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Minutes of the Herndon Community Association Coalition Meeting

Thursday ­ December 2nd, 2004 AMSi Offices 7:00 p.m. ­ 9:00 p.m.

I. OPEN FORUM The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. II. INTRODUCTIONS Elizabeth Hagg Brian Glaser Fermina Rochac Tina Sullivan George Burke Bill Marr Kim Middleton Walter Shorter Anna Smith Jane Tilley Charlie Waddell III. ANNOUNCEMENTS Charlie Waddell made the following announcements: th · Saturday, December 19 ­ o 12:30 ­ 3:30 p.m. -- First edition book Around Herndon will be available for signing by the author at Frying Pan Park. o Herndon Homes Tour tickets are on sale at the florist and the depot for $12 now and $15 the day of the event. o 5:00 p.m. ­ tree lighting ceremony and sing along o 7:30 p.m. ­ Singers Winterlude at the Industrial Strength Theatre th · Sunday, December 20 ­ Arts and Crafts Show at the Herndon Community Center from 10 a.m. ­ 4:00 p.m. . TOH, Director of Neighborhood Resources TOH, Neighborhood Improvement Specialist TOH, Community Inspector TOH, Office Assistant III HCAC Vice Chairman ­ Courts of Chandon HOA Attorney ­ Various HOAs Crestview HOA Four Seasons HOA HCAC Secretary ­ Park Avenue Square HOA Courts of Chandon HOA, AMSi HCAC Chairman ­ Dumbarton Square HOA

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Liz Hagg made the following announcements: th · 25 Annual Herndon Festival Committee ­ The committee needs ideas for the festival. Ideas may be sent via e-mail or fax. Volunteers are welcome. · WMCCAI Annual Holiday Party will be held on December 6 from 4-8 p.m. at P.J. Skidoo's in Fairfax. · WMCCAI is seeking nominations for the Community Association of the Year Award and the Humanitarian of the Year Award. Nominations must be submitted by December 10, 2004. · Neighborhoods USA is seeking nominations for the 2005 Neighborhood of the Year Awards program. The deadline for 2004 nominations is February 25, 2005. IV. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES FROM THE OCTOBER 7, 2004 MEETING Liz Hagg asked if there were any corrections to the October 7, 2004, minutes. George Burke made a motion to approve the Minutes. Anna Smith seconded the motion. The Minutes from October 7, 2004, were unanimously approved. V. NEW BUSINESS HCAC DRAFT LETTER REGARDING THE NEIGHBORHOOD INSPECTIONS PROGRAM Charlie passed out the DRAFT letter he prepared on behalf of the HCAC to express appreciation for implementation of the Neighborhood Inspections Program (the "NIP"). The pilot program commenced with two neighborhoods. Angelia Alford has made several presentations to the group describing the major and minor improvements made in neighborhoods thus far as a result of the NIP. The HCAC wants to convey to the Town Council that Angelia Alford and Stephen Ward should be commended for their hard work and professionalism. The HCAC will suggest that the NIP continue to be funded conveying the understanding that this is a labor intensive program. Additional staffing and support through program funding would be ideal. Comments during the discussion are as follows: Should the neighborhoods that need something like the NIP receive higher priority over other neighborhoods? The Town as the "enforcer" helps with compliance within the HOAs. Council members have all seen the presentation. The budget does not get adopted until April. If there are still revisions to the letter in February, there is still time to send the letter. Liz will meet with the DPW Department Head, Bob Boxer, to see if he is interested in having another head count devoted to the NIP, and to determine if this fits his plans for the department. If it does, find out what funding is needed (salary plus benefits). Liz will pass this information on to Charlie. Budget review is in March and there will be 2 public hearings in April

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Liz passed on that in February next year community and neighborhood inspectors will be required to be state certified by the International Property Maintenance Code. The certificate test is administered in September. FORM COMMITTEE TO DRAFT WEB SITE POLICIES Liz Hagg stated at the last meeting a request was made to review and update the Bylaws created in April 2001. Once the Bylaws are reviewed and edited, if necessary, they can be posted on the website, once a website has been developed for the HCAC. Al Winner who agreed to spearhead creating a website for the HCAC, has resigned from the Four Seasons HOA and will not longer be participating, so someone needs to step into this position. David Platt has expertise to set up the domain so he is a possible replacement. Policies also need to be developed to determine what can be posted, who decides what can be posted, etc. A committee needs to be set up in 2005 to get this process started. David Platt was nominated to spearhead this effort. George Burke said he does not have comprehensive HTML knowledge, but he does have some HTML knowledge so that he may be able to help. Liz Hagg and Walter Shorter volunteered to work on the policy piece. A suggestion was made to have Herndon High School students design the website. There is a club at the High School that may be able and willing to do this. It was suggested that Renee Markwood at Lifestyles be consulted since she recently researched the options for setting up a website. Renee may be a good source of information. Jane Tilley will call Renee and put her in touch with George Burke. Everyone will be prepared to report back to the group with their findings at the February meeting. Liz suggested the committee get together in January to start on this project. VI. OLD BUSINESS ELECTION OF HCAC OFFICERS Charlie Waddell thanked the Election Committee for their work determining the slate of HCAC officer recommendations for 2005 as follows: Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Charlie Waddell George Burke Kim Bailey-Middleton

