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The Tranzonic Commercial Group · Cleveland, OH 44143

Since 1919, Hospital Specialty Company has been a pioneer and leader of personal care products. Almost 80 years ago, the business began with a dedicated workforce of women wearing nursing caps. The factory was often referred to as a hospital. The name stuck and still occasionally requires an explanation, since product sales of the company are not targeted primarily to the hospital markets.

The maiden products were feminine hygiene for coin operated dispensing. The story has been told that consumer sanitary napkins were originally rejected at retail and it was the conveyance of vending that helped establish demand. Hospital Specialty is proud to be a charter member of the ISSA. Bringing the manufacturer and distributor together builds knowledge for the entire industry.

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Feminine Hygiene Products & Vendors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sanitary Napkins For Vending

Hospital Specialty, the leader in vended feminine hygiene, offers a complete line of leading brand name feminine hygiene products and high quality dispensers, including Maxithins® Pads and Tampax® Tampons, two names that women know and trust. Hospital Specialty also manufactures the Gards® brand of feminine napkins, a leading name in vended feminine protection for over 40 years. We're proud to feature Maxithins® Ultra Thin with Wings, the feminine napkin product preferred by today's women. Vended sanitary napkins are available in two box sizes. Our most popular size box, the No. 4 box, which contains a folded pad, while the No. 8 size box contains a flat pad. Feminine hygiene dispensers vend one of these two size boxes. The following products are available with the No. 4 size box: 147A, MT-4, MT-200 and EG-4. You can vend any of these products from the dispensers that indicate the No 4 size box in this catalog. Our MT-8 and 248 products are in the No. 8 size box. Certain vendors will vend this size box.



Sanitary Napkins for Vending

· · · · · · · · 147A: Gards®Maxi Sanitary Napkin in No. 4 box. 250 units per case. MT-4: Maxithins® Maxi Sanitary Napkin in No. 4 box. 250 units per case. 248: Gards® Maxi Sanitary Napkin in No. 8 box. 250 units per case. MT-8: Maxithins® Maxi Sanitary Napkin in No. 8 box 250 units per case. MT-200: Maxithins® Ultra Thin Maxi with Wings in No. 4 box. 200 units per case. EG-4: Enviro Gards® Flushable Ultra Thin Maxi in No. 4 box. 125 units per case. 555-R: Maxithins® Pantishields in vending box. 200 units per case. MT-555: Maxithins® Pantiliner in vending in box. 200 per case.






Maxithins® MT-200 Ultra Thin with Wings:

The Feminine napkin product that more women prefer. · · · · · Larger wings for a more secure fit Exact same product sold at retail Ultra thin core for discreet protection Dri-Gard Cover Sheet for superior dryness and comfort No. 4 size box

feminine hygiene products

Designed for the comfort and convenience of your patrons, Hospital Specialty's feminine hygiene products include all the important amenities your patrons

Enviro Gards® Flushable Ultra Thin Maxi Pad


expect to find in a well-appointed restroom. Feminine hygiene products are the only restroom amenities for which your patron pays. Hospital Specialty feminine products typically vend for 25¢ and 50¢ per item. The higher the vending price, the more revenue generated to support the

It's a super absorbent sanitary napkin with one extraordinary benefit- it is both flushable and biodegradable. Specially engineered, patented materials combine to make the only flushable and biodegradable sanitary napkin available for restroom feminine hygiene vending. · EG-4: Enviro Gards® Ultra Thin Maxi Pad, in No. 4 box. 125 units per box.


Enviro Gards® Vendor

Capacity 16 EG-4 and 20 tampons.

Hospitality Packs

Convenient, smaller packs of our most popular vending items, the Maxithins sanitary napkins and Maxithins® Comfort Plus tampon in vending tube. 100 units per case.

appropriate maintenance of your restrooms.



Tampons For Vending

Tampax® Tampons

Hospital Specialty is proud to be a distributor of Tampax tampons through vending machines for over 50 years. Individually wrapped and in vending tube. Tampax® is the name more women trust. · T500: 500-count for vending · T200: 200-count for vending

Tampax® is the registered trademark of Procter & Gamble, Inc.

Maxithins®: HOSPECO's Tampon Alternative!

Individually wrapped, in regular or super absorbency. · MT500: 500-count regular absorbency for vending (in vending tube), individually wrapped · MT-500B: 500-count regular absorbency bulk tampons, individually wrapped · MT500S: 500-count super absorbency bulk tampons, individually wrapped

Maxithins® Comfort Plus tampons are available in bulk pack (non-vending) for institutional needs. Ask your representative for complete details.



Hospital Specialty offers a feminine hygiene vendor to satisfy every need. In addition to single channel vendors that offer sanitary napkins or tampons, Hospital Specialty features Maxithins® Dual, our most popular vendor, which dispenses both Maxithins® Pads and tampons so women can choose the type of sanitary protection they prefer.

The Dual No. 1 Series

Our Dual 1 vendor series is our most popular class of vendors. Choose from MT1-SS (stainless steel ), Dual1, MT1 or ED1. Capacity: 15 sanitary napkins (No. 4 size box)and 25 tampons with storage.

MT1-SS Dual1 MT1

E-Vendor Feminine Hygiene Dispensing System.

