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Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Patrick Marsh, P t i k M h MD Assistant Professor

· Chairman- Francisco Fernandez, MD Chairman· Vice Chairman- under recruitment Chairman· Faculty Council Reps

­ Jak Zak, MD ­ Patrick Marsh, MD P t i kM h

Faculty Roster

· Existing Faculty (25)

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ Bannon, Yvonne Barnett, Scott, J.D. Brown, Martha, M.D. Bengston, Bengston, Michael, M.D. Fernandez, Jamie, M.D. (K-30) (KFernandez, Francisco, M.D. Fils, Jean, M.D. Giunta, Brian M D (KGiunta Brian, M.D. (K-30) Keefe, Brian, M.D. Leibmann, Leibmann, Susan, M.D. Lubrano, Barbara, M.D. Marsh, Patrick, M.D. (K-30) (KMarton, Frances, MSW , , Nagera , Humberto, M.D. Razdan, Amit, M.D. Roth, Deborah, D.O. Santana, Carlos, M.D. Schoenburg, Schoenburg, Michael, Ph.D. Shaw, Kailie R M D Sh K ili R., M.D. Stock, Sandy, M.D. Suarez, Marianne Ph.D. Sutton, Danielle, Ph.D. Tan, Jun, M.D. Wecker, Lynn, Ph.D. Wecker Lynn Ph D Zak, Jack, M.D.


Incoming Faculty ­ Eric Rinehart 9/1 ­ Nate Upshaw 10/1 ­ Karen Goldberg 10/1 ­ Michelle Mattingly 10/26 Active Recruitment ­ TGH (7F, ER) ­ Forensic RTD & Division Chief ­ Child ­ Assistant Psychiatrists

· K-30


­ Roskamp Chair ­ Director, Silver Center ­ Vice Chair

Adult Psychiatry Clinic

· General Psychiatry

­ 16 255 outpatient visits FY 2009 16,255 t ti t i it

· Group Therapy · Addiction and Professional Health f Services · C Cognitive M di i i i Medicine · Treatment Resistant Clinic

­ Mood and Psychotic ­ OCD

· Neurostimulation VNS TMS DBS

Forensic Services

· · · · · · · · · · · Child Custody and Visitation Matters Children and Adolescent Issues Civil Commitments Competence to Stand Trial (adults and juveniles) Competence to Waive Miranda Rights Criminal Responsibility (adults and juveniles) End of Life Issues Ethical Issues Fitness for Duty Guardianships p Homicide · · · · · · · · · · Independent Medical Examination (IME) Personal Injury Psychiatric Disability Psychiatric Malpractice Sex Crimes Suicide Risk Assessments S i id Ri k A Testamentary Capacity Traumatic Brain Injury Violence Risk Assessments Worker's Compensation

Memory Disorders Clinic - 1 of 15 state designated Memory Disorder Clinics in the State of Florida

·768 outpatients, 258 new evaluations ·Services:

·Geriatric psychiatry ·N Neuropsychiatry hi t ·Neuropsychology ·Social work & family services ·Case management ·Home assessments ·Nutritional and pharmacy consultation lt ti ·Audiology ·Gait and balance ·Driving assessments

· Research - translational

­ Applied ­ Basic ­ Clinical Trials

· Education

­ ­ ­ ­ Geriatric Psychiatry Nursing Pharmacy Psychology

· Outreach · Community screenings

­ Spanish ­ French Creole


· Acquired brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI) and Concussion · Epilepsy and seizures · Cerebrovascular disease and stroke · Dementias and mild cognitive impairment and aging · Movement disorders (For example, Parkinson's disease, Essential Tremor, Tourette's disorder, dystonias, and torticollis as well as other conditions) dystonias, y ) · Neuro-oncology and brain tumors Neuro· Systemic diseases affecting the brain or central nervous system · Genetic diseases affecting the central nervous system

Silver Child Development Center

· Clinical Services

­ Autism Clinic ­ Social Skills Group ­ Child and Adolescent

· Child Neuropsychiatry · Clinical Psychopharmacology y p gy · Consultation Services

· Research Programs

­ Clinical Trials ­ Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory b

TGH Services

· 2.05 FTE attending psychiatrists · Inpatient

­ 20 bed inpatient unit ­ 317 annual patients FY 2009

· C Consultation-Liason Consultation-Li lt ti

­ 1363 Med/Surg consults FY 2009 ­ 1680 ER consults FY 2009

· Doubled volume since 2007!