There were no additional nominations from the floor, or volunteers. Anna Smith moved to accept the officer recommendations. Walter Shorter seconded the motion and recommended accepting the slate of officers by acclimation. The slate was unanimously approved. Anna Smith was thanked for her year as an officer. Anna is relocating to North Carolina next year. Page 3 of 5

OVERCROWDING -- Fermina Rochac, Community Inspector A new brochure titled, "Residential Occupancy Regulations ­ Standards for Residential Dwelling Units" is in circulation in both English and Spanish. Charlie stated that work on the regulations has been noticed regionally and statewide. Loudoun and Henrico counties are interested in reviewing the adopted ordinance to duplicate in their counties. Jane Tilley suggested including the brochure in all disclosure packages. Another suggestion is to include the brochure in the HOA newsletter. Fermina stated that rental ads are being targeted and language has been posted to let people know ahead of time what the consequences of too many people living in a dwelling unit will be. Fermina asked for everyone's input regarding the example on the back of the brochure. Is the example easy to follow? If not, let her know. The brochure will be e-mailed to the HOAs in English and Spanish. Charlie commented that the STOP sign flyer Vince prepared has been very helpful. Both Charlie and Jane have included it in their resale packages and it has proved effective. DAY LABORER UPDATE Liz Hagg passed out a document titled, "Day Worker Issues in Herndon ­ An Overview of Key Legal, Zoning and Immigration Issues" dated November 2004. This document was an interdepartmental effort lead by Robin Runser. It has been posted on the Town of Herndon website under "What's New". The document renders legal opinions regarding loitering, etc. There is a meeting on this topic scheduled for January 12th at Trinity Presbyterian Church hosted by Project Hope an Harmony. Anyone who wants to be part of the solution to this issue should attend. The Reston Interfaith Coordinator, Amy, is still out working with the day laborers as part of a grant funded position. One potential permanent day laborer site is the police station; however, half of the police station is in Fairfax County and the other half is in Loudoun County which may make it more difficult to pin down. The reason the police station is being considered as a possible site is that (1) the site will soon be available; and (2) it is something the Town can control. The Town has looked at other programs and extensive research has been done in Maryland. Prince William County is trying to solve the problem based on enforcement through complaints rather than trying to be proactive. The Baileys Crossroads site, that has been up and operational for 20 years, has received acclaim for their set up and operations. A regional summit was held in Texas on this topic. Programs with a history have had varying degrees of success. The Dallas Forth Worth site was not located in an area convenient to the day laborers needing the facilities, so there was a problem getting people to use the site. Funds for a day laborer site come from grants, foundations, Page 4 of 5

private sector, government, etc. The Town Council does not want social services in conjunction with the Day Laborer site. An agency set up (like a temporary agency) may work. This approach may be piloted; however, only people with documentation may utilize this service. Questions were raised as follows: Who can be a laborer at this site? Just Town residents? Loudoun residents also? There is currently an informal site in Sterling. Efforts are being made to expand existing State employment resources. Sterling tried to set up a neighborhood resource center ("NRC") modeled after the Town's NRC; however, they do not have the manpower to get it up and running. The Virginia Employment Commission ("VEC") requires state and temp agencies to check documentation. Those without documentation are to be assisted in getting the proper documentation. They have found that many day laborers are in varying degrees/stages of getting worker status. Many do have documentation but there are literacy issues. Many do not know how to cash a check. The greatest concern/challenge is entry of day laborers into a more mainstream type employment from the alternative employment environment. VII. ADJOURNMENT George Burke moved they adjourn and Walter Shorter seconded. The next HCAC meeting is scheduled for February 3, 2005. The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m. Future Meeting Dates · April 7, 2005 · June 9, 2005 (date moved out one week due to the Herndon Festival) · August 4, 2005 · October 6, 2005 · December 1, 2005

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