Our popular Dual-1 vendor with an important innovation- an electronic flashing empty indicator. When out, a bright red light flashes EMPTY, alerting maintenance personnel that it is time to restock the vendor. This electronic signal helps eliminate the problem of an empty vendor and a dissatisfied patron as well as loss of revenue. Requires 2 `AA' Batteries · ED1: E-Vendor Electronic Dual1 with LED "empty" display indicator, Capacity:15 sanitary napkins (No. 4 size box) and 25 tampons with storage






A. T-45 Tampax® Vendor

Capacity 42 Tampax® Tampons

D. FOC Freedom of Choice No. 100 Vendor

Capacity: 2 channels of 15 sanitary napkins (No. 4 size box) and 24 Tampons

B. K-20H Single Channel Vendor

Capacity 15 sanitary napkins (No. 4 size box)


Freedom of Choice (F.O.C) Jr. vendor only. Capacity: 9 sanitary napkins (No. 4 size box) and 13 tampons.

HOSPECO® coin mechanisms are guaranteed for the life of the dispenser. Coin mechanisms are available in: free, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, 2/25¢ and $1.00 For detailed product information on feminine hygiene products and vendors or any other product in the catalog, please visit our website @

C. 8H Vendor

Capacity: 22 sanitary napkins (No. 8 size box)

K-40H Vendor

Capacity: 30 sanitary napkins (No. 4 size box)



Feminine Hygiene Starter Kits


feminine hygiene vendors starter kits

Value Pack Gards® or Maxithins® Starter Pack

Includes the Dual No. 1 and more than enough product to keep it supplied. The Perfect Starter Kit is almost free! Ask us how. MTVP Includes: · One Dual MT1 · 500 MT-4 sanitary napkins · 500 Tampax® Tampons · Two each HG-1 toilet seat cover dispensers · Four 250 count sleeves of Health Gards® Toilet Seat Covers · 1 Waste Receptacle (250/201W) · 500 each Kraft Waxed Liners

Available with MT-200, consult price sheet for details.

Clear NecessityTM Vendor


MVP-180 Maxithins® Value Pack Refill Kit

Includes 60 MT-200, 60 MT500 tampons and 60 NecessityTM Bags for use in any Dual sanitary napkin/ tampon dispenser MVP: Maxithins Value Pack includes ED1 50¢ Vend, one case MT-200 and 2 cases MT100FS

MT-180 Vended Feminine Hygiene Starter Kit

Includes 60 MT-4, 60 MT500 tampons and 60 NecessityTM Bags for use in any Dual sanitary napkin/ tampon dispenser


MVP-200CK Maxithins® Ultra Thin Conversion Kit

Convert any HOSPECO Dual Vendor to a 50¢ vend. Includes 100 MT-200, 100 MT500 tampons, 100 NecessityTM Bags, and a Dual vendor coin module with two 50¢ coin mechanisms

Convenience Wall-mounted with included double-sided tape. Screw holes for fastening provided or simply rest on countertop. Courtesy Provides personal feminine hygiene products without the investment of full-size coin-operated vending units. Confidence Employees and patrons will appreciate the management's consideration to provide for this benefit on a no-charge basis and recognize the value of differences between men and women. Compact Measures only 16" high x 6" wide x 4-1/4' deep Complete Comes packed with 12 Tampax® Tampons, 25 Maxithins® Pads and 25 disposal bags

FOC Jr. Convenience Pak

The FOC Jr. Convenience Pak, our best value, is an excellent starter system consisting of the FOC Jr. vendor, 60 MT-4 sanitary napkins, 60 tampons, and 60 disposal bags.



Feminine Napkin Waste Receptacles and Liners

Hospital Specialty offers a full line of Health Gards® Waste Receptacles and Liners. Receptacles are available in a variety of styles from white metal or poly with hinged lid to swing-type, double entry. A complete selection of liners is available to fit virtually any type Health Gards® or other brand waste receptacle on the market.

Bed-1000 Poly-1260


· HS-6141: Waxed Kraft Liners, 9" x 10" x 3-1/4" 250 per case , · HS-6142: poly pouch refills for use in the HS-6142W units only, 70 poly bags per box, 12 boxes/ case · 260 KL: Kraft Waxed Liners, 7 1/2" x 10-1/4" x 3-1/2" 500 per case , · Poly-1260: Liners with Flip Top in convenient Dispenser box, 13-1/2 " x 12" (no gusset) · 6802W: Paper Liner 8" x 7" x 8" fits #2201 and most swing-type receptacles, 500 per case · Hotel-500: Courtesy Disposal Bags 9" x 4" x 1.75" · Bed-1000: Hospital Bedside Bag with adhesive strips. 11" x 6" x 2.5" · NEC-500: Necessities Courtesy Bag, printed white with slit to mount on vendors. 8" x 3" x 2" · NEC-500BH: Necessities Bag Holder (with easy tape mount to the side of any dispenser/vendor)



NEC-500 HOTEL-500




· HS-6140WP: all-in-one White receptacle with removable rigid plastic liner · HS-6140W: all-in-one White receptacle with removable rigid plastic liner featuring separate disposable bag pouch holder and one HS-6142, 70 napkin disposable poly bags · 250/201W: White ABS Plastic waste receptacle · ND-1 : Surface Mounted Sanitary Napkin Disposal · ND-1W: White Metal Receptacle · 2201: Swing Type Double Entry White Metal - floorstanding · ND-1E: Stainless Steel Waste Receptacle ND-1W · HS-6143: Clear courtesy Pouch Dispenser with one HS-6142 refill pack (not pictured) · HS-6144: Courtesy PouchStarter Kit with two clear dispensers and ten HS-6142 refill packs (not pictured)



Smart CanTM Touch-Free Waste Receptacle

Patented, touch-free waste receptacle with infrared sensor that automatically opens the lid when a person's hand is within 8-inches of the top and closes once the person walks away. Smart CanTM eliminates the need to touch a lid or open a trash container with just-washed hands. Powered with four D batteries. Sizes available: · · · SC-053: 5.3 gallon, choose from gray or red plastic SC-071: 7.1 gallon (pictured left), choose from gray or red plastic, add"R" suffix for red SC-125: 12.5 gallon in stainless steel.