Psychiatric Research ­ Clinical Trials


­ RO5313534 for Mild to Moderate Alzheimer


­ Child

· Quietiapine for Childhood Bipolar · Lamictal for Childhood Bipolar

­ Adult

· · · · · Depot Aripiprazole for Schizophrenia Ave1625 for Schizophrenia Sertindole vs Quetiapine for Cognition in Schizophrenia p g p Eplivanserin for insomnia LuAA21004 for Generalized Anxiety d/o


­ Dapsone for HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder

Psychiatric Research ­ NIH

· Microglial activation in Alzheimer's disease · Human umbilical cord blood cells for AD · CD40 modulation of Abeta-vaccine Abeta vaccine immune responses · IL 6 mediated Janus activated kinase 2 IL-6-mediated Janus-activated (Jak2)/signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 (Stat3) signaling and Brain Development

Psychiatric Research - NIH

· Neuron death and cognitive impairment in mouse models of neurodegenerative disease including AD and HIV HIV 1 · HIV-1 mediated insulin resistance in neurons with the goal of generating a flavanoid based treatment · Cholinergic mechanisms in the brain

­ neuronal nicotinic receptors ­ how perturbations in receptor expression during adolescence can predispose the adult brain to drugseeking behavior

National Institute of Health



$528,175 $484,689













FY 08-09

Direct costs/year

Non-NIH Awards


$515,003 $515 003














FY 08-09

Direct costs/year

Clinical Trials

$3,000,000 13 $2,500,000 $2 500 000 10 $2,560,293 $2,444,420

$2,000,000 10 $1,726,475 $1,500,000 5 $1,199,847 $1,000,000 13 $1,700,763


2 $417,310

$0 FY 03-04 FY 04-05 FY 05-06 FY 06-07 FY 07-08 FY 08-09

Total Awards/year

Education ­ UME

· The Education Division is heavily involved in the education the College's medical students. t d t

­ Psychiatry Clerkship- (MS-3) Clerkship- (MS­ "Introduction to Behavioral Medicine Course Introduction Course" (BMS 6840) (MS-1) (MS­ "Clinical Diagnosis and Reasoning" (BMS 5015) g g ( ) course for the second year medical students. ­ Nine separate senior electives

· During th 2006-07 academic year, 29% of th senior D i the 2006d i f the i class took electives in the Department of psychiatry

· 8-12% of the senior class enter psychiatry p y y per year

­ National average 1-2% 1-

Education- GME

· General Psychiatry · Addiction Psychiatry ­ Brian Keefe MD RTD Keefe,

­ 8/residents per year ­ Elie Francis, MD RTD ­ 2/year

· Child Psychiatry y y

­ Sandra Stock, MD RTD ­ 2/year

· Forensic Psychiatry

­ Currently recruiting ­ 2/ 2/year

· Geriatric Psychiatry

­ Jean Fils, MD, RTD ­ 2/year

· Planned

­ Psychosomatics ­ Neuropsychiatry ­ Hospitalist

USF Health Psychiatry

Developmental Medicine


Initiate collaborative research and clinical programs

Collaboration with Pediatrics and College of Public Health

Apply for Center status as an acknowledgement of existing collaborations

Appetitive drives Infectious Disease Memory Disorders Clinic PedsPeds-Psych


Enhance psychiatric education in psychiatric research and practice

Endorse the IOM report and make changes accordingly Create a research training experience or research fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Establish Peds-Psych-Child Psychiatry residency Peds-Psych-

USF Health Psychiatry


Increase psychiatric education of our faculty both I hi t i d ti f f lt b th psychiatric research and practice

Continue to build on the success of the K-30 KEstablish E t bli h our own cadre of psychiatric researchers by d f hi t i h b investing in our junior clinical faculty and trainees Extend our faculty's expertise by way of faculty p p p g development and mentorship to include clinical programs of excellence and of national significance

Build a unifying cooperative, collegial, collaborative, and cohesive culture across campus Establish Department as a regional CME source of excellence for life-long learning lifeThe Carter-Jenkins Center Carter-

Secure adequate space and funding S d t d f di Increase endowments as well as awards by 10%/year Achieve ranking within top 50 academic Departments of Psychiatry

The 6 A's Of USF Health Psychiatry

· · · · Aging Alzheimer's Disease Autism Spectrum Appetitive Drives

­ Addictions ­ Pathological gambling

­ Affective Spectrum Disorders · Treatment Resistance · Neurostimulation · AIDS

Highlights of Plans & Ideas

Activities to improve quality, efficiency and reduce cost: 1. Create standardized evaluation for new patients. 2. Mainstream both ASSIST and Senior WISE programs. 3. 3 Expand role of Department Quality Review Board. Board Activities/programs to reward and recognize faculty and staff: 1. Expand WAY to include professional development. 2. Fund professional development initiative centrally. 3. Initiate new mentoring program. GameGame-changing ideas that will revolutionize Psychiatry s Psychiatry's mission/function: 1. Change name Department of Behavioral Neurosciences 2. Provide Rent Relief to Education and Clinical Research 3. 3 Provide Department with sufficient support to populate new labs P id D t t ith ffi i t tt l t l b with reasonable equipment to function. 4. Allow us to keep full E&G rate to finalize recruitment 5. Treat basic scientists in Department equitably (or on par with those in basic science Departments) i b i i D t t ) 6. Keep 50% of indirects from NIH Awards


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