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Newsletter #12, December 2003 Ministry of Health Report Available The Ministry of Health has released a report on "Contracts with Non Government Organisations - Compliance with Public Service Standards". This may be found on at under News and Issues. The report recommends (pp 19 and 20) that the MOH should cease using the term 'advocacy' in its contracts. It recommends the MOH should confine its work and the services it funds, to gathering and disseminating information, and the advancement of evidence based information and research. An associated media release from the MOH is available on the Healthy Christchurch website or contact us for a paper copy to be sent out. The Summary of the Healthy Christchurch Evaluation is available on our website or contact us for a paper copy to be sent out. Community Organisation Leadership Workshops These Community Organisation Leadership Workshops are designed to inspire Community leaders, Board Members, Coordinators and Managers and those who aspire to leadership roles in their communities to increase their own, their organisation's and their community's capacity to achieve their goals and objectives within the context of their organisations Mission Culture and Values. The workshops are practical, pragmatic and applied. The workshops will employ a range of multi sensory training techniques that are suitable for the adult learner.

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Each workshop will involve 2 x 3 hour sessions held a week apart to give the participant an opportunity to apply what they have learned at the workshop in their workplace. There are outcomes for both the participants and organisations. More detailed information of outcomes, dates and registration form are available on the Healthy Christchurch website or contact us for a paper copy to be sent out. Community Mapping Project. The Community Mapping Summary Report is available on website. This project was a result of a joint project by Child Youth and Family and Christchurch City Council, Department of Internal Affairs, Healthy Christchurch, Safer Christchurch, Canterbury Strengthening Families Management Group and He Oranga Pounamu. The purpose of the Community Mapping Project was to find out about the city's makeup and the social services that operate in Christchurch. The aim is to get a good over all picture of the community, spot trends and use the information to identify gaps and help with planning. The Project Team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who provided invaluable information and insights for this project. Copies of this summary report and other reports are available on the website nz/communitymapping/

New Signatories We would like to bid a warm welcome to all new signatories to Healthy Christchurch. We look forward to progressing our relationship with you all in the new year. Caring for Carers - Caring for Carers works to support unwaged people caring for someone with a long term mental, intellectual, or physical illness or disability by providing empowerment, education and advocacy. E Hoki ki te Ukaipo - A breastfeeding support group based on Maori beliefs, values and practices. Regular support group meetings held. Ka Wahine ki Otautahi Trust - Provide women with a safe, supportive environment and access to programmes that reduce offending and facilitate reintegration into the community. Mental Health and Education Resource Centre Provides education and information on a wide range of mental health matters Provides a physical base for organisations involved with people who are consumers of mental health services Enables common activity and liaison between mental health groups Provides support to mental health groups Mild - The Mild Green initiative promotes community wellbeing by advocating truth, freedom, cognitive liberty and harm minimisation. Salvation Army Oasis Centre for Gambling - The Oasis Centre for Problem Gambling provides free and confidential counselling service for problem gamblers and those affected by another's problem gambling. Working with a gambler's family is as important as working with the problem gambler. Group work is part of the service offered. In addiction, the Oasis staff work at a community and political level to support healthy changes to the gambling environment. The Oasis Centre is part of the Salvation Army Addictions Services with centres in the major New Zealand cities. Referral is simply by phoning the centre. Appointments can be made within a week.

Project Updates As you may be aware, there have been various projects that have come to fruition through Healthy Christchurch. We would like to thank those groups and individuals involved, without whom these projects wouldn't have got off the ground. As part of the wrap for the end of the year we give you an update of the various projects. Healthy Workplaces The Healthy Workplaces Pilot programme was run in three locations in Christchurch during 2003 ­ in a business, in a school and in a not-for-profit organisation. The programme consisted of six seminars designed to raise awareness of a range of health issues for individual workers and the workplace as a whole. Seminars for each workplace were planned around the expressed needs of the prospective participants, which were identified at the initial session. The pilot programme finished recently, with three out of the four proposed pilots completed. Initial evaluation findings suggest that these programmes were very useful for staff and that participants identified both attitudinal and behavioural changes as a result of the programme. The project group has been investigating funding possibilities for continuing the programme next year. Key link people: Anne Malcolm and JoAnn Vivian ­ Relationship Services Sue Purdie ­ Mental Health Foundation Partnership in Health and Education Group (P.H.E.G.) Bookmarks to promote the health/education directory and website have been developed, which will be launched, along with the Best practice Guidelines for Working in Schools, in midFebruary 2004. The guidelines aim to make clear the schools and the agencies responsibilities and rights during the delivery of an external programme or service within an educational setting. They have been in use already by a number of groups and a recent evaluation indicated that they are both useful and relevant. The launch will bring together the education, social service and health sectors to enhance interagency collaboration and use of the resource.

