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Name Admiral (U.K.) Ahtanum Amarillo Alpha Acid % 13.5% to 16% 4% to 6.3% 8% to 9% Ale, IPA Cascade, Centennial U.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Progress, Whitbread Golding Variety Bullion Northdown, Northern Brewer, Galena, Bullion Columbus, Northern Brewer, German Brewer's Gold Centennial, Amarillo, possibly Columbus Typical Beer Styles Ale Possible Substitutions U.K. Target, U.K. Northdown, U.K. Challenger Flavor Description Known for its bittering potential. Floral, citrus, sharp, and piney. Citrusy, flowery.

Bramling Cross (U.K.)

5% to 7%

ESB, bitter, pale ale

Quite mild, fruity currant aroma.

Brewer's Gold Brewer's Gold (German)

7% to 8.5%

English ale

Bittering hop with neutral aroma character. Black currant, fruity, spicy. A rich hop primarily used for bittering. Intense blackcurrant aroma. Pleasant, flowery, spicy, and citrusy. Can have a grapefruit flavor. Medium with floral and citrus tones.

6% to 7%

Ale, heavier Germanstyle lagers


6.5% to 9%

IPA, ESB, stout


4.5% to 7%

Pale ale, IPA, porter, barleywine All ale styles, has been used with wheat beer English-style ales, porter, stout, ESB, bitter Pale ale, IPA, stout,


8% to 11.5%

Cascade, possibly Columbus

Challenger (U.K.)

6.5% to 8.5%

U.S. or German Perle, Northern Brewer Nugget, Columbus,

Mild to moderate, quite spicy. Mild to mediumheavy, spicy,


10% to 14%

porter, lager

Northern Brewer, U.K. Target

piney, and grapefruity.


5.5% to 8.5%

Ale and lager (good aroma for ale, good bittering for lager) IPA, pale ale, stout


Medium and quite spicy.


11% to 16%

Nugget, Chinook, U.K. Target, Northern Brewer Mt. Hood, Hersbrucker, French Strisslespalt, Liberty, Hallertauer Galena, Nugget, Chinook U.K. Kent Golding, maybe Crystal U.K. Fuggle, Willamette, Styrian Golding, U.S. Tettnanger U.S. Fuggle, Willamette, Styrian Golding Nugget, Pride of Ringwood, Chinook U.K. Golding, Whitbread Golding Variety, U.K. Progress, and possibly the Fuggle family Liberty, Ultra, Hallertauer Tradition

Pleasant, with pungent aroma.


2% to 4.5%

Lager, pilsner, ESB

Mild and pleasant, spicy and flowery.

Eroica First Gold (U.K.)

9% to 12% 6.5% to 8.5%


Strong but pleasant aroma. A little like Golding family; spicy. Mild and pleasant, earthy and fruity. Mild, pleasant, hoppy, and robust. Medium but pleasant hoppiness, citrusy.

Ale, ESB Any Englishstyle beer or American ale All Englishstyle ales, ESB, bitter, lager Ale, porter, stout, ESB, bitter

Fuggle (U.S.)

4% to 5.5%

Fuggle (U.K.)

4% to 5.5%


10% to 14%

Golding (U.S.)

4% to 6%

Pale ale, ESB, all English-style beer Lager, pilsner, bock, wheat

Mild, extremely pleasant, and gently hoppy.

Hallertauer (U.S.)

3.5% to 5.5%

Very mild, pleasant, and slightly flowery,

some spicy. Hallertauer Gold Crystal, Mt. Hood Lager, bock, wheat, maybe pilsner Known for its aromatic properties similar to Hallertauer. Mild and pleasant. Known for its aromatic properties. A replacement for Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Mild to semistrong, pleasant, hoppy. Pleasantly hoppy.

6% to 6.5%

Hallertauer Mittelfrüh

3% to 5.5%

Liberty, German Tradition, Ultra

Hallertauer Tradition (Ger.)

3.5% to 5.5%

Mildflavored beers

Crystal, Liberty

Hersbrucker (German) Horizon Kent Golding (U.K.)

3% to 5.5%

Lager, pilsner, bock, wheat Ale, lager All Englishstyle ales, ESB, bitter Lager, pilsner, bock, wheat All beers, particularly lager, pilsner, stout Lager, pilsner, bock, wheat All ales, porter ESB, bitter, English pale ale, porter, California

Mt. Hood, French Strisslespalt Magnum or a high-alpha hop U.S. Golding, Whitbread Golding Variety, U.K. Progress Hallertauer Tradition, Hallertauer, Mt. Hood

11% to 14%

4% to 5.5%

Gentle, fragrant, and pleasant.


3% to 6%

Mild and clean aroma, slightly spicy character.


13% to 15%

Northern Brewer

Known for bittering value and quality. Mild, pleasant, and clean, somewhat pungent and resiny. Fruity with some spiciness. Medium-strong with some wild tones.

