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xvii Green Family

1. JAMES GREEN, the founder of the Green family of Richland, was born about the year 1690, probably in England, and we know nothing of his ancestry. Tradition relates that he married a widow Large.* daughter of Ellis Lewis. The statement that his wife was a daughter of Ellis Lewis seems to be corroborated by the fact that the name of Margaret Green appears as one of the witnesses on the marriage certificate of Lewis Lewis, of Upper Dublin, son of Ellis, on 2 mo. 19, 1728. (See No. 2, Chapter XXIX.) Her name appears immediately below those of the parents of the groom and as it was the invariable custom for the members of the families of the contracting parties to sign in the same column as the bride and groom, there can be no doubt that she was a near relative. James Green lived for a time in the neighborhood of `Vhitemarsh. About 1723 he purchased a tract of land in \Vhitemarsh Township, which he sold to William Carter on 8 mo. 27, 1725, signing his name to the conveyance therefor by mark; the mark, however, being the printed initials of his name. About the year 1730 he settled on a tract of 300 acres or thereabouts in Springfield Township, just outside of Richland Manor, at its northeast corner.f A warrant of survey was granted by the Proprietaries October 29, 1737, "at the request of James Green of Bucks that we would grant him to take up two hundred acres of land whereon he has been settled seven years adjoining the land of John Griffith on Cooks Creek, in the said County of Bucks, for which he agrees to pay to our use the sum of £15 10 s, current money of this province for each hundred acres and the yearly quitrent of one half penny Sterling for every acre thereof." Signed "Thomas Penn." The tract was surveyed in pursuance of the warrant on April 22, 1738, and it was found to contain 300 acres and 75 perches with allowance of 6% for roads and highways. Conveyance of this land was made October 31, 1749, by Thomas Penn, etc. Here James and Margaret Green resided until old age.

*A connection between James Green and the Green and Large families who settled in the vicinity of Bristol. Pa., would seem logical from this tradition, but diligent search has failed to show same. See foot note. Chapter I, " Manor and Township of Richland," in reference to portion of Springfield Township sometimes referred to as Saucon.



GREEN FA .111L1' 193

The same tradition above referred to relates that they had three sons, whose names were Francis, James, and Joseph; that Francis and James emigrated to the northern part of Virginia and took UP a tract of land there and 144 0 settled amongst the Indians, their parents remaining in Bucks County with the younger son Joseph. Some years later Francis and James came to visit their parents in Springfield and persuaded the aged couple to accompany them to Virginia on their return. James Green and Margaret his wife conveyed 100 acres of the lower end of his Springfield plantation to his son Francis on April 2, 1750, and Francis Green and Margaret his wife convey( c' the same tract to William Bryan, May 21, 1750. This was probably the date on which Francis and James Green removed to Virginia. Joseph, the youngest son, probably acquired the balance of the tract at about the same date. Joseph died 5 mo. 26, 1757, and it is probably at about this date that the brothers Francis and James came back to the Great Swamp and took their parents with them to Virginia. The lower line of the 300 acre plantation was the northern line of what was known as the Lottery Tract, and on the west lay the tract of Joseph Unthank, on which still stands the old stone house in NAich the Springfield Friends held indulged meetings, under the jurisdiction of Richland Monthly Meeting, until the removal of the Unthank family to the south, in 1755. A short distance above the Unthank residence on the old "Road to Durham," near the line of the Bryan tract, a set of old log buildings were once located but now have entirely disappeared. These were doubtless the homes of James and Joseph Green (No. 2). A painting made about 1860 by Joseph John, a well known artist, for Joseph Green (No. 26), from a description furnished by the latter shows these buildings on both sides of the road; a print of this painting precedes this chapter.

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Children of James and Margaret (Lewis) Green:

Francis, b. about 1712; James, John, 2 Joseph, in. Margaret --; removed to Virginia 1750; no further record. b. about 1714; removed to Virginia; no further record. a contributor to the fund to build the Meeting-house at Richland. (Possibly a son.) d. 5-26-1757; in. Catharine Thomas. b. --1717;

2. JOSEPH GREEN 2 (James'), the ancestor of the Green family,




prominently identified with the history of Richland Manor from its conception down to the present time, was born about the year 1717. He died in Springfield Township, 5 mo. 26, 1757, in hisiorty-ninth year. He was a member of Richland Monthly Meeting of Friencis, and married under the auspices of that meeting 3 mo. 10, 1744, Catharine Thomas, daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Morgan) Thomas, who were among the first settlers in Richland. (See No. 3, Chapter XLV.) Joseph was a weaver by trade and settled on a farm of 108 acres in Springfield Township, near the line of Richland, and probably within the bounds of Richland Manor. He mortgaged his farm to the General Loan Office for sixty pounds, which was unpaid at the time of his death, and by arrangement with his administrators who were his brothers-inlaw, John and Thomas Thomas, the trustees of the Loan Office made sale of the real estate so as to clear the title, the form of mortgage taken by them to secure loans being equivalent to a deed. The property was sold for nearly four times the amount of the mortgage and the settlement of the estate shows that he was possessed of a clear estate of one hundred and seventy pounds, which was distributed to his widow and eight children. His widow, Catharine Thomas, died 7 mo. 12, 1770.

Children of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green:




h. 11-28-1744; b. 12-23-1745; b. 10-21-1748;

4 Joseph, Jr., 5 Samuel, 6 Jane, 7 Benjamin, 8 Ezekiel, 9 James, 10 Thomas,

m. David Walton. (See No. 17, Chapter X1V11.) m. Mary Vanhorn. tu. Rachel d. 2- 2-1767. d. 5-22-1828; m. Jane Roberts. removed to Hopewell, Virginia, 1774. d. 8-10-1786; m. Martha Foulke. d. --1808; tn. Martha Thomas.

b. 2-27-1750;

b. 2-27-1750; b. 5-14-1752;

b. 3-22-1754;

b. 7-27-1756;