Health Gards® Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers

Health Gards® Toilet Seat Covers are very cost-effective , hygienic way to cover public toilet seats. Compare the sloppy and expensive alternatives of lining the seat with toilet paper or paper towels.

receptacles & liners toilet seat covers

Health Gards® Toilet Seat Covers

Health Gards® Toilet Seat Cover Refills are available in the standard half-fold format which accommodates most restroom stalls or quarter-fold format for very small stall areas, especially transportation use. · HG-5000: (5000 count/case), packed 20 sleeves of 250 · HG-2500: (2500 count/case), packed 10 sleeves of 250 · HG-1000: (1000/case), packed 4 sleeves of 250 · HG-QTR-5M: Quarter-fold seat covers (5000/case count), packed 25 sleeves of 200

HG-1-2 White ABS Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser and HG-5000 Half-fold Toilet Seat Covers HG-2 White ABS Plastic Quarter-Fold Toilet Seat Cover Dispesner and HG-QTR-5M Quarter-Fold Toilet Seat Cover refill

For environmentally concerned customers, Hospital Specialty offers Health Gards® "GREEN" Toilet Seat Covers which are manufactured from recycled paper. Shown with our most popular vendor, HG-1-2. · GREEN-5000: (5000 count/case), packed 20 sleeves of 250 · GREEN-2500: (2500 count/case), packed 10 sleeves of 250 · GREEN-1000: (1000/case), packed 4 sleeves of 250 · GRN-QTR-5M: Quarter-fold seat covers (5000/case count), packed 25 sleeves of 200

TSC-1 HG-2


Health Gards® Dispensers range from the popular high impact white styrene to chrome plated or stainless steel dispensers available in surface mounted or recessed styles. · HG-1-2: White Plastic, Half-Fold Dispenser · HG1S: Smoke-look plastic, , Half-Fold Dispenser · 45C: Chrome Metal, Half-Fold Dispenser · TSC-1: Stainless Steel, Half-Fold Dispenser · TSC-1W: White Metal, Half-Fold Dispenser · HG-2: White Plastic, Quarter-Fold Dispesner


HG1S HG-1-2


Health Gards® SP (Sanitary PolyPak) Toilet Seat Covers

Patent-pending Sanitary PolyPak is the ultimate answer for keeping toilet seat covers fresh, sanitary and moisture-free. · Each 250-count, half-fold Health Gards® SP Sanitary PolyPak arrives sealed for protection. · Fits all standard half-fold dispensers. · Case takes up less space and can be stored anywhere (even in a humid environment) with no concern about wetness or moisture penetrating the sealed package. · Eliminates the chance for crushed cartons · Health Gards® SP ships in a smaller case cube than traditional cardboard sleeves. · No glue or staples · Health Gards® SP is available in 5,000 count (SP-5000), 2,500 count (SP-2500) and 1,000 count (SP-1000) cases.


The Real Meaning of Odor Management

Restroom odor management systems from Hospital Specialty Company work in harmony to provide your patrons with a clean and pleasant restroom environment. Patrons will be likely to return to an establishment that pays attention to the details in the restroom. The Key ingredient in Health Gards® odor management products is NEUTREXTM, the "smart" odor neutralizer. A specially formulated compound that actually seeks out malodors for the purpose of neutralizing them. And, in addition, most of our odor management products are "fragrance compatible." That means you don't have to settle for a lemon aerosol air freshener in the same restroom with a cherry urinal block while using an applescented surface deodorizer to clean the counters. You can match fragrances for a pleasing scent in the restroom while providing total odor management. At Hospital Specialty, we take odor management seriously. That's why we developed this comprehensive line of odor fighting products to solve any malodor problem. We've broken down odor management into three steps: 1. Surface Odor Control 2. Restroom Odor Control 3. Continuous Deodorization

Health Gards® Surface Odor Control

Combating surface odors is easy with versatile Health Gards® Concentrated Liquid Odor Counteractants, available in four pleasing fragrances. The water soluble deodorants are tough on organically-based odors, and available in four fragrances. To quickly contain a liquid spill and the associated odor, Health Gards® Powder Absorbent converts the liquid to a solid for easy cleanup.

Health Gards® Bio Enzyme Deodorant

· Breaks down and digests organic waste · Bacteria/enzyme action eliminates the source of organic odors including urine, vomit, etc. · Use on any water surface which has odors or stains caused by organic matter · Nontoxic · Available in one (1) gallon (ships 4 per case) and one (1) quart (ships 12 per case) containers · Pails and drums available on request

Health Gards® Liquid Water Soluble Deodorants

A full line of water soluble deodorants in four fragrances. · Economical, Versatile Odor Eliminators · Easy-to-use concentrate- just add 2 ounces per gallon of water to eliminate odors virtually anywhere. · Safe, non-toxic and biodegradable · Use in washrooms, carpet shampoos, trigger sprays, or add to mop water · Safe for use on new generation carpets · Choose from four fragrances: Apple, Mint, Lemon and Cherry · Available in one (1) gallon (ships 4 per case) and one (1) quart (ships 12 per case)

