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Lewis Reed VW Caravelle (Rear entry)

Lewis Reed is one of over 20 specialist converters that supply more than 500 WAVs through Motability Cost Advance Payments for all Lewis Reed WAVs are available on our Searchable Price Guide at Advance Payments are calculated every three months to ensure we are able to offer you the most competitive price. Motability offers a firm price guarantee so the price you agree with the dealer when your application is accepted is the price you pay when you collect your car. Conversion details Manufacturer Model Conversion firm Fuel and transmission - petrol, manual Fuel and transmission - petrol, automatic Fuel and transmission - diesel, manual Fuel and transmission - diesel, automatic Type of conversion Getting in Rear or side entry Ramp or lift Door type Lift Length Width How far lift extends beyond the vehicle Entry door Width at floor level Width at elbow height Max height at entry point Lowering suspension Space for wheelchair inside the vehicle Headroom

The distance from the floor to the roof taken at a point from a reference wheelchair placed as far forward as possible.

VW Caravelle (Rear entry) Lewis Reed no no yes yes wheelchair user sits behind 1st row of seats rear tailgate, hinged at top lift rear tailgate, hinged at top 129 cm 73 cm 167 cm 73 cm 78 cm 122 cm no 131 cm

Width at narrowest point

This is often the distance between the wheel arches, but sometimes between other obstructions on, or just above, the floor.

77 cm

Length of wheelchair space

The distance from the rear of the vehicle to the front on any `wheelchair area'. If the vehicle has a ramp or lift in the rear, the measurement is taken with the ramp or lift folded inside the vehicle. if there isn't an obvious wheelchair area, measurements are taken to the centre of the front tie down fitting.

219 cm

WAV factsheet - produced by Ricability in association with Motability Information correct at 01/05/2008

Lewis Reed VW Caravelle (Rear entry)

Distance between anchoring points Carrying capacity Number of wheelchairs users carried Total number of seats, including wheelchair and driver Foldable seats for use when not carrying a wheelchair Number of additional passenger seats that can be fitted Features 1 6 no ? 103 cm

Other options may be available, either free or for an additional payment - contact the converter for details. Base vehicle manufacturer's website: Converter's website:

Information provided by Ricability, based on measurements of the vehicle and information provided by the converters. Measurements given are subject to standard methodology and are intended for comparison purposes only, to act as a guide to assist with shortlisting WAVs for a test drive. Every attempt has been made to make the information in this factsheet as accurate as possible. Specifications may change from time to time. It is essential to try out any vehicle you are seriously considering.

WAV factsheet - produced by Ricability in association with Motability Information correct at 01/05/2008


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