4. JOSEPH GREEN, JR. 3 (James,' Joseph 2 ), eldest son of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green, was born in Springfield Township, 12 mo. 23, 1745. He was a cabinetmaker and purchased of his uncle, William Thomas, in 1771, a 28-acre farm partly in Richland and partly in Springfield, which on May 27, 1776, he and his wife Mary conveyed to his brother Benjamin. He married, in 1773, Mary Vanhorn, who in the will of her father, Garret Vanhorn of Springfield, dated 9 mo. 13, 1801, is referred to as the widow of Joseph Green, deceased. There is no record of any children. 5. SAMUEL GREENS (James,' Joseph 2 ), second son of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green, born in Springfield, 10 mo. 21, 1748, was a shoemaker by trade. He purchased of William Foulke, in 1771, 17 aces of land with buildings thereon in Richland, which he sold in 1775 in two lots to William Shaw and John Greasley. He married, in 1769,



Rachel , and on 7 mo. 18, 1793, a certificate of removal to Exeter Monthly Meeting, in Berks Co., Pa., was granted him for himself, his. wife Rachel, and their eight children. A Samuel Green took a certificate from Exeter to New Garden Monthly Meeting, North Carolina, 9 mo. 29, 1819, but it was probably Samuel, Jr., the youngest of the following list of children.

11 Cat harine, 12 Mary, 13 Jane, 14 Margaret, 15 Rachel, 16 Thomas, 17 Alice, 18 Samuel, Jr.,

Children of Samuel and Rachel (

b. 341-1770. b. 8-28-1771; b. 2- 5-1773; b. S-17-1774; b.6-18-1776. b. 1-22-1778; h. 8- 7-1781. b. 8- 3-1783. d. 1-27-1848;

) Green:

tn. Isaac Roberts. (See No. 24, Chapter X.1.1.) Josiah Heacock. (See No. 21, Chapter XX.) m. Samuel McCarty. (See No. 24, Chapter XXXI.)

removed to Mundy.

7. BENJAMIN GREENS (James,' Joseph?), third son of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green, was born in Springfield, 2 mo. 27, 1750, being a twin to Jane. He was a 3 mason by trade and followed that · "--7 vocation for many years in Richland.* He bought and sold a great number of properties in Richland, his first purchase being that farm on the border of Springfield, purchased of his brother Joseph, in 1776, and his last the houSe and lot xvhere he died, in Quakertown, formerly the home of his brother Thomas, purchased in 1812. He abandoned the trade of a mason about 1800 and in 1802 is mentioned as a merchant. He died in Quakertown, 5 mo. 22, 1828. He married, 11 mo. 9, 1775, Jane, daughter of John and Martha (Roberts) Roberts, of Richland. She was born 4 mo. 16, 1753, and died 5 mo. 18, 1841. (See No. 15, Chapter XLI.)




Children of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green:

19 William, 20 Hannah, 21


b.11-10-1776; b. 9-29-1778;

d. 9-24-1851; d. 4-12-1826; d. 9-12-1854; d. 4- 5-1837; d. 3- 3-1833; d. 7-27-1832; d. 10-26-1850; d. 6-30-1867; d. 2-17-1836; d. 6-17-1797. d. 9-21-1834;



b. 11-10-1780; b. 11-10-1782; b. 2- 8-1785; b. 3- 4-1787; b. 2-20-1789; b. 2-14-1791; b. 2-14-1793; b. 3-24-1795; b. 3-18-1797;

23 Jane,

24 James R., 25 Lydia, 26 Joseph, 27 Martha, 27a John, 28 Abigail,

m. Meribah Edwards. m. Jesse Roberts. (See No. 29, Chapter XLI.) m. Dr. Samuel Carey.


m. Mary Roberts. rn. Thomas Lester. (See No. 33, Chapter XXVII.) tn. 1st, Isabella Slaymaker; 2d, Cynthia (Jones) Lester. tn. Alice Roberts. tn. Caleb Foulke. (See No. 138, Chapter XVI.) tn. 1st, Grace Roberts; 2d, Ann Foulke.

* See illustration in Chapter XXII of log cabin in which Benjamin Green and brothers made hats; the location of same is given in Chapter IV.



9. JAMES GREEN, JR.' (James,' Joseph 2 ), fifth son of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green, was horn in Springfield 3 mo. 22, 1754. As residuary legatee of his uncle Thomas Thomas he inherited a farm of 150 acres in Upper Richland, on which his uncle lived and died. Left an orphan at the age of three years, he was reared in the family of his uncle and therefore spent practically his whole life on the same. He died there 8 mo. 10, 1786, leaving a will dated 6 nm. 29, and probated 9 nio. 25, 1786, by which he gave his wife the rents and profits of his estate until his son Thomas came of age, when the farm was to pass to him, he paying 100 pounds to each of his three sisters. He married, 5 mo. 6, 1779, Martha Foulke, daughter of John and Mary (Roberts) Foulke. (See No. 42a, Chapter XVI.) She married, second, 10 mo. 2, 1788, Daniel Walton. (See No. 18, Chapter XLVIL)

Children of James and Martha (Foulke) Green:

29 30 31 Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas, Margaret, b. 1-10-1780; b. 11- 1-1781; b. 9- 7-1783; b. 10- 5-1785. in. Joel Edwards. (See No. 41, Chapter XIV.) in. Thomas Paxson. No issue. m. Alice Walton. Removed to Muncy, 1806.


10. THOMAS GREEN" (James,' Joseph 2 ), youngest son of Joseph and Catharine (Thomas) Green, was born in Springfield, 7 mo. 27, 1756, and died in Richland in 1808. In 1797 he purchased of Israel Shaw the house and lot where hi. brother Benjamin lived and died, in Quakertown, then a village of a dozen houses, and lived there until his death. He married, in 1787, Martha Thomas, born 1 mo. 22, 1758, died in Quakertown, 12 mo. 5, 1845, (laughter of Edward and Alice (Roberts) Thomas. (See No. 18, Chapter XLV.)