Health Gards® Concentrated Powder Absorbent

· Absorbs 100 times its weight · Liquid spills are instantly transformed into semi solids while the associated malodor is neutralized · Ideal for nuisance and body fluid cleanup in institutional and industrial locations · Available in convenient, easy-to-use 16 ounce shaker can · Packed 12 per case

Health Gards® Carpet And Room Deodorizing Powder

· Eliminates odors and freshens rooms each time you vacuum. Deodorizes rugs and rooms. Reduces static electricity. · Clean, fresh fragrance · Nontoxic, safe for all carpets · Available in convenient, easy-to-use 15-ounce shaker can · Packed 12 per case

Health Gards® Industrial Wick Bottles

· Super concentrated fragrance wick bottles offer continuous odor control anywhere. · Water-based liquid formula · One-oz. glass bottles fit most cabinets · Available in Lemon and Neutral · Low V.O.C.'s · Packed 12 per case


Health Gards® Restroom Odor Control

Health Gards® Deodorant Urinal Screens with Non-Para Block (five fragrances) and Deluxe Vinyl Deodorizing Urinal Screens (four fragrances). No restroom deodorant system would be complete without Health Gards® Para Toss-In Blocks, Toilet Rim Cages and Stick Up Deodorant Discs.

odor management products

Health Gards® Paradichlorobenzene & Non Para Deodorant Product

The Health Gards Para Dichlorobenzene Deodorant System is the most versatile, cost-effective program for quickly neutralizing odors. Para products work 24 hours a day to continuously eliminate malodors at their source. The result is a clean, fresh smelling environment.

Health Gards® Automatic Bowl Cleaners

Health Gards® ABC In Tank Bowl Cleaners are an easy method of keeping toilet bowls clean and fresh. · Non-staining, surfactant formulation · Biodegradable, contains no phosphates · Tints water blue with each flush, nonpolluting · Packed 12 per case · ABC is a standard quality formula containing 22+% surfactant cleaning agents.

Para Toss-In Blocks

· Available in 3 oz. and 4 oz. sizes · Ideal for use with vinyl Health Gards urinal screens · Available in bulk, shippers, or sleeves · Packed 144 per case


Health Gards® Toilet Rim Cage

· Choose from multiple fragrances · Cleans and deodorizes toilet bowls for up to 30 days · Non-staining- no water color change · Nontoxic, biodegradable · Also available with blue indicator dye · Packed 12 per case

Urinal Screen With Para Block

· Screen with block deodorizes for up to 30 days · Prevents drain clog while deodorizing · Packed 12 screens per case · Non-staining- no water color change · Exclusive patent pending "No Splash" design

Health Gards® Deodorant Urinal Screens with Non-Para Block

· · · · · · · Choose from multiple fragrances Cleans and deodorizes for up to 30 days Non-staining- no water color change Nontoxic/biodegradable block Exclusive patent pending "No Splash" design Easy-access dispenser carton Contains 12 individually package screens

Para Wall Blocks

· Available in 16 oz. and 24 oz. sizes · Hanging cartons available · Packed 24 per master case

Para Toilet Bowl Blocks

· 4 oz. block with deluxe reinforced plastic hanger · Universal fit for most toilets · Individually wrapped, packed 12/12s

Deluxe Vinyl Deodorizing Urinal Screens

· Choose from multiple fragrances · Odor control lasts for at least 30 days · Helps to eliminate odors while preventing clogging · Flexible to fit all urinals · Individually wrapped: 12 per carton · Each screen comes with glove for sanitary installation

Para 20-Pound Block (not pictured)

· 20-pounds, ideal for industrial areas, like dumpsters · packed two 20-pound blacks per case NOTE: For optimal product performance, para products, which are activated by air and do not dissolve in water, should be used in urinals with standing water; non-para products, which are activated by water, should not be used in urinals with standing water.


Health Gards® Continuous Deodorization

Featuring Health Gards® "CLOUD" Metered Aerosols

Freshen the air and eliminate malodors with continuous metered deodorization of Health Gards® aerosols. These handsome, battery-operated units dispense up to 3,400 metered sprays from each refill. Covers up to 6,000 square-feet Now freshening the air and eliminating malodors just got even more pleasant... From "Tropical Trade Winds," the fresh Caribbean scent of the Islands, to vast fields of "Honeysuckle Blossom," our Health Gards® Metered Aerosols represents the latest and most popular deodorizing scents. Health Gards® Metered Aerosols contain NEUTREX, an odor-fighting compound that actually "seeks out" malodors for the purpose of eliminating the source.

· Non-chlorinated aerosols are V.O.C-compliant · Universal fit spray actuator on aerosols fit all cabinets · Each aerosol provides up to 3,400 metered sprays

Health Gards® Metered Aerosols

Choose from a variety of scents.


STRATUS® 3 Slimline Metered Aerosol Dispenser

The Health Gards® Stratus 3 Metered Aerosol has been designed with smaller footrpint on the wall. Polyproplyene construction will not break down or melt away from the overspray of acetone based formulations. · · · · 24-hour/day (light sensing) modes of operation Services up to 6,000 cubic feet Wall mount is easy to refill Spray timer adjusts to release aerosol at 5-, 10-, 15- or 20-minute intervals · Longer-lasting battery life, uses one or two "AA" batteries · Available with or without lock


Metered Insecticides Available.

Odor Neutralizer Available.


