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Introducing Washington State Rx Services

An easy way to get your prescriptions filled!

Pay just a flat-rate copay for each prescription. Fill prescriptions at retail or through mail order. Receive prescriptions by mail in 10 business

days or less. the phone.

Refill mail order prescriptions online or over Track your prescription drug history online.

Aetna enrollees receive these prescription drug benefits through Washington State Rx Services, a state program administered by the Health Care Authority (HCA).

HCA 59-110 (10/07)

Washington State Rx Services 1-888-361-1612

What is Washington State Rx Services?

The pharmacy benefit for Aetna Public Employees Plan is managed by Washington State Rx Services, a group of companies that maintains the pharmacy network, provides mail order prescription drug services, processes prescription drug claims, and updates the plan's Preferred Drug List.

Find a Network Pharmacy

Washington State Rx Services' pharmacy network includes most pharmacies in Washington State and many national chains. Check the online pharmacy directory at or call Washington State Rx Services at 1-888-361-1612 to find a pharmacy near you.

Ordering by Mail Saves Time and Money

Wellpartner is Washington State Rx Services' network mail order pharmacy. Wellpartner offers convenient delivery of your prescriptions to your home or office, with no shipping charges. When you need more than a 60-day supply, you will pay less when you order prescriptions from Wellpartner. (See "How Much You'll Pay for Prescriptions" below for copays.)

How Much You'll Pay for Prescriptions

What you pay for prescriptions depends on the drug's tier and whether you buy them at retail or through mail order. Find the tier for your drug by checking the Washington State Rx Preferred Drug List at or by calling 1-888-361-1612. At a Network Retail Pharmacy (copay per 30-day supply) Tier 1 Generic drugs Tier 1 Specialty drugs Tier 2 Preferred brand-name drugs Tier 3 Nonpreferred brand-name drugs and compounded prescriptions $10 copay Only available through specialty pharmacy mail order $25 copay $40 copay Drugs with a generic equivalent are subject to an ancillary charge* Through Wellpartner's Mail Order Pharmacy (copay per 90-day supply) $20 copay $20 copay (limited to 30-day supply) $50 copay $80 copay Drugs with a generic equivalent are subject to an ancillary charge*

If the cost of your prescription is less than the copay, you pay the lower amount.

*If a Tier 3 drug has a generic equivalent, you pay the Tier 1 copay plus the difference in the cost between the brand-name drug and the generic.

Washington State Rx Services 1-888-361-1612


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