Children of Thomas and Martha (Thomas) Green:

33 34 35 Charles, Beulah, Lydia G., b. --1788; d. .b. --1796; 1- 2-1817; in. Margaret Thomas. m. Greenfield Iden. (See No. 19, Chapter XXII.) m. Jesse DeCoursey.

d. 11-29-1854;

19. WILLIAM GREEN .' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin'), eldest son of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green, was born in Richland Township, 11 mo. 10, 1776, and died in Quakertown 9 mo. 24, 1851. He was a shoemaker and storekeeper in · Quakertown, in a frame building built by Moses Shaw, where Dr. W. H. Meredith lately lived. This building burned down in 1862. In 1802 he purchased of Evan Foulke a tract of land at the corner of Main and Broad Streets and removed his store to that place. He added to this tract by purchasing two additional lots of Samuel Nixon and Enoch Roberts and in 1805 erected the brick dwelling



and store house on the northwest corner of Main and Broad Streets, still (1922) standing, and occupied by his granddaughter, Mary E. Green. He was appointed the first postmaster of Quakertown and was regularly recommended for that office for a period of forty years. IVilliam Green was a successful business man and prominent in local affairs, tilling a number of positions of trust. He owned at different times several farm properties in Richland. He purchased the William Edwards farm of 71 acres in 1819, and owned it at the time of his death. His father conveyed to him, in 1829, three small farms in Richland aggregating about 100 acres. He married, 4 mo. 19, 1804, Mary Roberts, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Tyson) Roberts, of Rockhill. She was born 4 mo. 21, 1785, and died 11 mo. 15, 1843. (See No. 28, Chapter XLI.)

Children of William and Mary (Roberts) Green:

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Caroline, Elizabeth, Matilda, Jane R., Grace, Grace R., Mary, Alice, Richard R., b. 2- 6-1805; d. 2-18-1888; b. 12- 9-1806; b. 1-20--1809; b. b. b. b. b. b. 7-23-1811 · 1-13-1814; 2-27-1815; 7-13-1817; 4-14--1820; 8-21-1825; d. 11- 6-1891; d. 11-29-1877; d. d. d. d. d. d. 2-24-1859; 2-26-1814. 9-22-1899; 11- 3-1869; 4-17-1896; 7-22-1892; m. Joshua Foulke. (See No. 117, Chapter XVI.) ni. Dr. John C. McCrea. tn. Edward Foulke. (See No. 116, Chapter XVI.) m. Jervis Thomas. (See No. 28, Chapter XLV.) m. Eleazer Shaw. nn. Dr. Samuel Carey. (No. 28.) m. Davis D. Walton, M.D. (See No. 47, Chapter XLVIII.) m. Sarah F. Jackson. ·

21. EVAN GREEN' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin'), second son of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green, was born in Richland, 11 mo. 10, 1780, and removed to Columbia, Lancaster County, Pa., in 1805; when a young man he engaged in manufacturing hats, and later in the lumber business. He was active in promoting the best interests of the town and resided there until his death, from cholera, 9 mo. 12, 1854. He married, first, in 1816 Isabella Slaymaker, born 10 mo. 31, 1784; died, 8 mo. 25, 1835, daughter of Amos and Isabella (Fleming) Slaymaker, of Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County, Pa. Amos Slaymaker, born 3 mo. 11, 1755, was the son of Henry and grandson of Matthias, who came from Strassburg, Germany, about 1716. "He commanded a company of 'Associators' and was active in suppressing the Doans and other Tories," was a member of Congress 1811-14, and also a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and State Senate. Evan Green married, second, 2 mo. 3, 1843, Cynthia E. (Jones)



Lester, widow of his nephew, Evan G. Lester (see No. 49, Chapter XXVII), and daughter of Evan Jones, of Gwynedd. He had no children by the second marriage. Cynthia Green was buried at Gwynedd, 8 mo. 13, 1871. Children of Evan and Isabella (Slaymaker) Green:

45 46 47 48 Amos Slaymaker, Cornelia, Benjamin Rush, Henry Fleming, b. -- 1816; d. 11 -- 1870; b. 1-31-1819; d. 8 -- 1867; 'b. -- 1820; d. 5-16-1836. b. -- 1825; d. 12 -- 1859; unm.; Member of Pa. Legislature 1858-59. m. Dr. 11'i!ham A. Spence. m. Margaret Coulston (nee Gould), Paymaster U. S. Navy. rn. Elizabeth Shippen Boud.

49 Jasper, 49a Evan,

b. 1.31-1829;

d. 3- 2-1910; d. in infancy.

22. BENJAMIN GREEN .' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin 3 ), third son of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green, was born in Richland 11 mo. 10, 1782. He was a practicing physician for several years at Quakertown, later in Philadelphia, where he died 4 mo. 5, 1837. He built the brick house Nos. 27 and 29 Main Street, Quakertown, lately occupied by Samuel Kinsey, and lived therein before his removal to Philadelphia. He married at Richland, 11 mo. 2, 1807, Alice Roberts, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Tyson) Roberts, of Rockhill. (See No. 30, Chapter XLI.) She was born 2 mo. 11, 1787, and died 11 mo. 6, 1870. Her porti -ait, painted by her son-in-law, Joseph John, a well-known artist of Philadelphia, was sent to England as that of a typical American Friend. (See illustration in Chapter XLI.)


Children of Dr. Benjamin and Alice (Roberts) Green:

50 John Milton, b. 3-1-1811; d. 51 Clementine, b.


--1890; m. Margaret Hazlet, of Zanesville, Ohio; no issue. 1813; d. 5-17-1885; tn. 1st, Peter Ruby; 2d, Joseph John, an artist, of Phila. No issue. .

24. DR. JAMES R. GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin 3 ), fourth son and sixth child of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green, was born in Richland, 3 mo. 4, 1787, and died in Quakertown, 7 mo. 27, 1832. He studied medicine and practiced in Quakertown until his death. In 1829 he purchased the Lester farm of 110 acres, on the west side of Main Street, adjoining the Meeting-house, now included in Quakertown borough, and owned it at the time of his death. In 1830 he erected the stone house on Main Street, adjoining his farm (lately occupied by Michael Trumbower), where he lived until his death.



Dr. Green married, first, 5 mo. 12, 1818, Grace Roberts, youngest daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Tyson) Roberts. She was born 5 mo. 10, 1791, and died 6 mo. 19, 1819. (See No. 33. Chapter XLI.) He married secondly, 11 mo. 14, 1822, Ann Foulke, daughter of John and Letitia (Roberts) Foulke. (See No. 100, Chapter XVI.) She was born 11 mo. 23, 1797, and died in Quakertown, in the stone house erected by her husband, 1 mo. 29, 1878.