HOSPECO customer service: 1.800.321.9832


The Health Gards® Stratus®2 Metered Aerosol Dispenser emits a fresh burst of fragrance every 15 minutes for continuous odor control. · Sleek, attractive design complements any decor. Special Design Features: · Unique Key-Assembly Design · LCD Indicator · 5-40 minute multiple spray interval · 24 hour/Day/Night Sensor · Longer-lasting battery life · One `D' cell battery required


odor management products


The Health Gards® Cirrus®2 Aerosol Dispenser is truly a step ahead in dispenser function and design. Featuring the distinctive Health Gards® "Cloud" design and an easy-read LCD programmable clock that displays current time. The user can choose from 24-hour operation or pre-set start and stop times. Programmable dispenser permits user to determine intervals between sprays (1 to 99 minutes). One `D' cell battery required.

Health Gards® Stratus®3 Retail Pack Metered Aerosol Kit

Hospital Specialty's new retail pack is ideal for home, office or anywhere malodors exist. We have combined our sleek Stratus® 3 dispenser into a combopack that includes 2 Health Gards® metered aerosols fragrances. It's a convenient solution to any odor control problem. Great smaple pack or starter kit. SKU Information: · 079SK: Health Gards® Stratus®3 Retail Pack, 1 pack in shipping carton · 079SKMC: Health Gards® Stratus®3 Retail Pack, 4 inner shippers per case · 079SKRP: Health Gards® Stratus®3 Retail Pack, 4 pack/ case for retail packout


Continuous Deodorization Featuring Health Gards "CLOUD" Air Fragrance Gel Systems

The most effective method of ridding the air of malodors on a continuous basis. Hospital Specialty's unique STRATUS and CIRRUS fan cabinet dispensing systems complement natural air flow movement by directing the fragrance in an upward direction out of the top of the unit.

09301-09307 09530

Choice of fan dispenser color (timeless white or classic black). Cirrus Fan Cabinet has LED display. One `D' cell battery required.

"CLOUD" Fragrance Gels:

· · · · Fit virtually all fan dispensers Feature a foil-seal "no spill" package to lock in fragrance Low V.O.C.s - meet C.A.R.B. Regulations Contain essential oils from flowers, herbs and other natural vegetation · · · ·


Are completely biodegradable and cups are coded for recyclability Micro-encapsulated organic formula evenly distributes fragrance Provides more than 30 days of clean, fresh air while neutralizing malodors Choose from a variety of fragrances


HOSPECO Washroom Accessories

What's a washroom without toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, hand dryers, grab bars, waste receptacles, mirrors, lockers, partitions and the hundreds of other products that can be added to a washroom? That's where Hospital Specialty's HOSPECO Washroom Accessories line comes to the rescue. This line of products is so extensive that Hospital Specialty even has a separate catalog to display them.

Product Lines Include:

· Garbs Bars- any and all configurations available · Soap Dispensers and Soap Tanks · Stainless Steel Sanitary Napkin Disposals · Stainless Steel Ash Trays · Stainless Steel Multipurpose Units · Stainless Steel Miscellaneous Accessories · Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue Dispensers · Stainless Steel Towel Dispensers · Stainless Steel Corner Guards · Stainless Steel Toilet Seat Covers Dispensers and Combinations · Stainless Steel Waste Receptacles · Stainless Steel Counter Tops · Stainless Steel Napkin Vendors · Stainless Steel Cup Dispensers and Disposals · Stainless Steel Shower Seats · Stainless Steel Hospital Accessories and Medicine Cabinets · Stainless Steel Hardware · Stainless Steel Shelving · Stainless Steel Hotel & Motel Accessories · Stainless Steel Maximum Security Accessories · Hand Dryers · Phenolic Lockers · Toilet Partitions and Hardware

Special Accessories- New Lines:

· White Accessories · White Gold Accessories · Real Brass Accessories · Real Bronze Accessories

Catalog Available!

In the North America, call 1-800-321-9832 and ask our Customer Service Representatives about our complete line of washroom accessories

HOSPECO customer service: 1.800.321.9832


For detailed product information on any product in the catalog, please visit our website @

Skin Care Products

Hospital Specialty offers Global CleanTM, a complete line of bag-in-box skin care products, featuring tri-lingual packaging.

washroom accessories skin care

Global Clean Skin Care Products A Broad Line of Hand Cleaning and Skin Cleansing Products For Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Food Service And Health Care Applications

All GLOBAL CLEANTM Soap Refills feature ready-to-use, hermetically sealed pouches with a built-in drip-proof valve. Refills are easyloading, leak-free, and clog-free.

Global CleanTM HP Lotion Soap Available in 500, 800 and 1000 ml Bag-in-Box

Global CleanTM Hair & Body Wash Available in 800 ml Bag-in-Box

Global CleanTM Lotion Skin Cleanser Available in 800 and 1000 ml Bag-in-Box

Global CleanTM Antibacterial Lotion Soap 0.3% PCMX available in 800 and 1000 ml Bag-in-Box

All 800 ml Global CleanTM Product are also available in 6-packs.

Global CleanTM Hand Sanitizing Gel Available in 800 and 1000 ml Bag-in-Box.

Global CleanTM Antimicrobial Lotion Soap 0.6% PCMX Available in 500, 800 and 1000 ml Bag-in-Box

The Global CleanTM Dispenser

· · · · · · · · Choose from black or white Cost-effective portion controlled dispensing means no wasted soap Maintenance free design constructed from durable ABS Hidden locking system allows for fast and easy refilling Easy-to-view sight window eliminates run-outs ADA compliant dispensing push bar Holds one refill pouch (800 ml, 1,000 ml or 500 ml) Available in Black or White

80001EA: White Global CleanTM Soap Dispenser 80002EA: Black Global CleanTM Soap Dispenser


Health Gards® First Aid Kits

Every establishment should have a Health Gards® Safety or First Aid Kit conveniently stored on the premises in case of accidents or emergencies. OSHA requires first aid in the work place. Hospital Specialty offers a full line of pre-stocked and refills for First Aid Kits for any size location. From small groups to kits for over 100 people, Hospital Specialty's Health Gards® First Aid Kits will keep you covered.

