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Opening Invocation for Prayer Services


In the name I AM THAT I AM, we call to the heart of the Great Central Sun, beloved Alpha and Omega, Helios and Vesta, the Great Central Sun Magnet, all ascended masters, angels and archangels, Elohim, cosmic beings, Buddhas and bodhisattvas, Buddhas from out the Pleiades, legions from out the Great Silence and from the Cosmic Void, elemental beings--gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders-- we invite you to come here and be with us. Beloved Mother Mary and beloved Kuan Yin, we accept your presence in our midst with the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Beloved Vajrasattva, Manjushri, Omraam and Lanello: we see you on the four cardinal points of the cosmic clock here. We call for our Holy Christ/ Buddha Selves, the angel of our Presence, our twin flames, ascended or unascended, and our personal sponsoring masters to be with us. All recently ascended masters, our friends of light whom we have known in this or past embodiments, be with us and in the homes of all heartfriends everywhere. We see now a mighty crystal-diamond tube of light sealing each one in the light of God that always prevails. We call for the ring-passnot, the solar ring and the solar sphere of fire, a triple ruby dome and the cloak of invisibility, invincibility and invulnerability around us. We accept the golden chain mail and the full armor of Archangel Michael, including his helmet, sword, shield, boots and breastplate, the Urim and the Thummim, upon us. We invoke a replica of Pallas Athena's helmet, shield and spear and wield them now, directing through the point of her spear the light of cosmic truth into the very nadir of all unreality and untruth. We call for the reactivation of all dispensations released through all activities sponsored by the ascended masters, including the reinforcement of all spiritual flowfields; the reconveyance of all boons, graces and gems; the gifts of angels and elementals; and for the reactivation of the cosmic violet-ray generator in the Gallatin Valley and elsewhere upon Earth. We accept the balancing of our threefold flames, the alignment of our four lower bodies, the reclaiming of all of our fragmented soul parts and the casting into the flame of our individual and collective dweller-on-the-threshold and our personal karma coming up for transmutation this day as well as all world karma that we are able to carry.


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Opening Invocation for Prayer Services

We invoke the twelve gifts of the Holy Spirit upon us. We are electrodes for the Brotherhood in our every visualization and we travel in our finer bodies to those points of darkness within and around the world that require the intercession of the hosts of the Lord. Beloved masters, name the names of those conditions, situations, persons and events that require your intercession in this very hour. We accept protection, sealing and healing this day of all servitors, partners and heartfriends, especially those whose names have been submitted for healing. By cosmic law, each one now receives mercy, grace and that healing at the soul level through the intercession of the ascended hosts. Beloved [chohan of the day], as chohan of our hearts, take your place on the [color of the day] cushion on the ornate throne on the highest promontory of the island within the sun of our hearts. Beloved Archangels [archangels of the day], seal us in your sphere of fire. Beloved friends of light serving on all rays, be with us, visualize through us, heal through us and save sentient beings through us this day. This we accept by God's grace and according to God's perfect and holy will, wisdom and love. Amen.






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