Child of Dr. James R. and Grace (Roberts) Green:

52 Barton R.,

b. 5-22--1819; d. 11-19-1825.

Children of Dr. James R. and Ann (Foulke) Green:

53 Chapman, 54 Hannah, 55 Caroline, 56 James Barton, b. 6-17-1824; d. 5-19-1836, b. 1-19-1827; d. 9-21-1829. b. 2 1-1829; d. 2 --1900; m. Israel L. Stokes. b. 10-11-1831; d. 1- 4-1916; m. first, Anna Emley; second, Mary Willey.


26. JOSEPH GREEN ' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamins), fifth son of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green, born in Richland, 2 mo. 14, 1791, removed to Sadsbury, Lancaster County, in 1815. He returned to Quakertown and married there, 10 mo. 13, 1822, Meribah Edwards, daughter of William and .Elizabeth (Tyson) Edwards, of Milford. She was born 12 mu. 17, 1798. (See No. 64, Chapter XIV.) They lived for a time in Washington, York County, Pa., later at Leesport, Pa., and then removed to Philadelphia, where he died 6 mo. 30, 1867, and Meribah, his wife, died 5 mo. 5, 1871.*

· TWO INTERESTING OLD DOCUMENTS FORMERLY BELONGING TO JOSEPH GREEN AND DOUBTLESS HIGHLY PRIZED BY HIM ARE AS FOLLOWS: CALCUTTA, June 29th, 1827. Sir: Altho I have not the honour of your acquaintance, nor perhaps am I known to you by name, I feel encouraged to take the liberty of addressing you from the entire reliance on your universal love manifested both in your practice and profession. My object in intruding on your time is to express the gratification I have felt in reading the sermons you preached at different meetings. and which have since beenpublished by your friends in America. And I have been the rather induced to do so at the request of I. H. Foster of the ship Georgia. to whom I happened to express my esteem of your character. Every sentiment found there seems to have proceeded not only from your lips, but from your heart. The true spirit of Christian charity and belief flows from them, and cannot fall short of making some impression on every heart which is susceptible of it. I hope and pray that God -may reward you for your pious life and benevolent exertions. Your most humble Servant, Mr. Elias Hicks.


"While here on earth in peace she dwelt Nor never did complain. Little she had but was content, Nor never wish for gain. And now her life she's calmly closed. Without a Murmuring Sigh and left this world and all its woes for Happier climes on high." Quakertown 1808 written while the Funeral passed the store that i was attending for Brother William. J. G.



Children of Joseph and Meribah (Edwards) Green:

56a William P., b. 9-24-1823; 57 Evan, b. 1- 1-1826; 58 Barton, b. 2-12-1828; b. 2-12-1828; 59 Benjamin, 60 Elizabeth 1'., b. 12-14-1829; d. 10-20-1823. d. 1-28-1871; m. Margaret Green, widow of lienry Green.


d. 1- 2- 1866; d. 10- 9-1903; d. 2- 5 -- 1909;

in. Cynthia Shoemaker. m. Evan J. Lester. (See No. 75, Chapter XXVII.)

28. ABIGAIL GREEN; (James,' Joseph,'- Benjamin'), youngest child of Benjamin and Jane (Roberts) Green, born in Richland, 3 mo. 18, 1797, died in Quakertown, 9 mo. 21, 1854. She married, 9 mo. 9, 1824, Dr. Samuel Carey. He was born in Plumstead Township, Bucks County, 5 mo. 6, 1797, and was a son of Elias and Hannah (Armitage) Carey, of a family long in membership of Buckingham-Plumstead Monthly Meeting. He began teaching school at an early age and studied medicine with Dr. W. S. Hendrie, of Doylestown, obtaining his medical degree from a medical college in New York City. Dr. Samuel Carey began the practice of medicine at Sellersville, and after a few years' practice there removed to Quakertown, where he continued in active practice until his death, on 8 mo. 19, 1864. He was actively interested in public affairs and well known and highly respected throughout the county. He was a Whig in politics, was the nominee of that party on several occasions and was one of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1836 7 37. He was for many years a director of the Doylestown Bank and filled many positions of trust. He married, second, 3 mo. 12, 1856, Mary Green (No. 42), daughter of William and Mary (Roberts) Green, a niece of his first wife. She was born in Quakertown, 7 mo. 13, 1817, and died 11 mo. 3, 1869. They had no issue.

Children of Dr. Samuel and Abigail (Green) Carey:

61 Jane Green, b. 1-24-1827; d. 12-30-1915; m. Samuel Kinsey. (See No. 13, Chapter XXV.) 62 Hannah, b. 8-22-1828; d. 9-10-- 1828.

31. THOMAS GREEN' (James,' Joseph,' James'), only son of James and Martha (Foulke) Green, born in Richland, 9 mo. 7, 1783, inherited his father's farm in Richland at the age of three years, the title to pass to him on coming of age. He lived thereon until 1806, when he removed to Muncy Creek, Lycoming County, Pa., taking a certificate from Richland Monthly Meeting dated 2 mo. 6, 1806, accompanying Joel Edwards, who married his sister Ann Green. On November 14, 1806, he and his wife Alice executed a deed to his uncle, Benjamin Green (No. 7), for a part of the homestead farm. He married, 10 mo. 18,



1806, at Muncy Meeting-house, Alice Walton, daughter of Isaac and Martha Walton, of Muncy.

Children of Thomas and Alice (Walton) Green:

62a 626 62c 62d 62e 62f 62g Mart lia, f lannah, Matilda, James 1Valton, Mary, Jane, Thomas, b. b. b. I). b. b. 10- 7-1807. 4- 6-- 1809. 3-30 --1(;14 ; 4-18-1816; 7- 7-1819. removed. removed. removed. removed.


33. CHARLES GREEN' (James,' Joseph,' Thomas 3 ), only son of Thomas and Martha (Thomas) Green, born in Richland, in 1788, left Quakertown when a young man and settled in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, where he was employed as a "carrier" in 1811. He sold, in the latter year, the house and lot in Quakertown where his father died. He married Margaret·Thomas.