#2167 Health Gards First Aid Kit For Group of 10

Contents: Stretch gauze, 4 gauze pads, 8 cloth knuckle bandages, 4 X-large cloth bandages, 1 roll adhesive tape, 4 burn first aid cream packets, 4 Cut Cleaners antiseptic, 4 PVP iodine swabs, 4 Soothe-A-Sting swabs, 4 packets of Buffinox buffered aspirin, 1 disposable instant cold pack, Scissors. Dimensions: 4 3/4" X 8" X 2 3/4" , Wt.: 2 lbs.

Health Gards® First Aid Kits:

· · · · · For Groups of 10 For Groups of 25 For Groups of 35 For Group of 50 For Group of 100 · · · · Auto/Travel Kit Small Burn Kit Health Gards® First Aid Kit Refills Health Gards® Individual Unit Refill Items (sold in case quantity only)

#2104 First Aid Kit For Group of 35 #2166 First Aid Kit For Group of 25

Contents: Stretch gauze, 4 gauze pads, 5 X-large cloth bandages, 100 plastic strips, 1 trauma pad, 1 triangular bandage, 1 roll adhesive tape, 6 burn first aid cream packets, 10 Cut Cleaners antiseptic, 4 Soothe-ASting swabs, 1 disposable instant cold pack, scissors, slide first aid chart. Dimensions: 7 1/2" X 10 3/4" X 2 3/4" Wt.: 3 lbs. , Contents: 2 stretch gauzes (1" x 5 yds.), 4 gauze pads (3" x 3"), stretch gauze (2" x 5 yds.), 5 x-large cloth bandages (2" x 3"), 100 plastic strips, 1 trauma pad (5" x 9"), 1 triangular bandage, 1 roll adhesive tape (1/2" x 5 yds.), 6 burn first aid cream packets, 10 Cut Cleaners antiseptic wipes, 10 PVP iodine swabs, 1 can antiseptic spray, 10 SootheA-Sting swabs, 50 Pain Free tablets, 1 small instant cold pack, 4-oz. bottle Boroptol eye wash, 10 ammonia inhalants, forceps, scissors, 1 slide first aid chart. Dimensions: 9-3/4" x 9-3/4" x 2-1/2," Wt.: 6 lbs.

#2107 First Aid Kit For Group of 50

Contents: 2 stretch gauzes (1" x 5 yds.), 1 stretch gauze (2" x 5 yds.), 10 gauze pads (3" x 3"), stretch gauze (2" x 5 yds.), 100 plastic strips, 30 elastic strips, 1 trauma pad (5" x 9"), 1 triangular bandage, 1 roll adhesive tape (1/2" x 5 yds.), 6 burn first aid cream packets, 10 Cut Cleaners antiseptic wipes, 10 PVP iodine swabs, 1 can antiseptic spray, 100 Pain Free tablets, 1 small instant cold pack, 4-oz. bottle Boroptol eye wash, 10 ammonia inhalants, forceps, scissors, 1 slide first aid chart. Dimensions: 9-3/4" x 14" x 2-3/4" , Wt.: 7 lbs.

#2114 First Aid Kit For Group of 100

Contents: 2 stretch gauzes (1" x 5 yds.), 1 stretch gauze (2" x 5 yds.), 10 gauze pads (3" x 3"), stretch gauze (2" x 5 yds.), 10 x-large cloth bandages (2" x 3"), 100 plastic strips, 75 elastic strips, 50 knuckle bandages, 1 trauma pad (5" x 9"), 1 triangular bandage, 1 tourniquet, 2 rolls adhesive tape (1/2" x 5 yds.), 6 burn first aid cream packets, 2 sterile cotton applicators, 10 Cut Cleaners antiseptic wipes, 10 PVP iodine swabs, 1 can antiseptic spray, 10 Soothe-A-Sting swabs, 100 Pain Free tablets, 1 large instant cold pack, 4-oz. bottle Boroptol eyewash, 10 ammonia inhalants, forceps, scissors, 1 slide first aid chart. Dimensions: 10-3/4" x 10-3/4" x 4-1/2" , Wt.: 9 lbs.

Cut CleanersTM and Pain FreeTM are trademarks of AFASSCO, Carson City, NV 89702


First Step® Safety Products

to help you meet compliance to OSHA Final Rule 29 CFR 1910.1030- "Federal Bloodborne Pathogen Standard" . Disposable Blood Safety Kits


first aid kits safety products

Is Your Workplace Covered By The OSHA Blood Safety Standard? Compliance is now easier than ever before!

Hospital Specialty offers a broad line of blood exposure products from First Step®

Individual packaged in quick-open plastic bags printed with usage instructions, these single usage kits are compact and easy to use.

Disposable Kit User Packs

Gross Exposure Packs should be used when blood is spurting, spraying or splashing.

Personal Blood Safety Kits

· Refillable Infection Safety Kits · Refill from bulk case components or handy refill packs for the lowest cost protection available.

