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Puppy's Date of Birth __ _____________ New Owner ___________________ AVID Microchip # _____ _____ _____ Address _____________________ Breed ______________ Sex___ ___ City, State ___________________ Purchase Price ____________________ Zip Code __________ Owner's Email Address ___________________ Phone _______________________ Shipping information: Leaving Epply Airport in Omaha, Nebraska Arrival at ________________________(list name of airport/city and state) Flights do not carry pets via cargo on Weekends or Holidays. Pets leave Omaha early in the morning and arrive at their destination early to mid afternoon. Your new puppy has been microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, and vet inspected. You will be presented with copies of the inspection performed by our veterinarian. We are anxious to have your vet meet your new puppy, you will need to have this done within 48 hours for our guarantee to be valid. If purchaser is not satisfied with exam, the puppy may be returned immediately for an exchange of another animal of the same breed and comparable quality when one becomes available. No monetary refunds will be issued. ____________________(new owner's signature) ____________________(printed name)

You will be presented with copies of the parental registrations for your viewing upon receipt of the puppy if so requested. All puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Any available registrations (such as ACA, APR, UKC, etc) are sent along with the puppy, but you will have the LIMITED box checked on any such form. This means that offspring of this puppy are not eligible for registration. Purchase of an animal as a "Pet" is to be for use as a pet only, and not for breeding, showing or any other use. If determined that the animal purchased as a "pet" has or is being used for any purpose other than as a pet, Purchaser specifically agrees that he or she shall owe a remaining balance to Seller for the full price of a "Breed/Show" dog. One Year Guarantee: Your newly purchased puppy comes with a one year guarantee! If this puppy, ____-____-____, a male/female ______________ develops any genetic disorder before the age of 12 months, the buyer shall have the option of returning the dog for a

replacement puppy equal to the purchase price. This genetic disorder must be verified by a licensed veterinarian and documentation presented on/before the puppy's first birthday.

The buyer is responsible for all daily healthcare and maintenance of the pet, including all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase, as well as providing necessary medication and follow-up treatment from all veterinarian visits. The buyer is responsible for any and all expenses accumulated from this day forward. Seller is not responsible for any airborne viruses or other illnesses contracted after the dog has been exposed to a new environment (i.e. influenza, parvo, pneumonia, etc.). Heartland Classics, LLC does not guarantee size, color, or temperament of the dog. If for any reason any litigations of this transaction occur, they shall be held in either Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska. This guarantee is non-transferable. In the event that Heartland Classics, LLC discontinues business, is sold, or eliminates the breed, this guarantee is null and/or void. I, the undersigned, have read this agreement (2 pages) and agree to its conditions in full. Heartland Classics, LLC representative(s) ______________________________ ______________________________

Acceptance of the Buyer: Date: ____________ ____________________(new owner's signature) ____________________(printed name)


Microsoft Word - Health Guarantee.doc

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Microsoft Word - Health Guarantee.doc