Children of Charles and Margaret (Thomas) Green:

63 Charles, 64 Martha, m. Elizabeth Stewart. m. first, William Seitzinger; second, William IL vis. Issue by first husband, Edward.

35. LYDIA G. GREEN .' (James,' Joseph,' Thomas 3 ), youngest daughter of Thomas and Martha (Thomas) Green, was born in Richland in the year of 1796, married Jesse DeCoursey, of Quakertown, a blacksmith, who lived on Broad Street next to "Liberty Hall." He died there 12 mo. 6, 1831. After his death Lydia removed to Stroudsburg, Pa., where she died 11 mo. 29, 1854.

Children of Jesse and Lydia G. (Green) DeCoursey:

65a Matilda, 65b Thomas. m. James Campbell, of Philadelphia. They had two daughters: 1. Helen Campbell, m. -- Trust, and had issue: Irene, m. Dr. William Hassler. 2. Clara Campbell.

37. ELIZABETH GREEN' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin' William'), second daughter of William and Mary (Roberts) Green, born in Richland 12 mo. 9, 1806, died 11 mo. 6, 1891, married 2 mo. 25, 1830, Dr. John C. McCrea, a practicing physician and druggist at Sellersville, Bucks County, Pa., later in Gratiot, Ohio. He was born in Solebury Township, Bucks County, 5 mo. 1808, and died in Gratiot, Ohio, 3 mo.. 11, 1838. Children of Dr. John C. and Elizabeth (Green) McCrea:

66 Mary Elizabeth, 67 William Green, b. 2- 2-1832; d. 7- 1-1922; m. Franklin M. Diehl. b. 3-16-1836; d. 12-27-1836.



41. GRACE R. GREEN' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin, 3 William'), daughter of William and Mary (Roberts) Green, born in Richland, 2 mo. 1815, died at Carversville, Bucks County, 9 mo. 22, 1899. She married, 11 mo. 12, 1835, Eleazer Shaw, of the Plumstead branch of the Shaw family, a descendant of John Shaw, an early Quaker settler in Bucks County. Eleazer was a son of John and Grace (Carr) Shaw, of Plumstead, and was born 2 mo. 24, 1810. He was a farmer near Carversville and died there 4 mo. 1, 1866. He was a consistent member of Plumstead Meeting of the Society of Friends and a prominent antislavery man. His house was one of the transient stations of the "Underground Railroad." (See No. 48, Chapter XI.)

Children of Eleazer and Grace R. (Green) Shaw:

68 Infant daughter, 69 Caroline Elizabeth, 70 Mary Alice, 71 Hannah H., 72 73 74 75 Henry, John C., Henrietta, b. b. h. b. 11-15-1836; 1-20-1838; 3- 6-1840; 4- 7-1842; d. unnamed. d. 12-16-1910; d. 2-22-1906; d. 11-22-1847. d. 11-10-1847. d. 5- 1-1852. d. 2-14-1875; in. Jenks G. Watson. unm. in. H. Augustus Pickering.

b. 3-12-1844; b. 6-17-1846; b. 7-26-1849; b. 8-24-1852;


Horace G.,

b. 9-23-1856;

d. 9-10-1862.

m.9-25--1873, Allen Holcomb, of Solebury, and had one chid who died at birth.

44. RICHARD R. GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin,' William'), youngest child and only son of William and Mary (Roberts) Green, was born 8 mo. 21, 1825, at Quakertown, in the house erected by his father in 1805. He succeeded his father as merchant at the old store at the corner of Main and Broad Streets, in 1847, and inheriting the store and fifteen-acre lot under his father's will in 1851, lived there all of his life. He operated the store with the exception of an interval of four years (1857-1861) from 1847 until his death on 7 mo. 22, 1892. He was a member of the first borough council of Quakertown and filled numerous positions of trust, having the respect and confidence of all who knew him. He married, 3 mo. 15, 1848, Sarah F. Jackson, daughter of James M. and Mary Ann (King) Jackson. She was born 12 mo. 15, 1827, and died 3 mo. 29, 1908.

Children of Richard R. and Sarah F. (Jackson) Green:

77 Mary Emma, 78 William W., b. 1-22-1849; living on the homestead, mini. b. 9- 6-1850; d. 10-15-1865.



46. CORNELIA GREENS (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' Evan'), daughter of Evan and Isabella (Slaymaker) Green, was born in Columbia, Lancaster County, Pa., 1 mo. 31, 1819, died 8 mo., 1867. Cornelia Green married Dr. William Alexander Spence, of Virginia, who ';erved as surgeon in General A. P. Hill's Division of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. They were living in Florida in 1897.

Children of Dr. William A. and Cornelia (Green) Spence:

--1873; served in Confederate Army. 80 Sallie Isabella, --1919; in. Jacob Nicholas b. 11-22-1843; d. Liggett; no issue. 81 William AIL xander, Jr., b. 3-13-1845; d. 9 --1877; He was badly wounded at the battle of Antietam, where he was captured and confined at Fort Delaware. 81a Evan Green, --1847; d. --1856. b. Sib Mary Cynthia, b. 7 --1853; d. 12-10-1871. 81c Jasper Green, b. --1856; d. --1837. 79 Edward Evan, b. 10-23-1840; .1. 3

49. JASPER GREEN 5 (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' Evan;), son of Evan and Isabella (Slaymaker) Green, was born in Columbia, Pa., 1 mo. 31, 1829, died in Philadelphia, 3 mo. 2. 1910. He was a well known wood engraver and illustratOr, whose work appeared frequently in Harper's Magazine. Jasper Green married 4 mo. 28, 1859, Elizabeth Shippen Boud, who died in 1909.

Children of Jasper and Elizabeth S. (Bond) Green:

81d Leslie, 81e Katherine Elder, 81f Elizabeth Shippen, b. 1-18-1864: d. 10-10-186o. b. 8-21-1870: d. 9- 1-1893. b. 9- 1-1871; m. Hugar Elliott.

