going to be bigger, brighter, more colourful and even weed free!

J.H. ­­­ 48 ­­­


BBC Wiltshire (103.6 FM) ... Brunel FM (107.7 FM) ......... Heart (97.2 FM) .................... SWINDON (105.5 FM) ......... 513626 848600 853222 611555 Greenmeadow School ........... 521141 Haydon Leigh School ........... 700443 Haydon Leigh School (Fax) . 700445 Haydon Wick School ............ 706606 Homeground Surgery ........... 705777 Haydon Centre...................... 706666 Isambard School .................... 705400 Moredon Primary and Morrisons Pharmacy ............. 705322 Nursery School...................... 600344 Oakhurst Primary School .... 734754 Orchid Vale Primary School ........................ 704003/709125 Rodbourne Cheney Primary School ..................... 534710 St Francis C of E Primary School ..................... 727624

It helps us if you mention this Newsletter when replying to advertisements.










PLAISTER AUTOS - 01793 511873




01793 484405

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Chairman .............. R. Hailstone (722724) Clerk, Council Office, Thames Avenue ..........................(722446) Community Ambulance ............ (722446)


Swindon Police Station ... 0845 408 7000 Gas Emergency ................... 0800 111999 Electricity Emergency ..... 0845 770 8090 Thames Water Emergency . 0645 200800 British Telecom Faults ...................... 151 Thamesdown Buses .................... 428428 Swindon Borough Council.......... 463000 Alcohol Advisory Centre ............ 695495 Breakthrough Trust (Deaf) .......... 771021 Childline.................................. 0800 1111 Citizens Advice/Bureau ... 0844 4994 114 Trading Standards ....................... 466154 CRUSE (Bereavement) ............... 619933 DSS ............................................. 489600 Druglink ...................................... 610133 Gay Outreach .............................. 644585 Gingerbread (Lone Parents) ........ 513662 Options Plus Independent Living............. (Disabled).................................... 643966 Hydrotherapy Pool ...................... 496002 Job Centre ................................... 586000 National Childbirth Trust ............ 771586 Connections................................. 695255 Great Western Hospital ............... 604020 Age Concern (Swindon) .......................... Milton Road ................................ 692166 Gypsy Liaison ............................. 464434 Prospect Foundation .................... 813355 Racial Equality ............................ 528545 Rape Crisis .................................. 616511 Relate (marriage guidance) ......... 527665 RSPCA ............................ 0300 1234 999 Salvation Army (Davis House) ... 531107 Samaritans ................................... 537373 Well Women Centre .................... 511064 Wilts Assoc. for the Blind ........... 729512 Women's Aid (Refuge) ................ 536447 Swindon College ......................... 491591 New College ................................ 611470 Central Library ............................ 463238 Reference Library........................ 463240 Wyvern Theatre (Bookings) ........ 524481 Arts Centre (Devizes Road) ........ 614837 Town Hall Studios ....................... 463210 Link Centre.................................. 445566 Oasis Leisure Centre ................... 445400 Milton Rd. Baths/Health Hydro .. 693787 Cinema ........................................ 881118 Athletics Track & Alamo............. 617782 Delta Tennis Centre ...................... 871111 Swindon Town Football Club...... 642984 Dyslexia Helpline ........................ 433967 Lights Out On Lamposts .. 0800 0150096 Fire .............................................. 401200

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01793 725413 07771 905 919



email: [email protected]



Computer aided design. Supply only (7 day delivery). Full fitting service. Extensive showroom (18 displays). · Modern and traditional styles available. · All kitchen brand named appliances available. · · · ·


· · · · · Expert fitting service. Full design service. Supply only or fully fitted. Large showroom (20 displays). All leading manufacturers.


One of the largest selections of ceramic wall and floor tiles in the area from Swindon's oldest tile retailer. Superb choice of English or Continental wall and floor tiles.

All under one roof so give us a call



OPEN: MON - FRI 8.30 - 5.00 SAT 9.00 - 5.00

Suppliers & Installers



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