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Board Approved: 08/18/98 WAREHOUSEMAN DESCRIPTION OF MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES OF POSITION: The Warehouseman is responsible for the receipt, storage, display, disposal, and distribution of all types of property in the warehouse. Duties include the unloading of a wide variety of property, proper storing of the property, and the advantageous display of items for proper distribution. This person shall report directly to the Director of Purchasing. RESPONSIBILITIES/ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The percentages listed below reflect the amount of time spent on each area of responsibility. These percentages are estimates and may change on a daily basis. 95% · · · · 5% · Warehouse Responsibilities Loads and unloads property at warehouse with due precaution for the safety of personnel and the proper care of the materials and equipment Helps store and display items Operates and cares for all rolling stock used in loading, unloading, and the transfer of property Helps in the proper distribution of all supplies and property items Other Duties Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Purchasing

REQUIRED SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: · High school diploma or equivalent, or other successful job-related experience, skill, or training · Basic knowledge of store-keeping methods and procedures · Ability to handle equipment necessary to perform the tasks · Ability to follow instructions and directions · Ability to make simple reports · Must be able to lift and move at least 50 pounds · Must have a valid Florida driver's license TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: · 12-month employment · Salary based upon approved salary schedule JOB CODE #: · #77627 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: · Annual evaluation by the Director of Purchasing

It is the policy of The School Board of Hernando County, Florida, not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, or handicap in its educational programs or employment practices.


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