35. CAROLINE GREEN 5 (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' Dr. James R. 4 ), third child of Dr. James R. and Ann (Foulke) Green, born in Quakertown, 2 mo. 1, 1829, died 2 mo., 1900. She married, 9 mo. 12, 1848, Israel L. Stokes, son of Israel and Sarah Stokes of Rancocas, New Jersey. Children of Israel L. and Caroline (Green) Stokes:

82 Annie, b. 4-26-1850; m. Tylee Engle. Living in New Jersey. 83 Elizabeth D., b. 3- 3-1832; tn. Henry H. Troth. 84 James Green, b. 11- 1-1854; tn. first, Catharine Clothier; second, Effie McCracken. Living at McCook, Nebraska.

56. DR. JAMES BARTON GREEN (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' Dr. James R. 4 ), youngest child of Dr. James R. and Ann (Foulke) Green, born in Quakertown, 10 mo. 11, 1831, studied medicibP and graduated from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania in class



of 1854. He practiced medicine in Quakertown and also conducted a drug store until he removed to Greeley, Colorado, afterwards to Leadville, Colorado. Returning to Pennsylvania, he lived for some years in Philadelphia, later living retired in Merchantville, New Jersey, where he died 1 mo., 1916 He married, first, 6 mo. 1, 1854, Anna Emley, daughter of William and Ann (Lancaster) Einley, of Burlington County, N. J. She was born in 1834 and died in Philadelphia, 8 mo. 11, 1898. I-le married, second, Mary Willey, now (1920) living in Moorestown, N. J., by whom he had no children.

Children of Dr. James Barton and Anna (Emlev) Green:

85 Franklin E. 86 William Chapman, b. --1861; d. 2-13-1915, at Telluride, Colorado. m. Florence Sander. One son: Richard R., living in Denver, Col. 87 James Walter, d. 11- 3-1915, in St. Louis, Mo. in. Ida Wiley (or Mundy). One child: Elizabeth.

59. BENJAMIN GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Joseph"), fourth son of Joseph and Meribah (Edwards) Green, born 2 mo. 12, 1828, was reared in Philadelphia, and lived there until his death on 10 nun. 9, 1903. He was engaged in the carpet business on Second Street near Market. He married, 3 mo. 18, 1859, Cynthia, daughter of Thomas and Hannah Shoemaker, of Gwynedd. She died 5 nun., 1899.

Child of Benjamin and Cynthia (Shoemaker) Green:

88 Lydia, b. 1-21-1860; d. 4-21-1860.

63. CHARLES GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Thomas,' Charles% only son of Charles and Margaret (Thomas) Green, was born in 1811, probably at Montgomery Square, Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, where his parents were living at about that date. He became a school teacher in early life and followed that vocation for many years. He resided with the family in the old stone house at Montgomery Square, part of which was used for a long period of years as a school. In the same house General Winfield Scott Hancock was born while his father, B. F. Hancock, was teaching school there. Charles Green married Elizabeth Stewart, of a family long prominent in the affairs of 'Montgomery County.

Children of Charles and Elizabeth (Stewart) Green:

89 Beulah, 90 Charles E., d. young. m. Mary Jones.

66. MARY ELIZABETH McCREA 6 (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin' William,' Elizabeth), eldest child of Dr. John C. and Elizabeth (Green)



McCrea, was born at Sellersville, Bucks County. Pa., 2 mo. 2, 1832, died at Wissinoming, Philadelphia, 7 mo. 1, 1922. She married, in 1856, Franklin M. Diehl, of Bucks County, He was born 10 mo. 26, 1826, died 2 mo. 28, 1876.

Children of Franklin M. and Mary Elizabeth (McCrea) Diehl:

91 Benjamin Harper, 92 Mary Elizabeth, 93 Charles Howell, 93a Infant girl, 94 William Green, 95 Estella, h. 3-16-1857: d. 10 --1890; tn. Mary Rodgers. b. 4- 2-1860; d. 6-25-1864. b. 8-15-1862; d. 8-17-1502. b. 1-10-1864; d. 1-10-1864. b. 10-21-1865; d. 11-25-1863. b. 5-18-1870; d. 9-24-1893; m. John Ulysses Hillpot.

69. CAROLINE ELIZABETH SHAW (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin 3 lliam , 4 Grace R. 5 ), second daughter of Eleazer and Grace R. (Green) Shaw, was born in T. :umstead Township, Bucks County, Pa., 1 mo. 20, 1838, and died in Carversville, Solebury Township, 12 mo. 16, 1910. She married, 12 mo. 27, 1860, Jenks G. Watson, son of Samuel G. and Sarah H. (Thomas) Watson, of Buckingham. He was born on his father's farm in Buckingham 1 mo. 3, 1838. He was a farmer in Buckingham, Plumstead, and Solebury successively, until 1903, when he removed to Carversville, where he has since lived retired.


Children of Jenks G. and Caroline E. (Shaw) tratson:

96 Mary Alice, 97 Elizabeth, 98 Helen M., 99 W. Harry, b. 6- 2-1863; m. C. Allen Knight. b. 7- 9-1863; m. Edward A. 1Voodman. b. 6-21-1870; unm. b. 9-28-1874; m. Sarah Bissey.

71. HANNAH H. SHAW 6 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 William,' Grace R. 5 ), daughter of Eleazer and Grace R. (Green) Shaw, was born in Plumstead, Bucks County, 4 mo. 7, 1842. She married, 1 mo. 1, 1879, H. Augustus Pickering, son of Jonathan C. and Elizabeth (Anderson) Pickering, of Buckingham, and of a family long settled in Solebury and identified with the Society of Friends from the first organization of Buckingham Meeting. He was born at Mechanicsville, 12 mo. 20, 1842, died 4 mo. 14, 1920, and had been engaged in mercantile pursuits from the age of fourteen years. He was part or wholly proprietor of the store at Carversville, where he began as a clerk, from 1864 until 1917, when in connection with his son Arthur, he took charge of the store at Gardenville, Plumstead Township. He was a soldier in the Civil War in Company C, 128th Pennsylvania Volunteers, and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Chancellorsville and confined for a short period in the notorious Libby Prison at Richmond, Va.