OSHA Compliance Pack

All in one pack for easy compliance with OSHA Standards! · Personal Protection Equipment · Written Exposure Control Plan · Training Program First Step's compliance packs offer a low cost mix of the three key ingredients needed for safe employee biohazard protection as required by OSHA standards. Two stock sizes make it easy for all businesses to purchase one complete kit and be in compliance

· · · Do you provide a first aid kit for employees? Do you have employees who receive first aid training as part of their job? Are any of your employees expected to handle bleeding persons or clean up blood or body fluid spills?

Gloves and Protective Apparel Waste Receptacles

First Step offers a wide assortment of both disposable and reusable biohazard waste systems for safe and convenient removal of potentially infectious materials. · Protective Latex & Vinyl Gloves · Nitrile Synthetic Gloves · Fluid Barrier Gown

Mountable Safety Equipment Cabinets

Compact and attractive Personal Protection Equipment cabinet mounts easily on wall. Ideal method for organizing safety equipment and supplies in plants, locker rooms or vehicles.

Written Exposure Control Plan

40 page manual is designed for quick and complete development of your own written exposure plan. Twelve sections cover all the required plan areas including engineering and work practice controls, personal protective equipment housekeeping, record keeping procedures, vaccinations and training communications...designed in an easy and convenient fill-in-the-blank style, and also contains forms for record keeping and reporting. · Training Video

Miscellaneous Safety Items

· Body Fluid Solidifier · Speed Clot Medicated Spray-On Bandage · Student & Instructor Training Manuals

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, compliance is now easier than ever before! OSHA 1910. 1030, the law designed to help prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis B in the workplace from exposure to blood and body fluids that contain blood (such as vomit), requires employees to do three primary things: · The employer must develop and maintain a policy manual commonly called a "Written Exposure Control Plan" . The employer must provide "at risk" employees with blood exposure safety training initially upon hiring and annually thereafter. The employer must also provide personal protective equipment, commonly in the form of pre-assembled kits, for employees to use when they are giving first aid or handling someone who is bleeding; and body fluid spill kits that include absorbent powders, scoops and germicidal disinfectants for cleaning up a blood or body fluid spill. Compliance with the complete standard may require other actions. Contact you local OSHA office for more information about the standard's requirements.


The First Step Stairway To Safe Exposure Control: PROTECT

· Written Exposure Control Plan · Training · Work Practice Controls



· Hands · Clothing & Shoes · Mouth, Nose & Eyes


· Infectious Waste · Evidence & Sharps · Body Fluid Spills


· Hands & Skin · Equipment · Vehicles & Other Surfaces




Hospital Specialty offers the most comprehensive line of non-wovens, wovens and textile wipers in North America, featuring the following substrates and many more to meet your specific end use application. Please refer to our wiper catalog for complete product information.

Multipurpose Industrial Wipers

These Nonwoven disposable wipers are the right choice for all-purpose wiping jobs where absorbency and low cost per wiper is a must. · Airlaid Wipers · Scrim-Reinforced Wipers · DRC Cellulose Wipers

Foodservice Towels

A complete variety of reusable disposable wipers for foodservice and food preparation work areas including table bussing, scrubbing, counter cleanup, and general purpose wiping.


HOSPECO offers a wide variety of textiles, designed for everyday cleaning and dusting.

New and Reclaimed Rags

For cleaning, polishing and related tasks, Hospital Specialty carries a comprehensive line of woven wipers; from low-lint cotton T-shirt for critical applications to reclaimed rags for grease and oil clean-up. New woven wipers are consistent in size and quality.

DuPont® Sontara EC® Wipes

Wet, dry or in between, Sontara EC® wipers are more versatile than cloth rags, stronger and more durable than paper, and less expensive in use than both. They're made under strict production controls to provide consistent quality, uniform size and packaging - all the performance advantages you expect from DuPont.

ToolWorksTM Wipers

ADePT® Critical Task Wipers

ADePT® Critical Task Wipers (also known as delicate or light task wipers) are soft, economical wipers ideal for a variety of tasks requiring low lint wiping. Manufactured from virgin fiber substrates with no binders, starch or silicone additives, ADePT® Critical Task Wipers are soft and highly absorbent with low lint and high tensile strength. Used for wiping delicate or sensitive materials, parts, utensils, equipment or surfaces that require clean, soft, low lint wiping.

ADePT® is a registered trademark of HLO Enterprises, San Francisco, CA.

ToolWorksTM Wipers are available in four popular wiping substrates (DRC All-Purpose wipers, Airlaid Multi-Purpose wipers, Cloth Replacement wipers and Scrim Reinforced wipers) to meet a variety of end user applications. Measuring a large 9" x 12.75" the inter-folded wipers dispense one at a time , for easy clean up of spills. Unique ToolWorksTM dispenser box features an innovative, patent pending design that fits on any standard roll towel holder. The ingenious package, once inserted into the towel holder, puts wipers within easy reach, yet off the workspace and out of the way.

Dust Cloths

Designed for specific task of dusting. Variety of sizes. treated to attract dust and hold it to the wiper.


Warm BathTM Rinse-Free Bathing System

Warm Bath features a soft, spunlace washcloth, luxurious to the touch yet strong, low linting and does not snag hair, whiskers, or beards, etc. Perfect for daily patient hygiene, anyone can use Warm Bath as a substitution for traditional bathing methods. Eliminate the need for wash basin, washcloth, towel, soap, water and lotions.

industrial wipers pre-moistened wipes

Wet & WashTM WaterActivated Cleansing Cloths

Wet & WashTM water-activated personal cleansing cloths eliminate the need for bar or liquid soap. Made from a unique, cloth-like fabric that gets soft and thick when wet, Wet & WashTM cloths are dry-loaded with a special body wash formula that gently cleanses and leaves skin soothed and deodorized... and does not need rinse off from skin so minimal water is required!