Mt. Hood

3% to 8%

Crystal, French Strisslespalt, Hersbrucker

Northdown (U.K.) Northern Brewer (U.S.)

7.5% to 9.5%

6% to 10%

Nugget, Chinook

(steam) beer Northern Brewer (German) Northwest Golding 7% to 10% ESB, bitter, English pale ale, porter Ale, porter, stout, ESB, bitter Light lager Columbus, Chinook, U.K. Target, Galena Chinook Chinook, U.S. Northern Brewer Medium-strong with some wild tones. Known for aromatic properties. Quite heavy and herbal. Mild to medium, citrusy aroma, spicy. Known for its aromatic and bittering properties, pleasant and slightly spicy. Moderately intense, good and hoppy, fruity and a little spicy. Similar to U.K. Challenger. A mild, typical English aroma. Mild and typical of noble aroma types, spicy, herbal. Quite pronounced, woody, earthy, herbal. Moderately strong, good aroma. Very mild with pleasant hoppy

4% to 5%


11% to 14.5%


11% to 13%

Perle (U.S.)

6% to 9.5%

Pale ale, porter, German styles

Northern Brewer, Cluster, Galena, Chinook

Perle (German)

6% to 8.5%

Pale ale, porter, lager

U.S. Perle, Northern Brewer U.K. Northdown, U.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Challenger U.K. Kent Golding U.S. Saaz, Czech Saaz, U.S. Tettnanger

Phoenix (U.K.) Pioneer (U.K.) Polish Lublin

4.2% to 5.5%

All ales

8% to 10%

Ale, ESB

3% to 4.5%


Pride of Ringwood (Australia) Progress (U.K.) Saaz (Czech)

7% to 10%

Australian lager

Galena, Cluster

5% to 7.5%

Ale, bitter, ESB, porter Pilsner

U.K. Kent Golding, Fuggle U.S. Saaz, Polish Lublin

3% to 4.5%

notes, earthy, spicy, and herbal. Saaz (U.S.) 3% to 5% Pilsner, lager, wheat Czech Saaz, Polish Lublin German Tettnanger, German Spalt, German Spalt Select Mild and pleasant, earthy and spicy.


5% to 7.9%

Lager, American ale, pilsner

Noble characteristics.


12.5% to 14%


Known for its bittering and aromatic properties. A bittering and aromatic hop.


12% to 14% U.S. Saaz, U.S. Tettnanger, German Spalt Select U.S. Saaz, U.S. Tettnanger, German Spalt

Spalt (German)

4% to 5.5%


Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy.

Spalt Select 4% to 6% (German)

Lager, and any beer where noble aroma is wanted

Very fine Spaltertype aroma.

Spalt Select 3% to 5% (U.S.)

German lagers

Medium intensity and pleasant hoppy qualities. Tettnanger, Saaz Medium-strong aroma with wild American tones. Saaz, Polish Lublin Mt. Hood, Crystal, Hersbrucker U.S. Fuggle, U.K. Fuggle, Willamette Fuggle, Willamette Herbal, spicy, pleasant aroma, hint of floral and citrus. Medium intensity, pleasant, hoppy.


6% to 9%

Lager, ale, pilsner

Strisslespalt (France) Styrian Golding (Slovenia) Target (U.K.)

3% to 5%

Pilsner, lager, wheat All Englishstyle ales, ESB, bitter, lager All ale and lager

4.5% to 6%

Delicate, slightly spicy. Pleasant English hop aroma, quite

9.5% to 12.5%

intense. German ales and lagers, American lagers, wheat German Spalt, Czech Saaz Santiam An aromatic hop, mild and slightly spicy.

Tettnanger (U.S.)

3.4% to 5.2%

Tettnanger (German)

3.5% to 5.5%

Lager, ale

German Spalt, Mild and German Spalt pleasant, slightly Select, U.S. spicy, herbal. Tettnanger, Saaz Columbus Hersbrucker, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh Primarily a bittering hop. Very fine and similar to Hallertauer Mittelfrüh. Very good to outstanding, some Saaz-like qualities. Aromatic properties similar to Hallertauer. Aroma similar to continental European types. A bittering and aromatic hop. Quite pleasant and hoppy, moderately intense. Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral, a little earthy. Used as a kettle hop for bittering. Columbus Aromatic and pleasant.


15% to 17%


Tradition (German)

5% to 7%

Lager, pilsner


2% to 4.1%

Lager, pilsner, wheat, finish hop in ales

Liberty, Hallertauer Tradition, Saaz


4% to 5.67%

Saaz, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh Ale, stout Nugget

Warrior WGV (Whitbread Golding Variety) (U.K.)

15% to 17%

5% to 7%


U.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Progress


3.5% to 6%

Pale ale, ESB, bitter, English-style ale, porter, stout

U.S. Fuggle, U.S. Tettnanger, Styrian Golding

Yakima Cluster Zeus

6% to 8.5% 13% to 17%


The Ultimate Hop Chart

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