Child of H. Augustus and Hannah H. (Shaw) Pickering:

100 Arthur C., b. 5-1-1880; m. first, Millie Burd; second, Emma Long.



81f. ELIZABETH SHIPPEN GREEN 6 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Evan,' Jaspers), daughter of Jasper and Elizabeth (Boud) Green, was born 9 mo. 1, 1871; she is a well known illustrator, a pupil of Howard Pyle, and has been awarded a number of first prizes and medals for work exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and other exhibitions. She married, 6 mo. 3, 1911, Hugar Elliott, of North Carolina, a graduate of Tulane University, New Orleans, La., who is now Principal of the Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art in Philadelphia. They have no children. 82. ANNIE STOKES 6 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin,' Dr. James R., 1 Carolineb), eldest child of Israel L. and Caroline (Green) Stokes, was born 4 mo. 26, 1850, married, 1 mo. 19, 1870, Tylee Engle, of Rancocas, New Jersey, where they reside.

Children of Tylee and Annie (Stokes) Engle:

101 102 103 104 105 106 Howard, Caroline, Herbert, Emily, Tylee, Jr., Helena, b. b. b. b. b. b. 12- 6-1872; 12- 4-1874; 8- 6-1876; 8-29-1878; --1880. --1882; m. Ella DeVaul. m. Robert Wills. nt. first, May Watson; second, Elsie Engle. m. William Nichols. in. William Wetherill, of Mount Holly, N. J.

83. ELIZABETH D. STOKES 6 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Dr. James R., 1 Caroline 6 ), second child of Israel L. and Caroline (Green) Stokes, was born at Rancocas, New Jersey, 3 mo. 5, 1852, married, 9 mo. 12, 1872, Henry H. Troth, of Merchantville, New Jersey.

Children of Henry H. and Elizabeth D. (Stokes) Troth:

107 Lillian H., b. 1-29-1877; 108 Harry C., 109 William, m. Charles McCall, of McCook, Nebraska. They have no children. b. 12-27-1880; m. Florence Doak. b. 3-15-1888; d. 3-5-1893.

84. JAMES G. STOKES 6 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Dr. James R., 4 Caroline 5 ), only son of Israel L. and Caroline (Green) Stokes, was born at Rancocas, New Jersey, 11 mo. 1, 1854, is living at McCook, Nebraska. He married, first, 1 mo. 4, 1876, Catharine Clothier, and second, in 1887, Effie McCracken, of Nebraska.

Children of James G. and Catharine (Clothier) Stokes:

110 Harry , b. 10-13-1876; living in Seattle, Wash. m. and has issue, John, Elizabeth, Thomas. 111 Lewis, b. 1- 9-1878; living in Seattle, Wash. m. and has issue, Jack.

Child of James G. and Effie (McCracken) Stokes:

112 Clarence.



90. CHARLES E. GREEN' (James,' Joseph,' Thomas,' Charles,' Charles5 ), only son of Charles and Elizabeth (Stewart) Green, was born at Montgomery Square, Montgomery County, Pa., and is living in Norristown, Pa. He married Mary Jones of Plymouth Meeting.

Children of Charles E. and Mary (Jones) Green:

113 1Villiatn, 114 Beulah, 115 Martha, 116 C. Edward, 117 Flora May, m. first, Mary Kasely; second, Laura Batten. m. Rev. D. Wesley Gordon. m. Rev. D. M. Gordon. tn. first, Emeretta Todd; second, Laura Large. m. Benjamin Whitehead.

91. BENJAMIN HARPER DIEHL 7 (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' William,' Elizabeth,' Mary Elizabeth McCrea 6 ), eldest child of Franklin M. and Mary Elizabeth (McCrea) Diehl, born 3 mo. 16, 1857, graduated from the Philadelphia School of Pharmacy, and practiced his profession in Philadelphia until his death in 10 mo., 1890. He married Mary Rodgers, of Philadelphia, and had issue.

Children of Benjamin Harper and Mary (Rodgers) Diehl:

118 Francis A. b. 4-11.-1882; m. 10-4--1905, Agnes V. Ledger, dau. of George J. Ledger, of Phila., issue, Charles Diehl. 119 Jerome, b. 2- 8-1886; d. young.

95. ESTELLA DIEHL 7 (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' William,' Elizabeth,' Mary Elizabeth McCrea 6 ), youngest child of Franklin M. and Mary Elizabeth (McCrea) Diehl, was born 5 mo. 18, 1870, died 9 mo. 24, 1893. She married John Ulysses Hil1pot, of Quakertown.

Child of John Ulysses and Estella (Diehl) Hillpot:

120 Mabel, d. young.

96. MARY ALICE WATSON' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' William," Grace R.,' Caroline E. Shaw 6 ), eldest child of Jenks G. and Caroline Elizabeth (Shaw) Watson, born 6 mo. 2, 1863, married, 2 mo. 13, 1890, C. Allen Knight, son of Alfred and Ruth Anna (Allen) Knight, of Solebury Township; Bucks County, and a descendant of one of the oldest Quaker families in the county. He was born on his father's farm in Solebury, near Carversville, 6 mo. 20, 1866. He purchased the homestead in 1893 and still resides thereon.

Children of C. Allen and Mary Alice (Watson) Knight:

b. 11- 8-1890; m. 8-7-1913, Seymore G. Winans, b. 8-31-1890, son of Jesse P. and Emma (Ramsey) Winans, of Canada. They have issue: b. 7-10-1914. Seymore David, b. 2-12-1921. Douglas Knight, b. 7- 4-1923. Donald, 122 Helen W., b. 1-20-1894; m. 7-29-1915, Vincent Smith, b. 5-16-1891, son of William and Eleanor Smith, of Philadelphia. They have issue: Marion Florence, b. 6- 2-1917. b. 1-20-1921. Helen Elizabeth, 123 Florence, b. 6-13-1896. 121 Marion,



97. ELIZABETH WATSON' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' William," Grace R., 5 Caroline E. Shaw 6 ), second child of Jenks G. and Caroline Elizabeth (Shaw) Watson, was born in Solebury, Bucks County, Pa., 7 mo. 9, 1865, married, 12 mo. 20, 1887, Edward A. Voodman, son of Henry and Margaret (Neall) Woodman, of `Vrightstown Township. He was born on the old Woodman homesteat in `Vrightstown, 12 mo. 20, 1862. Children of Edward A. and Elizabeth (Watson) Woodman:

124 Watson, b. 8-11-1890; in. 11-27-1913, Florence Krewsen, (laughter of Horace and Luella Krewsen, of Northampton Twp., Bucks Co., Pa. They have issue: Eleanor E., b. 9-26-1915. Margaret, b. 5-15 --1917. b. 4-24-1894. b. 2-16-1896; d. 4-8-1912.