Baby & Adult Pre-Moistened Wipes

Available in: Tubs, Resealable, Canisters, Travel Pack, Single Use.

Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes

Our One-Step Wipes are made with task specific substrates that perform better than other comparable wipes. Each wipe is a large 7.1" x 10" professional size.

Detailn' GearTM Glass Cleaning Wipes

Detailn' GearTM Bug & Tar Wipes

Detailn'GearTM Exterior One-Step Wipes are specially formulated for easy removal of dirt, brake dust, road grime, bugs and tar. Our exterior wipes are the ideal way to supplement normal washing of a car's exterior surfaces. Interior Wipes are specially formulated for easy cleaning and beautification of glass surfaces, leather and vinyl. Our interior wipes are the perfect finishing touch on any auto detailing job. Our WetWorks® brand personal cleaning wipes are unique and complementary additions to our Detailn'GearTM automotive wipes line. Designed for convenience and function, these personal cleaning wipes offer great impulse sales opportunity displayed in areas of high customer traffic. · Professional Size Wipes · Innovative Cloth-Like Fabrics & Chemical Formulations that Work Better! · Soft-Pack Dispensers... More Compact & Portable. Keeps Wipes Wetter! · More Merchandising Options for Shelf, counter, Clip-Strip & Off-Shelf.

WetWorks® Hands & Face Quick Wipes

Detailn' GearTM Protector Wipes

Detailn' GearTM Wheel & Rim Wipes

WetWorks® Waterless Hand Cleaning Wipes


Precious® Baby Changing Station

If you don't think this item is a necessity, you've never tried to change a baby in a public restroom without one. When not in use, the Baby Changing Table folds up and lies flat against the wall. Precious® Baby Changing Station from Hospital Specialty includes two diaper compartments. Recommended installation meets ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Precious® Station offers highest degree of safety with a horizontal wall mount, keeping baby and adult close.

67016 Precious® Baby Changing Station


Precious® Baby Seat

Provide patrons with a safe and secure place for their child while using your washroom/fitting room. This compact unit fits inside the stall or fitting room without compromising space. Precious Baby Seat includes a molded-in hook for purse or bag, Y-harness seat belt for safety, pre-drilled mounting cups, a concave bed and head a side support for extra safety. Each seat includes all installation hardware and an easy-to-use mounting template. This unit is ADA compliant when it is installed to manufacturer's instructions.

Precious® Diaper Vendor Condom Vending

Lifestyles© Condom Vendor vends 40 Lifestyle© condoms. Lifestyles© condom packs are available in lubricated and spermicidal. · Traditional size vending packs also available in lubricated, and spermicidal · Condoms available in bulk sachettes for free dispensing.

HG-40 Lifestyles® Condom Vendor 67011 Precious® Diaper Vendor

Hospital Specialty offers a complete line of Precious® Restroom Merchandise, including: · Baby Dry Wipes · Baby Diaper Vending Unit (Holds 14 diapers, $1.00 Vend) · Changing Table Liners- Disposable Liners help guard against the transmission of infections.

67010 Precious® Disposable baby Diaper in vending box

67015 Changing table liners with moisture-proof backing 13"x 10.75" size liner


HOSPECO customer service: 1.800.321.9832

Industrial Sorbents

Our Industrial Sorbent Systems and Products are designed for the purpose of containing, absorbing, picking up and assisting in the disposal of loose fluids. They are important tools to control leaks and drips and help keep the workplace operating responsibly and the environment safer. PRISM Industrial Sorbent Systems and Products help your customers avoid harsh penalties for improper waste management. Proper handling of spills is no longer just a good idea... it's the law. · Large Pads Sorbent Pads · Large Rolls (Sorbents) · Safety Floor Matting (Sorbents) · Flexible Socks (Sorbents)

specialty items sorbents retail consumer products healthcare products

Hospital Specialty offers a comprehensive line of sorbents. Please refer to our Sorbents catalog for complete product information.

Healthcare Products

A full line of incontinence and related products for Home Health Care, Long term and Skilled Care Nursing facilities and hospitals, including, briefs, pad/ pant systems, undergarments, underpads, shields and washcloths.

Healthcare Product Line · Adult Disposable Briefs · Adult Disposable Protective Undergarments · Contoured Pad/Pant System · Bladder Control Pads · Undergarments · Disposable Underpads · Compact Shields and Contoured Liners · Pre-moistened and Dry Washcloths · Hospeco ABD Pads · Secondary Wound Dressing · Rinse-Free Bathing Systems · Maternity/OB Pads · Disposable Nursing Pads

Retail Consumer Products

Retail catalog available.

Retail product line: · Feminine Hygiene Products Safe & Soft® Sanitary Napkins and Tampons, Maxithins® Sanitary Napkins, Safe & Soft® Intimate Wipes · Baby Care Products Precious® Baby Diapers and Training Pants, Precious® Baby Wipes · Adult Incontinent Products At Ease® Incontinence Products, Safe & Soft® Bladder Control Pads · Pre-moisted Wipes Exterior One-Step® Wipes, Interior One-Step Wipes, WetWorks® OneStep Wipes, Precious® Baby Wipes, At Ease® Adult Wipes, Safe & Soft® Flushable Wipes, Simply Wonderful® Nail Polish Remover Wipes

For detailed product information on any product in the catalog, please visit our website @


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