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Maori find employment, by collaboration and co-ordination to identify gaps in delivery and to promote ideas and new initiatives that may fill these gaps" 1

As reported in our last update we have been successful in our application to go ahead with the research. The research is nearly completed and we expect to have the final report before Christmas. The recommendations from this report will hopefully guide the Maori Employment Group in where their energies are best placed in order to fulfil our aim above. Key Link People: Olivia Papuni, Dougal Stott, George Clark

Maori Employment Collaboration Project Our aim is "to foster initiatives which help

Sustainable Livelihoods The Sustainable Livelihoods project has completed research and a report outlining what constitutes a `living wage' and the perceptions of various terms such as `unemployment' etc. This report is available on the Healthy Christchurch website. Following this, the group was in discussion with the Future of Work Team from the Department of Labour. Together the two groups decided it would be a good opportunity to hold a workshop on "What is the future of work? and What will work look like in the future?" to hear different perspectives about the nature of `work' and discuss these issues. The workshop went well, notes from the workshop will be available soon! City Harvest City Harvest is a citywide celebration of growing your own food and eating healthily. The project team has representatives from Soil and Health Canterbury/Waitaha Branch Community Gardens Association Sustainable Christchurch (CCC) Healthy Christchurch The project is in the early stages of engaging community groups, play centres, kindys, neighbourhood support groups, school, community gardens or service groups to participate in a wide range of City Harvest activities, all linked to the

central themes of good nutrition, gardening/ harvesting and celebration. Since every culture has its own harvesting rituals and celebrations, particular efforts will be made to reach the various ethnic groups within Christchurch to showcase their harvest foods, dances and songs. There will be opportunity for groups to fundraise by selling homemade treats, maybe jams and jellies or pickles or the vegetables from the community's up to each group or community to decide how they will use the City Harvest to celebrate their own achievements. The festival will coincide with the harvest moon in March 2004 and a week of events will culminate in a day of festivities, including a fire festival in the central city. New Projects As well as existing projects a number of new projects have been put forward following the Healthy Christchurch evaluation. Please let us know if your organisation is interested in attending a first, brainstorming meeting on any of the above issues and if there is sufficient interest, Healthy Christchurch will convene a first meeting which will begin identifying specific collaborative projects. If your agency would like to work with other groups on any other issue of joint interest, please contact us. The suggested projects are below in alphabetical order: Boys development/ support for young men Environmental quality issues Family violence Funding of the community sector Healthy Eating/ Lifestyle community project Housing (especially regarding gaps in emergency provision) Maori health and well-being Poverty ­ particularly child poverty Promoting condom use to prevent sti's and unwanted pregnancies Public awareness and understanding of disability issues Race relations issues Reducing crime in Christchurch Treaty based development Whanau/family literacy

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4th Annual Pacific Arts Festival of Christchurch "Fa- Pacific Arts" 30 January - 5 February, 2004 Features include:Double banger comedy with "Laughing With Samoans Refreshed" 30 January, Great Hall "Naked Samoans GO HOME" 4 February, Theatre Royal Family Day - Saturday 31 January, Nth Quad - 10:00am - 4:00pm ADEAZE, Sunga (from Melbourne), Tribalincs, Que and more Fia Fia Night - Saturday night Nth Quad - 8:00pm - til late Pacific Gospel, Return to Paradise "South Pacific Summer Series" Canterbury Museum Sat 31 Jan - Sunday1 Feb Sunga and Pacific Underground's "Island Summer" and "Paper Flowers" by Siaosi Mulipola One night only Tuesday 3 February, Great Hall. Tickets available through Ticketek soon!! Enquiries to: Tanya Muagututi'a Pacific Underground PO Box 3934 Christchurch Mail Centre Christchurch Ph (03) 377 1097, Fx (03) 377 1096 Mobile - 021 131 3693 email: [email protected] Be a political journalist at YP04! Want to be a journalist? Have a strange fascination with politics? Or just want to tell us what you're worried about? Read on... Youth Parliament '04, happening in August, gives young people a chance to learn about what happens in Parliament, have their views heard by politicians and the public and a chance to sit in those gaping thrones. For two days young people take the place of MP's. And just like the real one, there'll be cynical journalists lurking in the galleries just waiting for a slip of the tongue... If you'd like the opportunity to be one of those Press Gallery members, write us a spiel:

What are the biggest issues facing the youth of Aotearoa today and why? OR What are the biggest global concerns and why? With your entry you need to include your name, school, date of birth, ethnicity and most importantly, your contact details. Send your entries to: TEARAWAY/ YP04 Press Gallery, PO Box 473, Wanganui. Or email to [email protected] You need to have it to us by Thursday December 18th. For more info on the YP04 press gallery contact Tessa ([email protected] or 0800 4 TEARAWAY) or go to Computer Giveaway The Inland Revenue Department is currently replacing all of its Pentium 2 and Pentium 3 PCs (there are hundreds of them), which are to be donated to nonprofit organisations and schools. To apply for some PCs, write to Tony Lester, National Manager IT, National Office, Inland Revenue Department, PO Box 2198, Wellington In the letter, state your reasons for needing the PCs, what type of organisation it is and provide contact name/details, so that they can get back in touch with you. There will also be an auction of the 'better' PC's which is expected to take place in Feb/Mar 2004. Apparently there will be 1300 , Pentium 3's.. will keep you updated. Job Vacancies on Website Healthy Christchurch often receives a number of job vacancies from our signatories. While we don't want to inundate you with emails, we have a responsibility to make this information available to you all. We have introduced a new page on the Healthy Christchurch website which will be updated on a weekly basis. The document will be in a PDF format and small (in actual size) which should make it easily downloadable and printable.

Contact Us: Phone: 941 8057 ­ Philippa Fax: 941 8696 Email: [email protected]

Happy Holidays! We would like to thank everyone who has participated in Healthy Christchurch this year. We've had a great time, there has been lots of changes and expect a few more next year (we will keep you informed......). FYI: The Healthy Christchurch office will be closed for holidays from Monday 22nd December 2003 until Monday 5th January 2004. We wish you safe and happy holidays Philippa and Olivia

Contact Us: Phone: 941 8057 ­ Philippa Fax: 941 8696 Email: [email protected]


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