125 Allen Knight, 126 Margaret,

99. W. HARRY WATSON' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' William,' Grace R., 5 Caroline Elizabeth Shaw 6 ), only son of Jenks G. and Caroline Elizabeth (Shaw) Watson, was born in Solebury, Bucks County, Pa., 9 mo. 28, 1874. He was for several years a merchant at Carversville, but removed to Doylestown in 1916, where he conducted an automobile garage until 1920 when he erected and took charge of a large garage at Hatboro, Pa., returning to Doylestown in 1922. He married, 9 mo. 10, 1898, Sarah Bissey, daughter of James and Susan (Beans) Bissey, of Buckingham. Child of W. Harry and Sarah (Bissey) Watson:

127 Jenks II., b. 11-27--1899; m. Margaret McMaster Douglass.

100. ARTHUR C.. PICKERING' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' William,' Grace R., 5 Hannah H. Shaw 6 ), only child of H. Augustus and Hannah H. (Shaw) Pickering, was born in Carversville, Pa., 5 mo. 1, 1880. He is engaged in the mercantile business at Gardenville. He married, first, 4 mo. 15, 1915, Millie Burd, daughter of Harry and Katharine Burd, of Plumstead. She died in 1916, and he married, second, 2 mo. 1919, Emma Long. Child of Arthur C. and Millie (Burd) Pickering:

128 Henry, b. 2-21-1916.

101. HOWARD ENGLE' (James,' Joseph,' Benjamin,' Dr. James R., 4 Caroline,' Annie Stokes 6), eldest child of Tyke and Annie (Stokes) Engle, was born at Rancocas, New Jersey, 12 mo. 6, 1872, and still resides there. He married Ella DeVaul.

129 Royston.

Child of Howard and Ella (DeVaul) Engle:



102. CAROLINE ENGLE' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Dr. James R., 4 Caroline,' Annie Stokes's), second child of Tylee and Annie (Stokes) Engle, was born at Rancocas, New Jersey, 12 mo. 4, 1874. She married Robert Wills, of Marlton, New Jersey.

Children of Robert and Caroline (Engle) Wills:

130 Howard. 131 Laura. 132 Mildred. 133 Clayton.

103. HERBERT ENGLE 7 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Dr. James R., 4 Caroline,' Annie Stokes), third child of Tyke and Annie (Stokes) Engle, was born at Rancocas, New Jersey, 8 mo. 6, !876, and is living in Philadelphia. He married, first, May Watson, and sec'ind, Elsie Engle, but has no children. 104. EMILY ENGLE 7 (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 3 Dr. James R., 4 Caroline,' Annie Stokes'), fourth child of Tylee and Annie (Stokes) Engle, was born at Rancocas, New Jersey, 8 mo. 29, 1878; married William Nichols. They are living in Philadelphia.

Children of William and Emily (Engle) Nichols:

134 Dorothy. 135 Roy.

108. HARRY C. TROTH' (James,' Joseph, 2 Benjamin,' Dr. James R.,' Caroline,' Elizabeth D. Stokes'), eldest son of Henry H. and Elizabeth D. (Stokes) Troth, was born at Merchantville, New Jersey, 12 mo. 27, 1880, and still resides there. He married Florence Doak.

Children of Harry C. and Florence (Doak) Troth:

136 Elizabeth. 137 Robert.

113. WILLIAM GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Thomas, 3 Charles,' Charles,' Charles E. 8 ), was the eldest child of Charles E. and Mary (Jones) Green, of Norristown, Pa. He married, first, Mary Kasely, of West Chester, by whom he had one child, Mary, who died in infancy. He married, second, Laura Batten, also of Chester County. They reside at (1922) Malvern.

Children of William and Laura (Batten) Green:

139 Embury, m. May Detweiler.

140 Matura. 141 Beulah.

114. BEULAH GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Thomas, 3 Charles,' Charles,' Charles E. 6 ), second child of Charles E. and Mary (Jones) Green, of Norristown, married Rev. D. Wesley Gordon, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Norristown, late of Columbia, Pa.

Children of Rev. D. Wesley and Beulah (Green) Gordon:

142 Embury, 143 Berenice, 144 Elsie,


d. in infancy. m. John Justice, of Frankford, Philadelphia. m. Horace Greenwood, of Frankford, Philadelphia. They have two children: Wesley Gordon, Horace.



115. MARTHA GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Thomas,' Charles,' Charles,' Charles E."), third child of Charles E. and Mary (Jones) Green, of Norristown, married Rev. D. M. Gordon, a well-known minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Chester County, residing some years in West Chester.

Children of Rev. D. M. and Martha (Green) Gordon:

145 Mabel. 146 Gertrude, died in infancy.

116. C. EDWARD GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Thomas,' Charles,' Charles,' Charles E. 6), youngest son of Charles E. and Mary (Jones) Green, of Norristown, Pa., was for several years a contractor and builder in Norristown. He married, first, Emeretta Todd, and second, Laura (Barndt) Large, widow of Horace Large. He had two children by his first wife and four by his second.

Children of C. Edward and Emeretta (Todd) Green:

147 Bessie. 148 Wallace.

Children of C. Edward and Laura (Barndt-Large) Green:

149 Edward 1Varren. 150 Charles Robert. 151 Gyrlie, d. young. 152 Mary Eva.

117.. FLORA MAY GREEN' (James,' Joseph, 2 Thomas,' Charles,' Charles,' Charles E. 6), youngest child of Charles E. and Mary (Jones) Green, of Norristown, Pa., married Benjamin Whitehead of Norristown. They have no children.



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