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· · · · · · · · · Solve Most Hose Bending Problems Are Easy/Simple to Use Eliminate Need for Expensive Formed/Molded Hoses Provide Simple/Effective Method to Bend Straight Hose to Nearly Any Shape or Angle Required Reduce Time/Effort on Automotive Hose Replacements or Conversions Strengthen/Protect the Hose Come in a Variety of Sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"and 1" for Most Applications Constructed of Stainless Steel for Long-Term Service Work on Most Air, Coolant, Fuel, Oil, Other Straight and Water Hoses

U-BEND HOSE COILS from HBD/Thermoid, Inc. make automotive hose replacement/conversions and shaping straight hose into required shapes or angles easy. U-BEND HOSE COILS are extreme flexible. With U-BEND HOSE COILS, you can shape a straight replacement hose into the desired angle of an expensive formed/molded hose. U-BEND HOSE COIL helps protect and strengthen the straight replacement hose. With its Stainless Steel construction, the U-BEND HOSE COIL provides you with long-term service. Using the U-BEND HOSE COIL, you can bend a straight hose up to a Maximum of 90 Degrees to help you get the required angle or shape for your application. Try the new U-BEND HOSE COIL from HBD/Thermoid, Inc. and see just how easy it makes your next replacement hose job go.

Thermoid's U-BEND HOSE COILS are ideal for use with:

· · · · Thermoid® Automotive Heater and Coolant Hose Thermoid® Automotive Fuel Line and Fuel Injection Hose Thermoid® Crankcase Ventilation Hose Most Thermoid® Coolant, Fuel, Oil, Other Straight and Water Hoses

For questions concerning our new U-BEND HOSE COIL, please contact your HBD/Thermoid Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department at 800-543-8070


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